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@s3v3n: Ryker rubbed me the wrong way too, at first. But he had Picard's back six ways to Sunday. That, I can respect.

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At least Nintendo has a handheld they seem to care about.

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Two things:

1. Does "Things Dan Ryckert didn't know until today" deserve its own thread? (I need to know where to add "did not know about Android's dessert-based naming scheme")

2. I think we shouldn't discount the possibility that Dan is a time traveler from circa 1994. This would explain a lot -- not everything -- but a lot.

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I appreciated Ryan Davis's laughter, his wit, his gleefulness, and his utter lack of pretentiousness. I am still having a hard time accepting that he's gone. He had a way of making me, the audience member, feel welcome. I'm going to miss him greatly, and if that's weird to say about someone I've never met, then so be it.

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I guess anything next-gen isn't coming until 4k televisions hit the mainstream market. At least I'll know when to start paying attention to consoles again.

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Bastion and Limbo, definitely -- they are both games worth playing even if you aren't normally a fan of those respective styles of games. Braid has a narrower appeal, in my opinion. If you like puzzle-y platforming, and aren't put off by the emotional story trappings, then Braid might be for you.

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The mention of SD cards worries me, but maybe it will be ok. Also, I have no desire to catch them all. Maybe this system isn't for me.

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@Napalm said:

@pavakah said:

Mr. Heir arguing for no more review scores is about as palatable to me as someone from Chevrolet arguing that Consumer Reports shouldn't give automobiles ratings because comparing their car to Honda's car via a rating is too reductive.

... Your analogy is rather poor.

I would give it at least an 8 out of 10.

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@FritzDude said:

Oh look, It's Patrick writing something about Xbox live again.

That's not fair. He was all over the psn hacking thing a few months ago.