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Katarina Tha Gawd Herself got wrecked, but it was her teams fault no big deal.

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This is why League is the absolute best!

Please don't start this shit.

Dont you know where we are? Shush with that, the DOTA gestapo will take us all away!

...Your post is exactly why he said that. Unnecessary moba wars are dumb. Keep it about the cinematic and we'll all be happy.

E: In other news is the creepy cat ears chick the one with the SNSD alt outfits?

Yeah, Riot cashing in on that lucrative Kpop scene.

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@shalashaskauk666: I've seen a lot of the game played on a PS4 but when Jeff played it on PC this friday it looked significantly nicer than the console counterpart. Maybe it's just a difference of streams - the other footage I watched was a Live Show on GameSpot, but I dunno, it seems to look a lot nicer on the pc but if you want a game to play on the PS4 then thats also a pretty good reason to get it there.

Did Jeff like it?

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Picked up Prison Architect and State of Decay yesterday. I've also made exactly $3.00 selling cards. $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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Looks like a PS2 game I'd buy used for $5 and still regret it.

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It's weird how the first game to get me excited about these consoles is 10 years old...

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Considering I hated fall out 3, Bethesda just sucks at making rpgs.


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When Shawn Elliot does it it's something special.

I miss this podcast so much ;_;

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Whoa, congrats Vinny and good luck.

I'm gonna miss Jeff/Vinny quick looks though.

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@sterling: I feel like the people who go camping wouldn't watch the show in the first place so I only see them having a bigger audience because of the holiday, probably why I don't run a television network.

Why would someone who goes camping not ever watch Game of Thrones?