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2014's rap of the year, as far as I'm concerned.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

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Nice troll, @patrick.

Grrr, ok. I'm sad to see you leave GB. Best wishes to you in your next endeavor!

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@s3v3n: Ryker rubbed me the wrong way too, at first. But he had Picard's back six ways to Sunday. That, I can respect.

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At least Nintendo has a handheld they seem to care about.

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Two things:

1. Does "Things Dan Ryckert didn't know until today" deserve its own thread? (I need to know where to add "did not know about Android's dessert-based naming scheme")

2. I think we shouldn't discount the possibility that Dan is a time traveler from circa 1994. This would explain a lot -- not everything -- but a lot.

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I appreciated Ryan Davis's laughter, his wit, his gleefulness, and his utter lack of pretentiousness. I am still having a hard time accepting that he's gone. He had a way of making me, the audience member, feel welcome. I'm going to miss him greatly, and if that's weird to say about someone I've never met, then so be it.

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I guess anything next-gen isn't coming until 4k televisions hit the mainstream market. At least I'll know when to start paying attention to consoles again.

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Bastion and Limbo, definitely -- they are both games worth playing even if you aren't normally a fan of those respective styles of games. Braid has a narrower appeal, in my opinion. If you like puzzle-y platforming, and aren't put off by the emotional story trappings, then Braid might be for you.