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This article certainly brought out some feels. I remember the times you mention when, when you first started appearing, many were sceptical. I also remember your personality getting to "bloom" more and more and getting to know you. Eventually coming to expect you as one of the core gang. Which I think you will always be for us. We will never forget you Scoops!

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Didn't even know him but I feel like I've lost a close friend... you will be missed Ryan.

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Mine have started working now. (steam)

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Bump, still an issue, still have to manualy remove & re-add the account to update the achievements...

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If you guys were to actuallyfix the issues with the payment system FIRST it would be great.
I managed to pay one month with my old Visa but when that card broke and I got a new one your servers won't accept it. Always a server error when trying to subscribe and from the comments I don't seem to be the only one.
What's the problem? We want to give you guys money, priorities people!

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I started subscribing about 2 months ago when you launch it I believe. I used my old Visa card and everything worked fine. Monthly subscription. However I recieved a new card since my old one broke and thus got a new card number. 
First I tried to upgrade my existing monthly sub. to a yearly, this did not work and all I got was a 500 Internal Server Error after confirming the extra shipping cost to International Customers. 
I then contacted your support staff, and after learning that I was from Sweden she said that it was due to an problem you guys have with european Visas. She recommended that I try canceling the subscription and try and re-subscribe for now. It was going to cancel eventually anyway since my card number has changed. Same thing happens now when trying to re-subscribe. 500 Internal Server Error. Seems very strange since my old Visa card worked just fine and this card looks no different and is just a regular Visa.
Now I stand here on my knees with no subscription at all, a bunch of cash I want to give you and tears in my eyes... 
So, are you aware of this problem and if so, when can I expect a fix so I can give you guys some more money? Don't wanna miss the next happy hour. :)
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Looking forward to this, been playing the first one for  prolonged periods of time.