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Critical Hits are the only things I find that can stop TF2 from being a competitive game. They are completely random and sometimes unfair (soldier with 3 crit rockets following each other WTF??).

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Just get a Prepaid Mastercard "Vanilla" Credit Card or anything similar. You can buy them at convenience stores, grocery stores and most tech shops (i.e. Futureshop) and they are completely anonymous. They also have all the necessary numbers that you need to pay online, and have the same function as a credit card, without the "credit" per se, you have to load them up with cash. Most are reloadable, and are very convenient. It's all I use to pay online. Oh and fuck Paypal. It takes 8 days to transfer money (for us in Canada) and they charge on money you want back in your bank account.

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I think a dude asking about laptops wants portability.
Oh and First one IMO (what they said :D)

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Battlefield Heroes... I love it, I've been playing it all day today.

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I feel that this omission is ripping my nostalgic memories of SC parties at the seams... I don' know how I will live on.

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I really don't see why not. Sure it fucks with the idea of loyalty and stuff, but honestly, I don't think it'll make that much of an impact on the average 13 year-old WoW player.

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I've played the demo. Cool ideas, not enough variety, and most of the story is told in cutscenes, making the gameplay combat-only, and thus, mundane. This multiplayer might be worth a look though.

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SSSSsssounds... SSSSusssspicious.

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