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Red Faction: Guerrilla could be fun, stuff blows up great in that game it would probably be a lot of fun to watch   
Mount & Blade Warband would be good too  
I think it should be a game you haven't played on TNT yet 

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@Akrid said:

" Hah ha, Oh wow. I was gonna come in here and say this is worse: 

I think that   Angelina Pivarnick is worse but this "my jeans" songs has a little bit of that  je ne sais quoi that makes "Friday" so bad
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this is one of the best articles i'v read on this site and thats saying a lot

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earth defence force is a co-op game, I'm not saying it's a good game but its fun to play with friends or wile listing to a podcast

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@FlyingRat said:
" Born in 1990 "
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@DonutFever said:
" @Tarsier said:
" socialism "
ok re posting just the word socialism is almost as dumb as this thread
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i just bought this game a few days ago and really like it. game play wise it holds up very well, when you consider it was pretty much a 360 launch game it's crazy how much they fit in to this game.
also i hate the crabs and dogs whats their fucking deal

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@JJWeatherman said:
" Why do people that don't happen to be into the "sub-culture" have to be assigned a derogatory nickname? "
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That games voice acting needs to win a game of the year award

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:

" @damswedon said:

" In my third match I saw a Swastika. I have no faith in humanity. "

Swastikas meant something before the nazi era 
Swastikas look fucking awesome, and quite intimidating which is perfect for a video game where we compete over who has the bigger dick   

 nazi or not, that right there looks compelling and awesome   "
ok the Swastika have been around for along time but you didnt post a swastika you posted the Nazi symbol having it tilted on an angle and on a white circle with a red squear behind it is the nazi symbol. these are real swastikas