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#1 Posted by paulmako (47 posts) -

Pretty much normal non-stop. I presume this will be the most balanced and most play-tested version of the game but it's hard to tell.

One exception should be additional options. I definitely played Fallout: New Vegas on Normal but with Hardcore Mode turned on. I had already played Fallout 3 so new what to expect and heard it was worth the challenge.

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Can someone say in plain English what is interesting or exciting about this, what it could do differently?

I am happy to admit that I don't get it. Does anyone?

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Just FYI, it being released near to the speculative date for new hardware isn't really a problem. The install base for 360 and PS3 is still going to be massive at that point. It's not like everyone is instantly going to drop the several hundred dollars on a new console and then sell their current one.

It's an interesting amount of time to delay a game. I wonder if they think 'this needs four more months' or if they think something like 'this needs two-and-a-half more months but we can't release in mid-summer because of x and y....'

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Oh man.


The comments on this article. Really. It seems like so many people just didn't even read it. Like, missed the point completely. Do people really not see how it could be offensive? I'm not saying you need to be offended by it but hopefully you all see how it could be offensive, right? Right?

It's not even funny, just depressing. Patrick, you're doing great.

#5 Posted by paulmako (47 posts) -

@GristleMcThornbody: I know that feel. It's just depressing more than anything.

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Am I right in thinking that this isn't even funny, just fucking depressing? That game looks like a piece of shit and here they have some actors giving endorsements about a product they know nothing about.

I mean, those celebrity endorsements are so forced. Does it work on anyone? ANYONE? This is terrible.

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I played GTA IV for the first time this summer and played through the two DLCS over the last few days. Really, really enjoyed GTA IV and loved the dlc. Story is strong in all of them (especially the Lost and Damned) and for me the gameplay hold up. The missions can get kind of samey, whole lot of 'Run to A, shoot everyone, drive to B, shoot everyone' but everything around them is great. I still think the graphics and city (maybe not the character models) look incredible.

I also started playing Saints Row the Third yesterday. I think I'm about an hour and a half in and enjoying it so far. I can already tell it is a different game, it doesn't feel as weighty as GTA IV but can do different things because of it. It is pretty fun so far.

So... without knowing which one to rate as 'better' yet, I will say that everyone should give GTA IV a go. And I mean give it a decent attempt, get past the 'realistic' driving (which I ended up enjoying a whole lot) and get into the story. I'll keep playing Saints Row and see how it pans out. Seems like it's shaping up to be good too.

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I have to write most of a 3,000 word essay for tomorrow. I need dat cast to get me through. And I want to know if any of the crew have touched their Wii Us since last week.

And I really want to hear what they have to say about the THQ Humble Bundle. Oh man...

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Amazed that they purposefully left the usb drive with the information on in some coffee shop as a leak. Well that's a pretty snazzy marketing strategy right there.

I wonder how authentic they tried to make the rest of the files on the usb drive look. Did they put some music on there too? Some porn perhaps?

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I'm so pumped. Been studying the conversion of Pagan peoples of Europe to Christianity in the medieval period and now I want to jump back into 2012 with dat cast.

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