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It is a little odd but that box is linked to their personal twitter feed and they can do what they want personally. I have no great issue with it, though the more common and specific it gets then perhaps I might change my mind.

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Even stranger is that Alexis's tweets keep showing up.

It is a little odd but if the box was bigger, or had a larger page linked to it, I would like it to include certain "Friends of the Site" as well. Though with only 5 spaces that not really feasible.

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I would love to win this though I live in the UK, I really interested in the art book and behind the scenes Disk!

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Embargoes about a week out from release with a little note saying "Please don't spoil the ending" is totally fair. The day of release and post-release is just absurd is a mark against purchasing the product.

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The microtransactions are not forced down your throat. I don't think the game even mentions they exist or only briefly mention it. There is a "hack" option as an alternate way to upgrade weapons which use microtransactions and also boosts which give you temporary benefits. Neither of which is remotely necessary. If upgrades were hard to come by or the game was exceedingly difficult without boosts, then it would be a problem, but that is not the case.

The fact that exist for a lot of people, myself included, change the way they think about the game. It makes the game feel less complete and directly relates the actions you perform in the game to "saving time" and money in your Wallet.

If it doesn't for you then great, you can keep enjoying the game. For people like me though it just taints the experience and makes less enjoyable and harder to "immerse" into.

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I have already chosen not to buy this game based on seeing unimproved gameplay, even compared to AC2, and the awful technical aspects. The addition of chests locked behind an App and Microtransactions to solidifies that decision.

The fact they decided that locking content behind an App requiring a seperate device costing hundreds of DollarPounds is disgusting even if its just a little in-game cash. I like to clear out maps and have done that in 3 AC games so not having that option to "complete" the map makes it feel incomplete to me.

The fact they offer Micro-transactions as part of the SP experience when I would have already paid the retail price is also disgusting. I want to feel good about my purchase and putting into kind of micro-transactions makes it feel incomplete to me. I have no interest in paying a company £50/$60 to give them another way try and get my money.

I do not want to look at or thinking about real money currency when I am trying to enjoy a video game. I don't want to start equating my in-game actions to real money, I certainly didn't want to play Diablo 3 and decide if I should equip the Legendary sword (that is a 200% upgrade on stats) I farmed for or sell it for $5.

Is this +4 damage upgrade on my Axe worth a 20 minute mission? Or is it worth $2 from my bank account? Well, if I pay them the $20 minimum (according to that screenshot in the OP) to pay them the $2 it costs then I could get one more episode of Dragonball Z in tonight before bed!

Every decision a game makes affects someone else. If you add in "Microtransactions" then I feel worse about playing the game but if you don't there are people who will not be able to play as much (due to having less time for games). I totally get that, but when they add Microtransactions to a retail game I just won't to engage with the game at any level. If you are completely F2P then I may give it a chance but it has to be an amazingly balanced certain on top of a fantastic game but I will not engage with multiple payment models for a single product.

There is absolutely nothing about AC: Unity to me that is worth giving them any money for.

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CDProjectRED, and GOG, always seem to be trying to do right by the customer and I really appreciate that. Though I hope that means that if they do release a paid expansion they don't put that in the menu's if you don't buy it, I always hate that feeling of buying a complete product that becomes less complete over time.

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Yeah, it was really enjoyable seeing them piece it together. I especially liked some of the new additions but it might be unfair of them, though they wouldn't be the only ones, to stream a brand new game. I would love to see them play one of the older ones, I think he was after Jack the Ripper in one?

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I think I signed up the first day it was an option, I was here for the Giant Blog, Arrow Pointing Down and I was at Gamespot for a few years before 'The Event'.

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I have only ever played about an hour of PSO on DC years ago, can you play the story mode section online? I would love to try out the game if you get a server going.

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Its kind of cute seeing all these people get freaked out over their first MMO. No idea if the change is good, I plan to play the game with friends once we finish other games first, but this all looks like standard (though also potentially good) MMO changes to me.