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Jenn Frank may be a great writer and an amazing person. I wouldn't know. I do know she wrote a biased article in a fairly well known publication with little to no reference of her relationship with the subject and knowingly antagonized a vengeful group. If she was attacked for being honest and thoughtful I would share in seeing her as a martyr, but she wasn't. She was attacked for being biased and using her position to further cloud the actual issue. I wish her good luck in whatever she chooses to do next

Nope. She did write a disclaimer. The Guardian's legal and ethics team decided it wasn't worth including, so it was removed. But, please, continue whatever narrative fits what you'd like to believe.

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Patrick, you truly are the reason I come to this site. The quirky video Quicklooks and good times have diminished somewhat with Ryan gone and you not in the office, but it's your focus on actual game journalism that makes GiantBomb a worthwhile stop on the web.

I challenge any other site to bring the poignant and thought provoking issues to the forefront the way you do. It's what sets GiantBomb apart.

Thank you, for not just this article, but for the enormous body of work you have provided to this community. It really is something special.

That's very kind of you to say. Thank you.

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No thanks. Enough loss in real life. Don't need it simulated.

exactly. why in the fuck would anyone want to play this? I've dealt with enough loss and still have plenty I could lose before my time comes. Why in the hell would I want to play a game centered around the hell you go through?

I mean, it's an interesting point. What I'd say is that some people like to explore, understand, and mediate on loss through movies, games, and books. My wife is someone who doesn't like watching "sad" movies. I'm sure there are people who won't want to partake in "sad" games. I'm the opposite, though. It's cathartic to experience stories that align with my own life stories. It helps me understand them.

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I can't help but wonder if all of this will change how Nintendo gives out press/ESRB copies of games in the future?

Nah. It's possible to get games early in Japan really easily. I have friends who do it all the time.

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Hey, sorry! There was no video of this panel. It's only audio. There were no streaming options, and our GB cameras had to be shipped back earlier in the evening in a GameSpot van.

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So I remember reading a live blog and hearing that everyone stood up and applauded when the Apple Watch was announced/shown off.

For some reason this REALLY bothered me (I'm beginning to realize the smallest things piss me off the most). I don't see what's so special about it, and if anyone would care to enlighten me, I'm all ears.

If you watched towards the end, it became clear a huge part of the audience was actually Apple employees. (They had all the Apple employees stand up.) This is how most press conferences work these days. You stack the audience with PR-friendly folks, who make it seem like everyone's really excited to be there. It sometimes gets confused with press--and I'm not saying there aren't press who cheer--but it's mostly people who work at Apple or whatever company is presenting.

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All further comments about whether or not this is "news" are gonna stop now, thanks. You can send your feedback to me in a PM.

Are you we not allowed to collectively voice our opinions in the comments section? What is the point of the comments section? For actual debate won't one go the forums? Isn't the comment section here to allow us to provide instant and directly related reaction, whether that be positive or negative.

I'm not stirring the pot or trying to be a smart ass. I'm just voicing my genuine opinion on this matter.

Within the realm of our moderation, yes. It's not a freeform playground. And I'm not going to watch this turn into 100 comments about why there's not more Android news on the site. End of story.

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All further comments about whether or not this is "news" are gonna stop now, thanks. You can send your feedback to me in a PM.

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Does anyone know if there's an easy way to "podcast" this on my Android phone? I use beyondpod? A few of the GB videos don't really need the video portion, this one included.

We have a podcast version on iTunes and on the site.