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Crazy to think of these PC specs they have listed here, for a game that is a terrible PC port in all honesty before fiddling with it a bunch, and doesn't look very good at all.

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I don't really see this is much "darker" than a typical GTA game where you decide to go killing civilians and everyone does, eventually. I dunno, thats just me I guess, and once again such things in a isometric really gamey looking video game just would never do anything to bother me.

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Great write up, was interested to hear about this from you guys.

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Doesn't seem like a particularly good game at all. Would I say pick it up for 15-20$ perhaps at some point? Maybe its worth that, but for 60 its not even close to worth it for me. Just was making me want to play RE4 or Shadows of the Damned.

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Capaldi seems pretty great. I didn't think Matt Smith was terrible, but I think Capaldi makes him look alot worse by comparison. Had alot of issues with the writing in the Matt Smith era(and may still in this one which sucks cuz I enjoy Capaldi alot) I feel like the doctor has lost alot of his depth in that era, it became straight about a lot of killing and such again, the very thing he was trying to get away from when the new series began.

Loved the Eccleson season, though. A lot of people discredit him and just go on and on about how much they love Tennant, but he was an great doctor, only for one year or not.

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I guess theres a few specifics that some people might not find entirely obvious, but for the most part it seems if you are not an ass and just add to an active discussion/treat everyone like actual people, you should be good. Rules seem fair and easily understandable.

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These people should be able to be tracked and have the worst possible things happen to them.

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I already know the game is bad in a plethora of ways so I'll save my money. Perhaps pick it up on a sale this Holiday if its cheap enough.

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DA Origins is free on Origin atm, if anyone is wanting to finish up that game before Inquisition. Great pickup that is. Yeah, I still don't know what to make of this game as a whole, I'm not sure whether it seems good or meh as of yet. I do know that I agree with the UI, no idea what they're thinking with that, i've seen it have several UIs over different videos. Just hope its not final.

Also why is someone playing a DA game on PC with a weird. I really hope they don't fuck the PC controls, and have it be able to work as good as origins did.