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Nintendo hosted a Super Smash Bros.-exclusive edition of Nintendo DIrect yesterday,

Just a tiny typo in here.

The online stuff sounds pretty good, but we'll have to see how they execute on that, Nintendo and all. Love the addition of Greninja. It's badass.


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why is your content always at the top, patrick. I really do try and tolerate you, because I know you're trying. but when the crew releases two quicklooks and i still your stuff on the front page of just irks me. It's almost literally always the first thing.

You know, if you click goes away.

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I love your reporting, Patrick. I was finding myself getting frustrated at many earlier articles about this, that just seemed to simply be rushing to the emotional corner of the Threes guys, because they're the indies "doing it right" (looking at you, Polygon). I cannot tell you how much I appreciated you spending the first half of this talking to the OTHER creators about their actual intentions and motivations, specifically Cirulli, rather than just grabbing your pitchfork and joining the horde.

And for then specifically and intentionally showing and explaining why what Ketchapp is doing is different and more damaging compared to the 1024 and browser 2048 games. When I downloaded the 2048 app, I didn't realize it was different from the browser version (talk about a clone amirite?). I now regret giving them ad revenue. I've also bought Threes as a result.

It's especially admirable that you did this so evenly and objectively, since you work in close proximity with Wohlwend.

Great article, man. This is why I love GB the best!

This is an incredibly kind comment. Thank you.

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@thiago123 said:

"There's money in this banana stand." I see what you did there.

Isn't there a whole thing about how basically all farmed banana trees are genetically identical, which means that when the shit finally goes down on a banana plantation, they're all completely fucked?

Not saying that's what Scoops meant, but there's a deeper lesson to this banana.

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No offense Patrick, but I think this may be the best in-depth article you've written yet.

Why would I take offense to the idea that I'm getting better, not worse? ;)

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“The only truly random element of Spelunky are the physics, which can cause havoc.”

To elicit cries of pedantry, I take issue with this wording. The physics of Spelunky are anything but random, let alone "truly random." Unpredictable or chaotic at times, most certainly, but random? Absolutely not.

Every single time you enter any situation in Spelunky, you can play out in your head how everything is going to react. You might end up being dead wrong and find yourself at the wrong end of an explosion, for example, but it's not so much a case of randomness coming into play as it is a miscalculation on your part.

Are you sure? :) I've walked into rooms where bombs went off and I died before I could even move.

I certainly know what you mean, though.

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I think it's great the Yu is so upfront and honest about things, and that he's willing to allow the game to take on a life beyond what he'd envisioned for it. So many designers would double down on bugs and glitches such as the breaking of the Moai head, but that takes away what makes the game so special. Death of the author and all that.

It seems that Yu becomes less of an author and more of a curator.

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@migsse said:

will there be an audio version of this article?

Yes, tomorrow.

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This article is great if you agree with most points, its not if you disagree with most points.

That's no journalism Patrick, that's punditry.

Be careful not to confuse them. They have a different value. One is dry facts, the other one opinion.

There are sentences written here, but I'm still confused.