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Nothing that actively makes a game harder per se, but occasionally, I'll set a no fast travel rule. If you want to go anywhere, you're hoofing it.

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No, I listen to the Bombcast weekly, watch a lot of the Quick Looks, and tune in UPF weekly where they sometimes talk about current games. Honestly, if I am going to allocate time for reading, it won't be a video game review. I'm good with there being very few written reviews.

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I've been here since 2008. It's much different than it was way back then, but I don't believe that's a bad thing. I miss Ryan and what he brought to the mix but his passing is beyond all of our control, and honestly, I feel cheap even saying it since I am certain his family and friends would give anything to have him back even if he never worked another day at the site. The hard truth is that change is inevitable and you can adapt and enjoy the ride or get off and find something else. I guess there is a third choice to complain, but I'm not sure how much of a difference that will make unless everyone en masse complained such as with the recent Steam Skyrim Mod kerfuffle. That's no guarantee however that what new change is created will be for the better.

I like the site as much now as I did back in the 2008. It's different, but I still find it entertaining.

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A. There is no Kojima Productions anymore.

B. Konami owns all the rights and assets to Silent Hills.

C. Konami has also shown a lack of interest in creating new video games.

D. Del Toro is sure to be attached to another failed game project by E3.

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Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria. Just like last time.

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The problem with choosing the role out of the pay-for-mods option with Skyrim is that Valve didn't understand how that modding community functioned. Bethesda's Creation Kit only provided so much as far as the tools necessary to create mods. There are a series of base-mods, for the lack of better term, created by individuals and groups which enable actions and effects not allowed simply by using the Kit. There are new skeletons, physics engines, meshing tools, and animation tools which have brought mods to a new place and are as much a part of game as Bethesda's original release. However, how does a mod creator charge money for a mod when they are using assets from these earlier mods? In the case of the fishing mod which was heralded by Valve and then taken down it is because that mod used the animation tool created by a different modder. Furthermore, that modder strictly forbids anyone from making a profit from his work, so any mod that uses new animations can't be sold on the Workshop without violating that agreement. The physics engine mod began in Asia but has since been refined by teams in the West in conjunction with the original Asian team. I would say more than half of all popular armor and clothing mods use this as well as some emerging hair, weapon, and jewelry mods. How does Valve plan to divide that pay check up? These are only a couple of the issues I had with Valve's implementation of the pay-for-mods option on Steam. If they are going to make grand sweeping changes to an established community and possibly fracture it destroying the share-and-share alike foundation on which it was built, they better damn well know what they are doing. In this case, they didn't. I am not against paying mod creators for their good work, I just believe Valve chose the wrong game to start with. Like me, Skyrim is too old and set in its ways to change now.

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As others have pointed out, your nomenclature is wrong, but I get what you're trying to ask. Generally, I prefer big budget extravaganzas put out by the major publishers. I enjoy the occasional independently developed game as much as the next guy, but they don't pull me in for hours of gameplay like a AAA title. For me, indies are something I play in between big releases.

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Neat. More pre-order nonsense, though. Will it ever end?

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I saw a mod on the workshop that was a bucket. Just a run-of-the-mill loot trash bucket, and someone put a price tag on it. Another was titled "Absolutely Nothing" because it was just that. It cost a dollar. Of course, these are extreme examples of the abuse the system allowed. Valve didn't research the Skyrim community close enough. Like Blizzard and the Diablo 3 auction house, they thought they knew best.

The best thing that's come out of this mess is that now there is an option to donate button that appears when you start to download something on the Nexus. Give or don't give, it's up to you and give as much or as little as you like. Look at Humble Bundle. People will give willingly if they are interested in the product and want to support the service. They don't need to be coerced into buying something that might break their game or be broken from the start.