Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Borrowed this game from my cousin a few weeks ago. While I did thoroughly enjoy it, I must say it is a bit of a letdown if this is truly the finalle of the series. It is more or less the same experience as the previous games. The only part that through me off was playing as clank, something that was just painful to get through. The puzzles were mind-numbingly easy, and took what seemed like forever to get through. I also found the Battleplex in this game to be rather disappointing, as it was usually my favorite part of the other games. However, in this one it just seemed to lack the luster it had in the other games. 

I played though on both Hard mode the first time and Hardcore on Challenge mode. It was unfortunately incredibly easy, though I suspect this is due to the target audience being a bit younger than I am. I ended the game with only 407,386 bolts, but had every Omega weapon in the game purchased. Short of the Chimppositron (I think it is at level 8) and the Rhino (Up to level 7) I got all of my weapons to level 10. I did not, simply because my interest was lost before I finished, complete everything in the game. I got just about everything excluding the space missions and a number of gold bolts. Now, onto the meaningless statistics listings.
Adventurer: 85%
Survivor: 92%
Weapon Specialist: 99%
Loose Cannon: 69%
Space Ace: 58%

Trophies: 33
Skill Points: 21
Zoni Collected: 40
Gold Bolts Found: 28
Bolts: 9,821,829
Distance Traveled: 278,842m (173.2 miles)
Time Played: 00:14:11:25
Time Completed: 2
Fastest Playthrough: 00:04:49:42 (actually my first try)
Max Hero Level: 18
Crates Smashed: 6022
Objects Fixed: 147 
Weapon Specialist
Weapons Owned: 17
Weapons At Max Level: 16 (this is actually wrong, but that is how it lists it. Both my Chimpomatic and Rhino are not at level 10)
Favorite Weapon: Contructo Pistol (Odd, as I had much dislike for that weapon)
Contructo Parts Found: 21
Ryno V Schematics Found: 10
Loose Cannon
Enemies Destroyed: 7,301
Wrench Kills: 187 (Why bother?)
Monkeys Made: 461 (XD)
Damage Dealt: 30,438,583
Accuracy: 28.23% 
MBRH High Score: 2750 (I have no idea what this is...)
Space Ace
Space Enemies Destroyed: 288
Ship Accuracy: 15.16% (I shot randomly as I flew before I got my L2 booster)
Ship Shots Fired: 10,130
Moon Landings: 31
Object Tethered : 9
A Few Without Sections
Deaths: 139 (I'd say ~75 of those were on purpose) 
Trophies I Didn't Get (Since the list is much shorter)
The Samaritan - Because I find space fighting boring in this game. 
Bolt Collector - As I said before, I just lost interest before I finished.
My blaster Run Really, Really Hot - This is the only thing I skipped due to lack of skill. I tried, honestly tried, and could only get to ~5k.
An obviously the platinum.



So, this will be the first of my statistics listings. I logged onto Kongregate and saw this space shooter. Found myself rather amused with it. I got to level 9 before becoming bored with it. Managed to get the highest level ship, the Illinear Elite. 
Score:  3,172,555
Kills: 2,303
Level Completed: 9
Achievements: 13


So, I am going to start using this blog to record my game stats.

Due to my mild obsession with recording statistics (I have stacks of papers with my old NES scores around here somewhere) I am going to start doing it here. It will just be easier to keep track of than random files on my PC or on old fashioned paper. I do not pretend to believe that people care, so don't really bother reading it. This is just being done for my own personal interest.


Just got back on Giant Bomb...

I have no idea how, or exactly when, but I seem to have forgotten about Giant Bomb. O_o
It was weird. I was talking to a friend and we were talking about how I need to keep better track of game news, they suggested "Giant Bomb", and I was totally shocked that I had not been on in so long. I was super active (though, not enough for anyone to remember me) for about one month straight, and then apparently forgot about it. Odd.
I don't really have anything else so stay. I'm pretty happy my account is still around after over 5 months of being gone. Thanks for not deleteing me giant bomb people. :D


So me and my cousin picked up Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom...

It's not a game wither of us have been looking forward to, but it was Friday and neither of us had anything to do so we picked it up at our local Gameswap. Normally I never buy a game without reading a few reviews and seeing a game play video, but I just went ahead and took a gamble on this one.

The game play wasn't bad, it was pretty much another (PS2) Baldur's Gate game with pretty graphics. The biggest downfall of the game, by far, is the difficulty. We started on two star difficulty (I forget what they call it) on a scale of five. At about level two we realize we have taken absolutely no damage, including after fighting the first mini boss. We restart on the second highest difficulty (four stars) and it seems harder for a few levels. However, it soon becomes mind numbingly easy again.

We trudge our way through the game, eventually hitting a glitch at the max level that apparently every character gets where we regain our full health and Mana after every kill we get. At first I thought this was awesome as I could spam my favorite spell; blackhole. However, this made the game even easier. Once we got to the boss of the game, he pretty much wiped us out in a few hits. We were max level with (probably) some of the best equipment in the game and he kills us before we really even have a chance to hit him.

We ended up killing him by loading up two level 1 scouts. Somehow a level 40 warrior and a level 40 wizard get killed, and yet two naked scouts and kill him with ease. Maybe the physics of their breasts distracted him.