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Hey! I'm sure some of you are still watching the content from this year, but given that it was my first year booking, I wanted to pop in and solicit some feedback from everyone. If you want to express that as "I liked this person, I didn't like this person" please be respectful or sent me a private message -- even when a guest doesn't necessarily fit into our mix, we need to be respectful of their time and presence. I've learned a bunch of lessons that I'll probably write down in a big blog post on Monday or Tuesday (I'm taking Monday off to try and catch up on sleep).

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@humanity said:

Please let's change that title to DEMONS SOULS creator, so people know he's associated with the better part of the franchise.

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Really happy for you, Vinny! Excited to see what madness is coming to the site in the weeks and months ahead.

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Thanks to everyone who came out. It was a total success! We'll do another one next month...maybe bring some more games!

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I'll be near the projector and I'll put a Giant Bomb logo up. :)

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This is all very interesting in a all smoke and no fire kind of way etc.

But when is Patrick going to investigate the initial banning of Mark Ecko's getting up from Australian retailers?

I understand it's a controversial issue, but the people need answers dammit!

I really like the idea of just pretending I'm a time travelling reporter.

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microsoft is sure changing alot before E3, wonder what they will have at E3.

I'd say these changes are to get people excited for E3. Microsoft doesn't have to waste much time with this news at the show itself, and can focus on games. Hopefully.

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RIP in pieces Neversoft.

The news was disclosed through a very recent internal memo

I always find this interesting. If it was an internal memo why does the media get ahold of it? Leaky employees? Another thing I will never understand is why these "internal memos" are written like they are a press release.

You've answered your own question. Company-wide memos are expected to get leaked.

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We'll do another one, promise.