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Is that the 1999 Nightmare box set I see? Patrick, my man! You know what's up. None of that half-assed Blu-Ray box set.

Yeah, though I think we lost a disc in a move. I wish every major horror series had decent Blu-ray collections, but it's all over the map. So exploitative.

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seriously, how bummed are you that Ben Kuchera posted a similar article yesterday?

I suspect that while Patrick's article discussed why he's not into physical media any more but acknowledged that others might be and that's cool, Kuchera's was probably him just saying he's not into physical media and how wrong and/or stupid a person you are if you still like it. I'm guessing, I never give him clicks any more but if historical trends are accurate, I suspect that's it.

I also didn't--no offense to Ben--read it.

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I don't own many video games anymore, but that depends on our definition of ownership. Even though I've purchased numerous games on Steam, Xbox Live, and PSN, I don't own them. I've purchased a license to play them, a license that won't necessarily last forever, and nothing guarantees my previous purchases will work when the next wave of hardware arrives. That's been more and more true as hardware's grown more complex.

@patrickklepek I'd like to point out that by buying a physical copy of a game you are still only licensing the software, as stated by Sony's software license agreement for example. Although it doesn't affect what you said, I think in these circumstances it's important to recognise the fact.

Excellent point!

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Dragon again?!?! But we had that last night!

Jeez, you won the thread at the very beginning.

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I'm really curious to know how many Giant Bomb users have never even played games like Maniac Mansion, Day of The Tentacle, or Fate of Atlantis. Give the age of these titles, I bet it's a huge percentage and that is just so unfortunate.

Well, considering Maniac Mansion was released when I was two-years-old...

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The reason for the anti-glitch sentiment is because it gives a false impression of what it means to be skilled at the game.

This guy may be good at glitching doors or zipping walls or whatever, but these are just glitched tasks using the assets contained on the cart or disc, they do not complete the mandatory content sanctioned by the developers to call it a run. It's disrespectful to those skilled at completing the tasks mandated by the game's rules to say OoT was beaten in 18 minutes, because it implies a false sense of skill at OoT. I'm sure he is skilled at OoT. But the video is not OoT. It's some other game with arbitrary rules using the cartridge assets.

I am not the best Ironsword player if I stick in a game genie and start at Inner Ice Fire Mountain and beat the game in 3 minutes. Both are cheating, one is putting in a game genie, one is using exploits. Maybe I'm actually good at Ironsword, but that's neither here nor there when we discuss Ironsword.

Oh, I don't think that's a fair comparison at all. These are exploits within the game's design, not cheat codes thrust onto the game by an outside device. Those are very, very different.

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This sounds pretty silly but this is PROBABLY the most amount of Smash content I've ever seen on GiantBomb at once, and will sadly probably the most amount of Smash content we'll see at GiantBomb :(

... unless....

Hey! Mr. Klepek! You're a fairly young, open-minded guy who likes stepping out of his comfort zone and learning more about gaming communities from a variety of angles, aren't ya? Why not explore the competitive Smash community? There's a fantastically well put-together documentary on them on youtube called "The Smash Brothers" to get you started. Even if you don't play Smash, watching the 7 individuals examined in this series express themselves both on the screen and in their personal lives is super-fascinating.

Yeah, I definitely want to do more on Smash, but I'll probably wait until we're closer to the game's release.

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I don't really understand the anti-glitch sentiment. It's a specific type of speedrun, not the only way to speedrun. Anyway, hope to illuminate thoughts on stuff like that when I meet with Cosmo next week, and maybe I can convince him to do a speedrun live for us. :)

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Patrick will probably fix the link in the article but here is the link to the recording with THE RUN. It is truly amazing.

It's not embedding properly with our site, despite using the right have to click on the video within the embed. Not great, but all I can do at the moment.

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