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Just because I don't think good previews get as much praise as they deserve I just wanted to say this was a great read Alex. Previews can sometimes just be a lot of baseless hype or the games marketing teams buzzwords parroted back to the reader. This wasn't either of those things and provided a mostly spoiler free insight and opinion on the start of the game. Fortunately the game itself sounds like it's everything I was hoping for in a true Bioshock sequel.

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I got Amnesia: The Dark Decent with the latest Humble Indie Bundle but doubt I'll ever play it. I jump at scary films easily enough and I'm worse with scary games. The last one I tried was Resident Evil Code Veronica back on Dreamcast which I don't think is even considered one of the scary ones but it was enough to put me off things like it for life...

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It's interesting to me that the topic of sexism has become such a focus recently, both in the content of the games and in their marketing. That some people are missing the point entirely and attacking the people that point out the sexism is even more interesting. It seems the insular mostly male dominated industry that could previously get away with being as blatantly sexist as ever is having a big spotlight shined on it and people are uncomfortable with the results. I'm with Patrick though, the fact that conversations about sexism in games is being had at all is a step forwards.