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Thanks for including me. Means a lot. :)

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mmm, anime

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hey wait a second

Shouldn't you be writing up an article about this for Kotaku?

*witty comeback*

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hey wait a second

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Appreciate the kind comments, and I'll definitely keep the skepticism in mind! Maybe I can help change your mind, maybe not. I'll be doing some streaming and other video and podcast-related stuff on the site, so if reading Kotaku isn't your bag, there'll be other options.

And to try and put this rumor mongering to rest, I left on my own. I'm on terrific terms with everyone at Giant Bomb, and we're all still close friends.

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Aww. Memory lane. This is really great, you guys. :)

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This fucking sucks. Pardon my french. Like most people, I'm not too excited about change. Giant Bomb is the only site I enjoy visiting every day, and when stuff like this happens, I get bummed. I still miss Dave, and we've just lost Alexis. And Ryan... What's left to say about Ryan that hasn't been said better by everyone else? What a man.

I guess where I'm going with this is that on a site filled with awesome personalities, it's gonna be tough to make a impression. But you did, Patrick, so good on you.

After reading that job listing for a new senior news editor, I can't say this comes as a surprise though. What I'm left wondering is, was Patrick let go by the mighty CBSi? His connection to Giant Bomb got weird after he moved, and the fact that he's not sure what his next job is kinda makes me think that this isn't something that he wanted.

Maybe it's not fair of me to speculate, but it's in my nature. It's not to be rude.

Anyway... I wish you the best of luck Patrick. Hopefully, in some place, maybe in another life (brother), all the Giant Bomb staff will be united again. And it will be beautiful.

Jeff, Brad, Ryan, Vinny, Patrick, Dave, Alexis, Drew, Dan, Alex and Jason. Now that would be a UPF I'd watch.

I was not let go, and there weren't any CBS shenanigans. This was all on my own.

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I'll miss you, Patrick. Will you miss me?


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No love for Dragon Age or Transistor? =/

I did not like Transistor, outside of the visuals and music.

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Also, if I'm being honest I was expecting something a little more substantial to be written up about him. Could have at least embedded this video here that was posted in the other thread.

EDIT: Gamespot also has an obituary up that I'd say is more befitting.

Agreed. That Gamespot article is a beautifully-written tribute, and makes this little blurb seem almost shameful by comparison.

In any case, I am glad Patrick has put a news item up about this. R.I.P. Mr. Baer. His invention of the home console set the stage for the huge proliferation of interactive games in our everyday life that we get to enjoy today.

Two days late and three sentences long. Yeah I agree, it does seem kinda flippant. Some indie dev making an iPhone game I'll never play gets 3000 words, Ralph Baer gets this.

Sadly, GOTY has us all beaten 'n tired. I wish I could have given the man a more substantial tribute.