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@fallen189: I don't remember ever fighting 9 at a time when i fought them, which was for the best because i think i was underleveled, maybe you're activating them in place which puts you at a disadvantage.

I went up a hill to the left of the overturned cart and the ended up doing what damage i could, and then midnight oiled and flared to block off the majority of the battle field, the fire on the ground blocks sight lines, which tbh sometimes i find more annoying than helpful, but it will keep you alive longer. I think the majority of the troops are ranged so when you block their vision they become useless, don't think they move much either. For the melee troops if you block the path to you they will go all the way around to avoid walking on fire and try to come up the way you originally came, which when they come close enough you can block with fire or just kill them, summons are useful.

When you fight large groups damage really isn't the best thing to go for, it's often more about disabling as many enemies from hurting you and targeting those who can. If you haven't got it get teleport, it works wonders on skeletons and well everything really.

And if you're in a bind the man at arms skill "cure wounds" is basically an instant kill when used on zombies, it has a ridiculous cooldown though so it's really a once a fight ability, hopefully i'm talking about the right fight haha

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@fallen189: I can't remember where you're talking about, are there zombie boars?

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@fallen189: I presume you're actually in the cave, the one with the weakened troops? I had trouble with that fight, then i just poked my head through the door and when the fight started immediately ran back out and waited for them to come to me, this only pulled 4 of them and the next 5 were fairly easy to deal with separately. Warning though, the fight after that is infinitely harder, my technique was to run back to the top of the stairs and create fire to block off the stairs which split the enemies, i still barely scraped through and had to revive Jahan, good luck

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@corruptedevil: I don't think i'd be able to afford the newer cards anyway and i only have access to my gaming computer 3/4 months of the year so it would be silly to splurge, looks like the 760 is the best option according to you lot, i'd expect CD projekt to have a fairly well optimised game for most modern systems anyway, *crosses fingers*

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Yeah...well maybe not original at all

Basically i'm looking to upgrade my GTX 460 1GB and i'm unsure what to do, so i'll ask you knowledgeable sirs

I've found two options of cards which fall within what i can reasonably spend, a GTX 760 and a R9 280 (not the 280x) for £160

The GTX 760 comes with Watchdogs, which i'd probably like to play but i'm not too fussed and the R9 280 comes with AMD's 3 games of which i'd choose sniper elite 3, COH 2 and Shogun 2

Ideally i would get a GTX 770 if i had the money, but i can't justify £60 to £70 more for only a few more frames

I'd like to be able to play Witcher 3 at decent settings, and i don't mind not playing at max for it and i appreciate that there are no specs out at the moment making this a tough metric to judge.

So, should i wait till the Witcher 3 is out, at at least when i can actually play it, so next summer or buy a card now which i can enjoy this summer.

One of the things which concerned me is the 3gb amd vs 2gb nvidia memory and whether the greater ram would make the card more future proof for new games as i would want this card to last for quite a while, which card would you recommend guys? or should i hold off?

Cheers in advance for any advice you can give me

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Strangely (or perhaps not) it reminded me of the original concept for Splinter Cell Conviction quite a bit, I remember being so excited for that original idea shame they never followed it through.

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Elijah Muhammad taught Ali and Malcolm X that all american whites were devils and they lapped it up without questioning as he was a supposed prophet, like religion eh? Malcolm X changed his tune later and Ali went to Mecca and saw people of all walks and colours of life and change. He wouldn't say that he was the smartest person now or back then and he isn't the first or last person to fall for someone who speaks well for a cause which has some relation to you. It was a very different time back then and he changed like we all should and do.

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@Rawrnosaurous said:


Sorry, I have a habit of correcting people's grammer/ spelling.


Oh snap.

Be ashamed this must hurt you alot.

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I got mine for £5 retail an loved it, could not recommend more.

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@BleedingStarX: It's the economy, and the new experience. You are the Controller, now you are the Console, Make noises like Whirr, k-chunk and beep to get immersed in the new Xbox experience.

Seriously though, Try and get a replacement or support from Microsoft/Retailer.