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I agree that the honesty is much appreciated, especially coming from someone who bought the PC release. That being said Patrick, I really think you should be holding Steam just as accountable as Microsoft or Sony for allowing a totally broken game to be sold on their service. Is there just no QA on the seller's side anymore? It's hard to believe that (as someone who meets all of the recommended system requirements according to Steam and has an Nvidia card) someone could have started up AC:U and played for more than an hour without noticing the huge frame-rate and crashing issues present.

I really hope that in the future console manufacturers and online marketplaces like Steam will have to accept some accountability for these sorts of problems, but somehow I doubt that will take place. I can't complain though, I did get a refund from Steam despite their policies about that.

P.S. You should edit your title duder, it says Ubisof!

Steam/Valve's role is pretty different from Microsoft and Sony. Steam doesn't have a certification process, but Microsoft and Sony do. Certification processes exist to ensure a certain level of quality, but it's a bit more wild west on the PC. The onus is entirely on the publisher on the PC.

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Sorry that comments were locked for a bit there. Clicked the wrong button!

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Thanks for the heads up on issues with the post, folks. Fixed!

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uh Patrick you seem to have misspelled "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" in that subhead

The Lost World is no Jurassic Park, but it holds up pretty well upon a recent rewatch.

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Nothing from the GB community this week?

Other than that, great Worth Reading as always Patrick.

The community stuff was supplied by ZombiePie, who hasn't been feeling well lately. I can't say for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if he just didn't get around to sending Patrick that stuff because of those reasons. That said, I don't know for sure, so I could be wrong.

This is correct. He's recovering from some medical issues. It'll be back ASAP. :)

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Patrick this whole John Carpenter x Giant Bomb thing you've pulled together is the most awesome thing you've ever done for the site, and I hope you keep iterating on it. Maybe one day you'll have a full on audio interview!

I keep asking, but it always gets pushed to email. Maybe one day!

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Thanks, Patrick! Is Shocktober week 3 coming up?

Yes...I missed the roundup last week but we'll get it tomorrow.

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Just a note @patrickklepek the aspect ratio is actually 2.5:1.

Digital Foundry: Only 71 per cent of the screen's real estate is actually used for gameplay - and the aspect ratio utilised is actually a higher 2.5:1 rather than the 'cinematic' 2.35:1.

Huh! Thanks.

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i like how many people think twitter is some vacuum where you can just spew any inane supposedly private thoughts you have. maybe it feels like some weird grey area that people don't think pertains to their professional life in the slightest, but i think more and more it's turning out to not be that way.

btw wrote this while on the can #ericpoop

It's actually the secretly insidious thing about social networking in general. We're given the illusion of participating in a walled garden, when, in reality, they're doing whatever they can to expose us.

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@renpatsu said:

Great interview. Doesn't seem like the answers were mangled at all in the process and both came off as being extremely open to discussing their inspirations and motivations for Project Scissors.

Yeah, it's definitely the best answers I've ever received back for an email interview with a Japanese developer.