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I get that its a major time sink and that it might be annoying to have people constantly asking about it but I thing they could be handling the endurance run topic a little better 

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Im starting to think this should be my policy on the internet

I'm not the type of person who can't be friends with someone who has different opinions even oposit opinions as long as I like other aspects of their personality but i feel like their is less to gain from having those conversations over the internet 

I am glad Giantbomb's policy is to shy away from politics or religion though it's not what i come to the site for
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@TheHT said:
" @mesklinite said:
" Internet will suffer."
What?! Explain yourself citizen!! "
The conservatives passed this bill in 2009 making it legal for the police to get the name and address of the people who post content online in canada with out a warrant

If you care about the internet i don't see how you can vote conservative  
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@Jay_Ray said:
" @JesseG said:
"The problem is the old people who vote Conservative just because and they don't realize the shit they have been doing. "
I disagree, I think the Conservatives got most of their votes from middle aged working families who feared a NDP minority government and switched their vote to Conservative. "
No theirs no evidence for that

The seats the conservatives won in Toronto and Ont wern't from the conservatives geting more votes it was from the liberals vote being split more evenly between ndp and liberals  
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  @Manhattan_Project said:

" @PaulM said:

" any one think this is going to effect the canadian election tomorrow? "
How? "
NDP was on the up swing but they are  against  the war maybe voters will think the conservatives were right to continue supporting the U.S 
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any one think this is going to effect the canadian election tomorrow?

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 @EuanDewar said:
" If I read it right and this actually happened in proper armed combat I want to meet the guy who fired that last shot. "
It sounds like it was CIA so we might not know who actually killed him for a long time
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near future brazil or south africa could be cool 

Their could be an interesting balance between the super modern downtown stuff and the shanty towns and favelas also the tropical environments would be a change from the last two GTA games 

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@Blair: we just had this conversation a week ago and I like dave can't understand someone not liking onions their a staple of cooking like salt and pepper
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That's shitty i like alex a lot don't get me wrong I'm all for an ' East Coast Correspondent' and I'm glad he will still be contributing  but i hope they figure out a way to do the podcast over skype so it doesn't sound like garbage like most podcasts over sykpe