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...mostly pressing F5 on my keyboard.

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Great work duder! You just made me find and old vid I really liked! Thanks!

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Any one of you dodes have a how to that works for windows 7 and 8.1 64 bit? For the unofficial one. Thanks

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@nightriff said:

Use the download option and that should give you good quality. It is what I use when youtube isn't available because I too have bad luck with streaming, progressive and html5

Problem is, downloading takes a long time. My wish is premium content some how on youtube.

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Fellow duders,

When streaming I get the best performance by far with using youtube. Youtube stays in HD quality, but html5 and streaming both stutter on HD. This could be since I'm streaming to Europe and maybe the amazon servers are located in the US. I don't know.

Youtube streaming is not available on prem content. Probably due to the lack of authentication on youtube? I dont know.

Now, I'm ending up with a premium quality on the normal content, and a lesser experience on the premium content. Any one else with comments or experiences with this?

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Offff. Feb / March is only goning to leave my xbox one unused. I'm hoping for more indie titles / smaller games as surprise launches.

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Hello fine duders! Since really non of the launch games are that appealing, when will we see more content? I've not seen anything announced, but I would love a great RPG for the One. And I was hoping they had some nice indie titles saved up, but nothing is showing up. Does anyone have any info? If not, I will like speculation as well.

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Our thoughts goes out to his wife, family and the whole GB crew.

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how about the videos for subscribers? I subscribe and download them as well, when will they be up again?