Oh my god The Thing

Update: John Carpenter has weighed in on Twitter, throws cold water on the whole theory! Aww.



Giant Bomb user PM'd this to me, and I simply had to pass it along.

"When you guys were talking about the ambiguous resolution to The Thing, it reminded me of a film analysis I read of the Thing in college, namely that the bottle of alcohol that Kurt Russell and Kieth David share at the end of the film is actually one of the bottles of ether or fuel that Kurt Russell was using for molotov cocktails. Kurt Russell never actually takes a drink of it, but Kieth David does. A human would know the difference between drinking a bottle of ether or gasoline immediately, but the creature has no reference for it, or a gag reflex that an actual human would have when drinking it. It drinks the bottle, imitating a human, not knowing that it was a trick on Macready's part to prove whether David's character had been taken by the creature or not."

Holy shiiiiiiiiit.


Worth Reading: 02/13/2012

There’s a reason Giant Bomb’s news section doesn’t have many posts each day. If you want updates every few minutes, exhaustively covering every corner of the industry, there are other places to suit your needs.

That said, I do read many of those places while browsing around, and I’ve been wondering if there was a way to incorporate some of the pieces I’ve been reading into a discussion for the community. In addition to news that’s not worthy of its own spot on Giant Bomb, I’m usually linking to insightful critical pieces that deserve to be read by a wider audience exclusively through the madness of Twitter.

I’m not confident this is something I could file every day, as too much crazy shit happens spontaneously at Giant Bomb, like a two-hour Vita livestream that somehow goes on for five hours. There could be an argument for one of these on Mondays and Fridays, or Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays--or just Fridays, as a way to transition into the weekend. Or every day! I don't know! Stop yelling!

Maybe this will just live in this blog post and never appear on the main page after this. Who knows? You tell me.

Hey, You Should Read This:

  • “Easy Does it Harder,” a piece by Michael Abbott of Brainy Gamer, in which Abbott mulls the layers of complexity in modern games, and whether even the simplest of games have now been affected.
  • "Your Story Sucks," an essay by Kotaku reporter Jason Schreier, arguing the idea of judging video game stories in terms of whether they are “good” or “bad” misses the point of their potental impact.

Newsworthy and Noteworthy :