Is it just me or is Streets of Rage 2 really easy?

Thanks to the "Beats of Rage" quest I felt like playing SOR 2 again. It's the only game in the series I ever played as a kid and even then only a couple of times at a friend's place. Anyway, I turn on my emulator of choice, set the game to Easy, figuring I don't feel like dying over and over again, and finish the game without using a single continue. In fact I had 9 lives by stage 6 and only died about 4 or 5 times during the whole playthrough. 
What the hell? So I switch to Normal and again the game's dead easy for the first 4 or so stages. And even though I did have to use 2 continues in the end it still felt really easy compared to something like Final Fight or any of the coin munchers I played in arcades. I must have really sucked as a kid because I don't remember this game being as easy as it turned out to be. I thought the reason might be that it only came out on home consoles so they balanced it differently but looking at the game's page there was an arcade version. I doubt I have gotten much better since I bruteforced my way through all those Capcom and Konami beat 'em ups back in the day but who knows. I guess I should play through Final Fight (or rather Final Fight Guy, I don't really like Cody).
Also, does anybody know what beat 'em up had the gay dudes and dogs that humped you to death in it? Now that one was hard. I remember pumping something like 40 tokens into the machine before finishing it.


Silent Hill 2 DC: Still worth getting?

I've bought a lot of PS2 games recently and surprisingly enough they still hold up despite muddy textures and archaic gameplay concepts. Now, I've been a huge fan of the Silent Hill franchise for a while even though the only game I put a significant amount of time into and actually finished was Shattered Memories. I'd like to rectify that by getting some of the older games and I figured Silent Hill 2 would be a good starting point, being :
1)the first PS2 game 
2)Widely regarded as the best one in the series.
Buti it DID come out in 2001, none of my recent purchases were quite that old. So, as the title says, is it still worth getting? How are the controls, puzzles, etc. compared to, say, Deadly Premonition?


That sounded worse than I thought it would when I wrote it.

That last entry sure was profanity-laden. I wasn't really angry or anything I was just pulling stuff out of my ass. Anyway, I guess this might be a good place to mention the dilemma I'm currently in. I need the 1 mil online credits achievement in Forza 2 and also the Co-op Episodes achievement in N+ to get my 10 S-Ranks. But I hate playing online, the only games I ever played on Xbox Live were Army of Two and Crackdown with a real-life friend. Well, and the Halo 3 beta, I guess. 
So I'm most likely stuck with 970/1000 and 185/200 points. Bah. I don't even know which one's worse, getting 7 other people to boost with for Forza or actually getting a total stranger to cooperate with me in a game as demanding and sometimes frustrating as N+.


Who had the great idea to turn this into a quest?

Seriously, I'm typing a blog post because I want to finish a quest on a fucking website. And I'm not the only one, giantbomb gets flooded with completely pointless bullshit thanks to all the social quests. Yes, let's follow 25 people I don't give a fuck about so I can get some EXP.