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@HitmanAgent47: It's a single example of why I prefer them as a company, AMD seem to be more in touch with their customers than Intel (think an indie developer compared to a massive studio).     
Also the i7 suffers from a "cold bug" which renders it useless at low temperatures, again mentioned in the video.
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@HitmanAgent47: Liquid nitrogen and liquid helium, the methodology is explained in the video.
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Why are you using benchmarks from the weaker Phenom (I and II) chips. I use the 955 which is a great chip (and was a decent amount cheaper than the closest i5 when purchased). I'll use the same source that you used for benchmarks:,2278-9.html,2278-10.html  
It is true that the  i7 is a superior chip, the difference in gaming is not great. The advantage of the i7, as others have said, lies in CPU intensive tasks such as video encoding. Also I prefer AMD as a company to Intel, seeing as they run events such as this: 

which while incredibly impractical in real life is cool. Yes it has been topped by later i7 chips, but these are from chips that originally shipped in April of 2009. AMD come across as a fun company where as Intel are more like bankers.
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Is Chuck D dead?

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1. Skies of Arcadia Legends 
2. Full Throttle 
3. Pokemon Gold 
4. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory 
5. Half Life 2. 
Simple as.

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Cerebral Bore of Turok 2. Guess what it does...

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Neither, simply a 'I don't feel the same way (any more)' while often still devastating is far more honest in most cases.

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Pre-order bonuses should be just that. I really like what has been done with steam on occasion, pre-ordering a game gives you a discount as well as another full game. Most pre-order bonuses are simple reskins of models, or an extra vehicle. A preorder containing an extra quest or mission is not so great. At this point I would say the free DLC for original buyers is the best approach ala Mass Effect 2, Forza 3, etc. 
The rationale behind pre-order bonuses however is sound, if you are willing to pay full price on or prior to day one then that is generally better for everyone in the industry. If purchasing at a later date one can often find the product for a lower price. Maybe a first week purchase with the bonus, then said bonus being released for a small fee later down the line would be a possible solution.

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