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An HD F-Zero game.

Secretly I hope it will happen one day but I've given up hope/.

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A 5/5 game isn't necessarily perfect. I know that's not what this topic is asking but I think the Game Boy version of Tetris (or any iterations on previous platforms) is literally perfect.

Also gonna echo what Dan has said previously and vote for A Link to the Past as being pretty much a perfect game.

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100% Splatoon.

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The one that jumps to me first is leaving the Vault for the first time in Fallout 3. I hadn't played Oblivion so that moment and the wandering that followed blew my mind and changed my notion of what game worlds could be.

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2! At least that was the one I got the most enjoyment out of.

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Holy shit there are some incredible MS Paint artists on here. I am humbled.

To illustrate my point I decided to give this a shot. I just did this pretty quickly, no undos or erasing! Using the pencil of course. My mouse hand is shaky.

I have turned Drew from Adonis to a terrifying scarecrow. I am so sorry.

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Question: Do people in this thread feel like Mario Kart 8 was priced correctly?

For all we know this game will have a similar longevity. It seems crazy to be talking about the content and value propositions of Splatoon when the full game isn't even out yet.

Edit: I would be interested to hear if they have announced the overall content in terms of maps, weapon types etc

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So I think it took me maybe 5 or so episodes to 'get into it'. I think it's the point when you know enough of the characters to be able to follow what is happening.

Good to hear that you plan to finish Season One. It doesn't need to be 'the greatest thing you have ever seen' for you to give Season 2 a shot further down the line if you have the inclination to. I would recommend keeping with it, even if it's not a priority.

I didn't really get addicted to Breaking Bad until Gus was introduced, and then I loved it.

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I'm only now starting my second playthrough. Thinking back, I think the boss I had the most trouble with weirdly enough was the Stray Demon. No idea why, I just think that fight took more attempts than any other.

Also screw the Capra Demon. That fight can be lost pretty much instantly upon entering the fog gate.

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Are these from the EA Humble Bundle? There's a lot of great stuff in there. I haven't claimed these by the way, gonna get the bundle myself later on.