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Jump scares, in a vacuum, aren't a problem. My issue is with the over reliance on them. It's a cheap tactic that can be used incredibly effectively, but it's often used by media that doesn't have the faintest idea how to actually scare you.

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I'm actually quite disappointed on the reporting of this whole tomb raider thing. It seems like everyone that reported on this, including here on giant bomb, reported the story as though this was for sure a lifetime exclusive. It would've been nice if in their articles, reporters stated that they were awaiting for further clarification or definitive confirmation about whether or not this was the case, as we've gotten now. While it is their job to report the news as it happens, on a story like this where there is much confusion considering how the statement was made at the conference, it would've been better to see the story reported as a possibility of lifetime exclusivity rather than a statement of fact.

I'm all for being patient with reporting the news, but there was nothing ambiguous about what Microsoft announced yesterday. It said it was an exclusive to Xbox One. That word has a very specific term, and Microsoft deliberately mislead people. Microsoft knew exactly what it was doing when it trotted out that term the way it did.

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Norman Reedus will always be a Boondock Saint before a Walking Dead guy as far as I'm concerned.

On this, we can 100% agree.

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Edit: Alright fine, I don't want to be the boogeyman for the mob, let me rewrite this post to make it simpler.

1. Patrick, your "Oh, And This Other Stuff" section features the same names regulary and I start to be sceptical that those articles really are worth reading, or just articles by your friends. I hope you don't friend rolodex this section!

2. When you search for "worth reading" the giant bomb search function says "100 results". Doesn't this mean this is Worth Reading #100? If so, congratulations! I found something I liked something about every single one of those!

3. I consider Cara Ellison's article to be very bad.

This is a much better version of what you originally wrote.

I'm always looking to cycle in new writers, and while I won't apologize for featuring some excellent writers on a regular basis, the idea that new blood should get a chance to shine is totally true. As always, if you have any writers you have in mind, please let me know over PM or email! I'm always listening and reading. The hardest part about finding new writers is that they often haven't been given much visibility yet.

If that's actually true re: #100 (I'm not sure how accurate that is), that's really cool! Thanks!

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Was expecting more from this article but its about the same effort that Kotaku put into their hastily researched article. I'm willing to bet there is more as this all develops but as it stand some of the bigger issues being simplified into one sentance is bugging me. Excited to see more Patrick! Maybe a dumptruck of some speedrunners.

I'm going to be looking into something bigger, but we'll see. What did you want to see expanded?

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I also take issue with Americans pronouncing it YO-she. Yoshi clearly says Yosh-ee, as do most people in England.

wait, really

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This is too weird not to share!

Thanks, grandma...

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I hate to open up a can of worms here but Patrick, didn't you say you wanted to get away from using the term "addicted" when talking about games? Maybe I'm misremembering so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

In this case, it totally applies. I was quite literally addicted to the game's meters filling up, and that's about it. What I wanted to get away from was using "addiction" as a standin for "meaningful gameplay" because our typical association with the term addiction is pretty negative.

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I hate to be that person, but did you mean "piqued" your interest? Peak isn't necessarily wrong, if your interest reached a maximum, like the peak of a mountain, but...Okay, I'll shut up now.

Good catch.