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I don't mind people shitting on origin for fair reasons, but the argument that ea's greedy to release their games exclusively on origin is bullshit. Last I checked I can't play cs or dota on origin either.

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Elton john - your song.

The line "If I was a sculptor, but then again, no" has always pissed me off.

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I don't think I ever watched the full patch adams movie, so yesterday I decided to watch it. Boy, that was not a great decision...

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Am I the only one wondering wtf Thor did to lose the right to wield mjollnir?

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So far I've grabbed XCOM:complete, Papers Please, Risk of Rain , and Shadowrun returns deluxe for 20 euros total.

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I had fun with rage, the shooting feels great and the world looks neat. The story is cookie cutter and uninspired and the game ends in a bullshit way but enjoyed my time regardless.

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I think Jeff is an undercover agent of Bowser.

First he creates dissent towards luigi leading to the downfall of luigi and the subsequent "evil" luigi in mariokart. Now he's working on his propagande campaign against yoshi, presumably to create an evil yoshi army for the bowser ranks.

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Did The Mountain at least die too? Or did he just pass out after? I really hope he died to his wounds.

I keep seeing this speculated on. I can't imagine he did. The fact that he still had the strength to do what he did, despite injuries that would've killed normal men, tells me he's alive.

Did you ever wonder why they called Oberyn 'the red viper'?

Because of his incredibly fashionable snakeskin leather armor!? (I've been spoilt on the real reason but i just wanted to draw attention to the patterning on his armor in the fight)

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Do they defeat the yakuza by mastering the power of the wind through the ancient japanese martial art known as windjamming?

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Is it bad that I read your post in a New Yorker accent?

Could've sworn it was a french accent.