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Having a competent first person shooter at work for lunch breaks is a pretty tempting notion.  I'll probably pick this up if the call of duty and killzone ports are received well.  I'm surprised I have excitement for a new sony handheld when I have an iphone in my pocket. 

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Eh, I couldn't resist.  I bought the 360 version on day one.  I typically only opt for the pc version if its day and date with launch or if I missed launch and grab it cheap on a sale when my interest has peaked.  Its still a shame that some people will miss out on this awesome game.  Maybe it has something to do with games for windows live flopping and their inability to sell dlc effectively post-release?  Steam seems to know how to sell dlc.  Who knows. 

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You fronting like I ain't 'bout to knock it

I got a rocket in my pocket

Two tickets to your ecstacy

And one for this chick standing next to me

If she with it, I'mma hit it (I'mma hit it)

-Choclair & Saukrates (duet of the forever)