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We need to make a distinction between demo and teaser. This was not a slice of the game itself and never intended to be. It's so basic (walking around the same hallway over and over) that I don't see how people can be confused about this.

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@shindig: I am interested in these terrible estate photos.

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The Wii remake of Fatal Frame 2 (aka Project Zero 2), which was released in Europe but not America. The original PS2 game did have American voices, so it's jarring to go from one to the other as the characters' personalities seem different thanks to the difference voice acting. I prefer the British version though, the actors sound age-appropriate and have a little personality to them, rather than the original which imitated the high-pitched Japanese that made the girls sound like they were much younger. That way of speaking/acting in Japanese often comes off so terribly when actors attempt to copy it in English. Doesn't translate well.

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Persona 4 came out 6 years ago. So yes, I AM READY FOR SOMETHING NEW. I do hope the delay between Japanese and NA release is small to nonexistent.

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@fifichiapet: Wow! You have summed up all my thoughts much better than I could. It's true, people seem to use "empathy" all the time now in place of "sympathy", as if the latter is a dirty word, but there is a difference between the two. Being empathic and being sympathetic are very distinct. You can't "empathize" with someone unless you have been through the same experience/felt the same feelings. If you haven't, you can still "sympathize" with them. At least that's how it was taught to me. This isn't a hard and fast rule, if you look up "empathy" in wikipedia there is a range of interpretations. In spiritual circles, an empath is someone who can literally pick up on and feel other people's emotions. So I always used it that way: if I've been through what another person has been through, I can empathize. If I haven't, but still have caring and compassion for them, I can sympathize.

From Wikipedia's article on sympathy: "Empathy refers to the understanding and sharing of a specific emotional state with another person. Sympathy does not require the sharing of the same emotional state. Instead, sympathy is a concern for the well-being of another."

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That Escapist article was really interesting. I always thought the crazy (to me) aspects of PW's legal system were just in service of making sure all sorts of injustices and plot twists and turns could happen with impunity. Had no idea Japan actually didn't have jury trials since 1942. I don't know where the 99% conviction rate statistic came from, but if true it's...horrifying, really. Never gonna look at the PW games in quite the same light-hearted way now.

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I just hacked my Wii to play Fatal Frame 4. I don't wanna do something like that again but for Fatal Frame I will do it. So hope I won't have to. This looks amazing...all that rain adds more to the oppressive atmosphere than I thought it would.

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On board with this.

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@pinner458: Yeah, that doctor sounds like an idiot. Get a second opinion. Keep asking lots of questions. Symptoms like numbness and tingling can be hard to diagnose, but you could start eliminating various possibilities.