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The Christopher Eccleston (9th Doctor) season is the best place. It doesn't get good for a few episodes but episode 9/10 are an amazing two-parter which you could honestly just try out standalone if you know the basic concept of Dr Who. Even as a big fan of Dr Who, I used to get up at 6am on a Sunday to watch the repeats of the old serials with my Dad then go back to bed, I would suggest watching a couple episodes of the 9th Doctor (unless he in particular appeals to you) then go on to the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) which is a much more consistent show since they have had time to perfect and practice it. So I would suggest you watch:

Ninth Doctor:

Ep. 1 - Rose

Ep. 6 - Dalek

Ep.9+10 - The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances (The best episode in the Series)

Ep.12+13 - Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways (The Series finale)

Series 1 Christmas Special (Introduces David Tennant).

Then go onto the Tenth Doctor and just watch the episodes in order. If you get really into it then go back to the first season of the revived series which is enjoyable.

When you start to really get into Dr.Who I would still not suggest just watching from the very, very beginning since its a different show and would instead suggest you start with the best episodes and when you find an older Doctor you really like just watch their run through. There is almost no continuity in the show early on so its not really a problem. I would suggest starting with Tom Baker and specifically City of Death or Genesis of the Daleks.

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I want more Kevin VanOrd, he is the best!

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Im very happy that Dan joined the Team. He was the main reason I started to watch Game Informer's Replay, and now like all the guys over there too, so Im very excited to see him be involved in some video features. Jason seems like a cool guy too, when he would pop up "Voice of God" style.

Good Luck :)

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So it includes the Download? Thats rather misleading, I wish it would give me any kind of info about whats happening. I think Im just going to have to just not play my Xbox One for a while since it wont tell me when I can play it.

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I just got an Xbox One today and couldn't find out the exact answer to this. I put in Dead Rising 3, and Wolfenstien before, and it got to around 40% at a reasonable speed and then it suddenly slowly incredibly. I'm assuming that the 13gb download is included in the 100% progress bar? I have pretty bad internet so that will take overnight for me. I would really like to play something so If I can start Dead Rising 3 without the update to try it out and update it later?


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As a Healer (WHM) in FF14 I would ask that you use Flash, I would also suggest it would be your 2nd or 3rd ability at the start so you have first aggro on all the enemies in the fight since I cannot heal you until you aggro everything in the area. If I cast any skill before you aggro every enemy then I get aggro on everything. Though an actual Paladin would have to tell you more than that since Ive only ever tanked in WoW (though it was Raid level for a while) but what WarlordPayne said seems like what I know from watching my friend Tank the entire game up to Raids.

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Yay, new people! This is going to be great :) I still want Kessler back...

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Even out of context that joke just seemed like such tame satire to my own tastes. I grew up on amazing nonsense like Brass Eye so satire is ingrained in me so hard that I gave that a slight chuckle and left, I got a bigger laugh out of the interview with the "Creator" of the Cancel Colbert hashtag who was so much more racist and offensive than the original tweet.

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I think we have to nail down the definition of a Beta. There are many 'betas' which are run while the game is going gold (or has gone gold) so the definition currently seems fluid. Technically isn't Playstation Home still a beta? They have been charging for bits and pieces as well as making promotional area's for various games. I would say that when Playstation Home closes that should be treated like any full product and that the "beta" tag stopped being true a long time.

I would suggest that currently each game would have to be decided individually.

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I ended up importing a lot of PS3 games because I, and my friends, are really into Gundam. Though I'm currently at the very, very early stages of learning Japanese (I have learned most of the Kana characters and working on particles) so maybe by the end of the generation I can import that Yakuza game (and Yakuza 5), maybe.