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Arrrrgh, I just finished listening to a Bombin' the AM! You and Alex are great together, I love listening to you guys talk about video game news, quite prefer it to the rambling bombcast actually. Gonna miss Spookin'. Gonna miss everything. :( I've really enjoyed what you've brought to Giant Bomb and all the different features you've experimented with. Loved listening to you lay out your arguments. Loved how passionate you are about things. I know you're not disappearing, but this is still hard to take at the end of the year. TOO MUCH CHANGE. I feel like GB was maybe too constrained a space to contain all you wanted to do. Very best of luck to you, I'm excited to see where you go next. Please keep streaming scary games.

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@joshwent: Thanks for this advice, as someone who played through and loved the first Witcher, I found the combat in 2 quite daunting right away, and didn't have the time/energy/desire to work on figuring it out at the time. So I put it down and still haven't come back to it, but would like to remedy that before 3 comes out.

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Wow, these titles are just getting more and more exciting and original. >_>

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Ironically, I started playing AC3 thru Steam a few days ago. The Ubisoft servers weren't working for a while yesterday, and the game was hanging on the "logging into Ubisoft server" screen. Had to Ctrl-alt-delete out, shut down the game, figure out how to put Uplay in offline mode. I hate that damn thing even more now.

I find it really odd that they were heavily advertising and selling their upcoming games on Steam this month, and then suddenly made this complete 180. Even though they've reversed course now (and how could they have expected a different reception to what they were doing?) what a poorly-timed last-minute decision, that seems tailor-made to lose them tons of sales from people that preordered or planned to purchase on Steam and then would've had that option taken away retroactively. If they wanted to do this, why the hell did they wait until now? They should have planned this in advance and never put the games on Steam in the first place. Absolutely bizarre.

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Wow, what a great summing up of FFX. Agree with everything you wrote. I think it's interesting that X used a lot of the common story themes of JRPGs (and some Final Fantasy games), such as teenagers shouldering the burden of saving the world, fighting against a theocracy/higher power for humankind's right to live freely, the love story, etc. etc. and actually made it all emotionally resonate the way it was meant to. It still amazes me and I wish more games could pull that off.

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Clubs are where image-conscious people go to pose and try to look cool, and pay far too much to get drunk and have shallow interactions with people they want to have sex with. It's like middle school except everyone is wielding money, drugs, alcohol and self-absorption to a nauseating degree. House parties....better, wonderful vortexes for chaos, but honestly I prefer hanging out with a smaller group of cool people I know or want to get to know, so we can actually....get to know each other. Talk to each other. Hang out.

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So much good music in so many games. In terms of songs I have sitting on my mp3 player all the time though...Ar Tonelico. Holy crap. The game's world is centered around music, but even so - for such a low-budget, increasingly fan-servicey series, the music blows my mind. Especially in the first game. Some of the hymns and area music is incredible. EXEC_HARMONIUS still gives me chills whenever I listen to it.

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I'm so sorry, Jeff. My condolences to your family. Please take care of yourself and be good to yourself, that can be hard to do when the world gets turned upside down. As others have said here better than I could, you have given us so much, and helped a lot of us along when we were having bad days or downright bleak ones. We wish we could give you something back to help you, something equivalent to what you've given us! Hopefully this thread can brighten your day a bit.

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I was 18, a college freshman, it was my second week of school. Went into French class that morning and people were whispering about it. A couple kids were absent because they were from NYC and were trying to get a hold of their families. They'd set up big TVs in the university center and everyone just sat around staring at them. It was very quiet all day. I definitely had the feeling like, "HEY, welcome to adulthood, kid. It's just gonna get more fucked up from here." Also remember everyone being unable to fly as they grounded all the planes. My dad basically couldn't work for a couple weeks because no one was allowed to travel.

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Huh. I wonder why they chose to perform at this convention for their first U.S. concert? Happy for Mesa, but it is a weird choice. If they were going to pick only one place to perform in the U.S. I would have thought L.A., NYC, etc., to get the max amount of attendees possible.

Hmmm, school will be out in January, maaaaybe I could catch a flight down to Mesa... :)