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@ThunderSlash: Stong password, numbers and letters, random caps inserted and it was even stronger the second time. I don't give my info out to people, and I don't enter it on the web, aside from reputable places like this and google and so forth.

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Sounds like a great way to make money! Best part is, when Xbox says they fixed it, they didn't really do anything. We will see what happens when this all gets solved, maybe we can try for round 3.

Yeah, taking your credit card off the xbox might not be a bad idea if you can navigate that mine-field. I am going to dis-connect my paypal account right now.

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So it seems it has been happening for a while, but it is still occurring, but not getting much press it seems. The xbox hacking / microsoft points stealing / Fifa 12 playing problem has been a thorn in my side the past couple weeks.

I logged on to see I had lost 3,000+ MSpoints, and that I had played and got 2 achievements in Fifa 12, which I have never played a fifa game in my life. It also informed me that my profile had last been logged into a previous location. So I called microsoft, and they were open to admitting that this happens, and suspended my account, looked into it, gave me my points back and let me have my account back. The whole thing took a few days, and was all solved.

I chalked it up to "Shit happens", and they did a great job helping me and getting it back, so I wan't too upset by it. They told me they fixed it, and forced a password change on me, and to take it one more step further, I put one of those "click buttons on your controller to log into live" just to be safe.

Advance to one week later (today) I seem to have logged into my profile in another location, my 3,000 points were stolen again, I had one more Fifa 12 achievement, and this time, was getting messages from, I assume, the people who hacked me.

Back on the xbox support line (less happy about it this time) they told me the same things they said last time, they were going to suspend my account and investigate. When I asked if there was any information about this like "why is it always fifa" "what can I do to stop it" and "how can they keep hacking your system" they all said "i dont know, it just happens" which is nice to hear.

I am sure this has been talked about at length in these, and many other's sites, forums, but I figure I would tell one more tale about it to maybe get everyone to think about changing their windows LIVE ID (as they said to me on the phone that this is where the attack is coming from) and maybe cycle your passwords.

Good luck out there.

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Why don't you give them a chance to do what they would like to do with the fiction, and see how it turns out?

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I liked the metroid-like progression of gadgets, hopefully something like that is still there. I like to see places and can't get to immediately and go back when i get something new

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Borderlands is RPG-Like. Earning XP, leveling up, getting loot.  
The main story lacks some epic-ness, but (most) of the DLC is pretty solid on narrative. 

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@Paddi: sound about right    thanks!!
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@Sin4profit: thanks!!! i got the new species a few times but  never made my way down to the left outlane during that time, ive never fired anything out of that plunger. crazy you can spend so much time on a table and still be missing things. seems not worth it though, would take a while to get it up to 10x, and that time could be better spent elsewhere. plus, i make sure to keep stocked up on magna saves which could get in the way. Im currently trying to get wizard mode going, but cant figure out what the 4th multiball is. there is the shark, the mines, the abyss.....and....... 
@Paddi: I THINK the skill shot is going all the way around to the upper left flipper, and jamming it in the statue before it turns to face downward. 
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Hopefully can get a good thread going here to help each other figure out all the little nuances of the tables. Like: 
Secrets of the Deep  -   How do you increase the multiplier on the bottom left of the table? I've played the table TONS, but have never seen it budge even once.

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I am in!  Im borderline garbage at the game though
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