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Finally, I am the one percent.

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Eternal Darkness.

I would to see Patrick and Vinny play through Eternal Darkness. Maybe a future Unprofessional Friday? However, you have to get pretty far into the game before it gets really interesting.

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Keep up the good work!

Also, TED Talks are the shit.

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Fidel Castro

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As much as I loved the P-51D Mustang Flight Club and Jeff's 40 cents rant, #teambrad was a fucking spiritual experience.

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@The_Ruiner said:

The ones I get to create...

That is a great answer.

Besides that, I'd have to go with John Marston or GLaDOS.

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@Nettacki: To be honest, I don't know a lot about her other than the words "Vaginal Fantasy" what I get secondhand from my friend. This in itself led to my understanding of Felicia Day as one of these "girlz." My friend seems to value Day's opinions because Day is female, not because my friend believes Day is saying anything important. So, I guess my view of her is a bit uninformed and perhaps I should make an effort to learn more about her.

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@NoTicket said:

Women in the tech and gaming world need to take responsibility for their image as well. It does not help matters when Veronica Belmont and Felicia Day host a webcast called "Vaginal Fantasy" and Nixie Pixel is posting top down cleavage shots as her profile pics. Many of the foremost "nerdy women" play up their sexuality and play a pivotal part of keeping the industry sexist.

Things aren't really going to move forward until we start to see women that don't talk about being a woman in the gaming industry, but are like Jonathan Blow, creating personal games that they care deeply about.

If Felicia Day could just disappear, I'd be cool with that. As a woman, I think she contributes to that fucked culture of girls saying "OMG guyz look at meeeeee I'm a gamer neeerrrrddd." Just shut up about being a woman, NO ONE CARES. If you have something interesting to say or contribute, by all means go for it. But if your contribution to the industry is simply going to be about your gender, kindly GTFO. I think there are some women out there who take things seriously and don't make a fuss about being a woman, but they get pushed to the wayside by the media focusing on girls who sell sexuality.

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You know... despite my sour feelings about ME3, I'm actually pretty excited about the prospect of a new ME game.

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I really enjoyed that post. I couldn't agree more that The Walking Dead has found a perfect balance. When I make a choice in that game, I constantly go back to it and wonder, what would've happened had I done (fill in the blank). Mass Effect initially hooked me with its emphasis on player choice, but ultimately that ended up being my biggest problem with ME3... my choices meant nothing. Whereas in The Walking Dead, sure I can't save Doug or Carley, but Lily's story was going to come to a head at that point no matter what, and I understand that. I guess it just comes down to good writing. The Walking Dead manages to make you feel like everything is happening for one reason or another.

I play The Walking Dead the same way I experienced Heavy Rain. One playthrough. David Cage is right when it comes to games like these... life only happens once. So if you want to fully immerse yourself in the world, you've got to live with the choices you make.