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couldn't agree more, but you don't have to try and like some because some others do- I loved DAI, hated 2, and thought DAI was going to be great. Played it for about 7 or 8 hours hoping it would improve and it didn't. As for Mass Effect, I enjoyed 2 the most(didn't finish 3), the first I liked at the time but I can never stand shooters that use RPG reasons as to why the shooting is shit in a game. ME games character wise, only a few ever stood out that I liked for the most part, though, and still wouldn't say I anything more than "liked" them.

Bioware's habit of everything being so easily black and white, especially with how Dragon Age started in the first game, not having the ME bullshit of a simple good and bad decision all the time, eventually all fall into that place. I can never take it seriously: Hey do you wanna be the nicest saintliest person ever, or a total dick/evil asshole!. Makes it really hard to take seriously because its so unrealistic, in a game thats supposed to be about YOU making decisions.

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Kevin's concerns are definitely the biggest I've had with the upcoming title. I've seen a bit of other gameplay, and it seems similar enough/refined a bit more. I'm convinced it will absolutely be a GOOD game, but if the batmobile really is that forced upon you, that doesn't sit well with me.

If it was like, a tutorial mission introducing it, then making it entirely optional I would be fine with it, but he states it absolutely isn't that. I guess we'll see how much it gets in my way when it releases, I already have it regardless from a gfx card purchase.

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wow, what an innovation- time to start playing destiny aga- zzZzz. The least of their problems, and the fact that its a bullet point that they are just getting to this is absolutely hilarious, and terrible.

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I'd say it still depends on whether you care about playing Tomb Raider early at this point, or really need to play another Halo. If not for that, I still don't see a reason personally.

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I think him alone looking like the Joker looks completely fine, (no idea how he'll pull off the performance, I'll reserve jugement) but the overall look I don't like at all. I feel like its a version of Joker a teenager would come up with.

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@tuxfool: I wasn't implying it's somehow unique to The Witcher 3. I'm just showing that they've made a point to highlight their "mature" subject matter. It's not by accident.

That's a really silly way at looking at it. its not trying to 'highlight' its matter or show its an adult game by having that in it, the world was created before these games and its always dealt with this and been here. Why would they remove it?

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You do realize the original movies half the main cast was very young too right? This is nothing new.

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To me I feel like it has to do with the order you play the games in more so, or at least thats how I find it. I still find it more challenging overall than Dark Souls 2, which to me is the worst souls game as well as the easiest.

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absolutely not. I'm gonna say, 100%.