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Could have been worse, they could have sold to facebook!

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Welcome! Yeay new people

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Get a LG 34" widescreen

LG 34"

It's ultra widescreen so like 21:9. It's bananas I've also had a BenQ panel that was pretty good too but seriously ultra widescreen 2500x1000 resolution is surprisingly well supported.

Check out that field of view!

Screengrab of me playing payday2 on the monitor

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I backed this game , and have booted it up a few times it looks cool.

I did manage to get to the end of the world (the map stopped) so it might be a idea to wait for the full release. The combat so far could use something. FTL does a better job of making it engaging and interactive.

I'm still hopeful.

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Maybe the new people were hired on merit and not out of misplaced tokenism.

It would be great to hear from any super talented women who missed out on the job, I know there's like a million reasons why that wouldn't happen, without that this is a witch hunt for a likely invisible witch.

Some people seem to think they are owed a job as a writer/"insert fantasy job title here" because they try really hard. Grow up not everyone gets their dream job. Most people do jobs they dislike to survive or they strike out on there own (see the excellent Cara Ellison or GiantBomb ) they don't winge about perceived slights on the internet.

Also don't be a dick on the internet, if you really really hate what someone is saying on the internet ignore them I think this quote sums it up.

"There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about."

Oscar Wilde

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It would be great if there was more bite size content, I love a 3 hour live show but having them back to back you reach a point of diminishing returns. Also If you are going to book women to come on to the live shows maybe try and get a 50/50 split they kinda got drowned out in the shows I've watched so far.

That said I have still been watching them.

I really like the floor stuff you guys did this year, but obviously you need to find products that you guys are excited about, it's great to hear you guys fresh out a demo it has this energy that you don't get on a podcast or liveshow after the fact.

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I'm scared someone hold me!

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This is like my two favorite things dovetailing perfectly.

Thanks duder

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Great story, Glad someone parsed all the EVE online stuff and provided some context.

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So If I understand correctly he thinks that increasing the price ups the stakes so if you do buy the game you either like it or play it long enough to learn to like it.

If instead of arbitrary increases it was timed with major content updates I suppose that would be cool (much like the expansion pack model of the olden days )

I think sales are fine as they allow people to take a low risk foray into a new genre and arguably this will create greater diversity in the titles we all get to play.