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Waiting to even get in the group for NA East 2. Wish their clans held more people and this was a bit easier to get done.

bungie :pause422 /psn: pause01

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Not sure whether West 1 is now full or what, kept glitching telling me I'm still not even in the group and such even though I was accepted so trying to get into East 2 now. Same information, user is pause422 , my psn is pause01

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I think it still seems like NA West isn't full yet? requested to join as pause422. my psn is: pause01 if anyone wants to add me. Is there any TS or Vent or anything that people are using btw? edit-errr just noticed I wasn't even in the group yet x.x guess I gotta wait for that first.

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the no matchmaking idea is the best thing about content like this, it was obvious if they actually wanted to design a good raid, and hard content that requires a lot of coordination, mm would never work. And after seeing the raid, I can attest to that 100%.

its not even about difficulty, just coordination. MM would never work, regardless of how many try to argue otherwise or wish it was there. I only hope they never design easier content and allow for mm to pander to these people, its not what raids are about. The way they designed this is by far the best thing non pvp in the game, and I can't wait for it to continue with other raids in the future.

Hopefully they get more strikes out in the future that do new things, so other people that cant set up or commit to raids can still experience new cool content, I get that and hope it happens, but you either go the easy way with raids and have EVERYONE play them and get through them fast, and then guess what? That content is done and over with, or you stick with how they have it so the dedicated players will have things to work towards. They went the right way totally.

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stats of weapons don't matter in crucible. Sure , if someone has like an exotic with a crazy effect thats one thing, but 95% of what others have are just better dmg/defense than you for the most part- and that is normalized and doesn't affect pvp at all. Until Iron Banner makes its way into the game, anyway.

Just familiarize yourself with the other classes more, and maybe try different builds yourself, you might find something else works better. Also: PLEASE actually go for heavy ammo. I don't have any idea why, but at least 50%+ games I get in no one cares about heavy ammo at all, and I'm always the only one with it and just get crazy killing sprees its SUPER dumb.

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err should of been specific I guess, sent request to join NA clan, IpauseI is xbox handle

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sent a request to join..gonna join on xbox tag IpauseI

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Wow that seems entirely pointless.

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I honestly hope they don't do that. I enjoy those types of games for what they are, and I love the souls games sure, but I don't have any interest in a game in the Silent Hill series having online multiplayer components. I dunno, I don't think it has any real meaning for it. I don't honestly think nearly anything from the demo is set up to mean shit in the actual game.

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hl2, cuz I downloaded steam day 1 for that game day 1, so that and cs source since it came with it. But fuck cs source.