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@tycobb: I occasionally use "set", but I mostly use the statement "Dim...As..." if that's what you're asking

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@ben_h: I'm guessing it's mostly a bunch of "If..then.." statements? I feel like all games are "If...then.." statements. I WANT LOOPS DAMMIT

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@chaser324: Absolutely, writing code can be tedious when all you want is an easy way to make a game. I don't know why Carmack enjoys it so much

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@tycobb: But other than the fact that Visual Basic can compile, I'm assuming the syntax and most everything else is the same, right?

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@abendlaender: I don't know how you got that to work in VBA. I mostly use VBA in conjunction with excel. I've done similar things with in game editors. It usually just amounted to making as many units as possible and have them fight each other.

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@nonused: I've heard of those two. Unity in particular looked like it had bunch of options, which would probably overwhelm someone with no experience

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