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@tranquilchaos: Although there isn't an Android version of Giant Bomb Video Buddy, there IS an Android version of Whiskey Media Video Buddy, my earlier app. It may not have that new-app smell, but it'll still help you get your Giant Bomb fix while on-the-go.

I have been using this app for years, it's great thanks man.

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I just played it online for an hour or so. It worked pretty well but I would say a third of the matches I played suffered from lag that effected the game but I'll probably play more because I do really like that game.

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I absolutely love this thread.

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I've been playing less and less games in the past year and even not finishing or skiping some giantbomb videos but the premium content is some of the best, I cant't imagen being locked out of that stuff I'll up for another year.

Edit: Oh you were talking about Xbox live, yea gana laps in the fall and ill wait tell i buy a game i wana play online to get gold again mines

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what @Barrock said exactly, even about the link.

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@Slaker117 said:

I would play a video game starting Omar Little, yes.
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some people think anything and everything can be art

some people think art is only what they deem to be art

Both are perfectly expectable ways of seeing the world

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great video and the music is cool i don't know what all hate about that was 

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@countinhallways said:

" Leaks always happen, but man this one is a very early, and very thorough.
I imagine there are still some people at Infinity Ward who are less than happy about what went down after MW2. Total speculation here, but perhaps this is someone's way of getting payback.

hmm interesting theory it does seam like this info has to be largely speculation or from someone on the inside 

the amount of information and  the type of information doesn't seam like a press package or even an e3 presentation thats being leaked by some marketing team
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@harvey_the_pooka said:

" This sounds like it´s a fake "

no thats what  Howard Stern does he finds sad or awkward people and makes fun of them some times its funny but a lot of the times he just kind of picks on people