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@TerribleStapler: use the Universal Media Server or PS Media Server to play MKV's on your PS3.

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More reporting, less lecturing. Modern games journalism has fallen in step with the likes of FOX News in that any dissent or denial makes you the worst person imaginable. If you disagree with their conclusions then you're part of the "problem" and if you don't see that you are also a moron. There are far too many self righteous egotists writing today for high profile game sites who take every release and twist it into a statement validating their own agenda.

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Beyond Good and Evil 2...yeah, I'll believe it when it's in my hands.

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Finally, a reason to buy an Amazon Fire TV set top, right? Take that Netflix!

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My remedy was to never sign up on twitter in the first place.

Works for me, too. I don't get it. Is anything said ever that important?

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@xealot42 said:

I can't log in on my PS3. Was going to watch some Star Trek on Amazon Instant Video but it doesn't work if you aren't signed in.

I got Amazon Prime to work without logging in. I attempted to log in but when it showed the error message, I just backed out and it plopped me into Amazon Instant Video. I selected a movie available via Prime and it worked without trouble. Now, this morning I couldn't get YouTube to load, so that still appears to be blocked off. I don't have Netflix or Hulu these days, so I don't know what's the word with both of those.

I read there was supposed to be an update and/or scheduled maintenance tomorrow, but it appears to be happening today. Perhaps brought on by the suspected hack-attack.

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I am long past the age or perhaps the frame of mind where I need to play a game day and date. It's coming to the PC eventually, so I can wait until then. Truth be told, even after that I'll probably wait until it's on sale. I really believe this brouhaha has less to do with exclusivity and more about beating up on Microsoft. Don't get me wrong, flay them when it's justified. This however is just a common business practice that we should all be used to.

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Ryan made it look easy. I think Brad is doing an okay job. If I have any complaints it's that he is sometimes too indecisive on where to go next on the show. Also, I know he is passionate about it, but do we have to talk about DOTA2 every week? I like Brad's handling of the emails. These are some of the most disturbing but hilarious reads in a while. I think it would be a good idea to accept phone messages then listen to them on the air at the end of the show. The old Gamespot shows from the mid 2000's did it that way and it worked well. No live call-in, though. Those always seem to fall flat.

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Can it do H.264 Hi10P? I have...reasons.

Since PS4 still hasn't announced DNLA yet, this addition makes me strongly consider an XBO in my near future. Probably early 2015.

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After being an active member of this site since it's first year of inception, I finally joined this month because I wanted to see Dan play Warcaft. Now I am just picking at choosing back content to fill up my evenings after work since there is rarely anything good on TV these days. I am quite pleased for now. I enjoy watching Jeff play bad games on Unprofessional Fridays most.