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Darkwatch, Armed and Dangerous, Hunter: The Reckoning, Otogi: Myth of Demons, The Suffering and Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy...all good games that never made it past their generation.

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Probably not too much. Games will still revolve around shooting scores and scores of guys coming at you. What I'd really like to see are smarter enemies. Baddies who aren't ashamed to just drop everything and run. Others who coordinate with each other to pin you down or flush you out. Finally, I'd like to see the return of story in shooters. Precious few take the time these days to tell a story. Most shooters these days are a series of Michael Bay set pieces. They look great but often leave me unsatisfied by the experience. Why do you as a player character have to be this faceless blank? Bioshock Infinite did a good job of creating a character for us to inhabit through the game. Battlefield Bad Company 2 added entertaining characters who followed you through the game. As much as I love Halo, Master Chief spends way too much time alone.

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Hmm, I picked up more than usual this sale, but left a few out there for the Winter Sale. I didn't pay less than 50%-off on anything which made me feel good.

  1. Assassin's Creed Black Flag
  2. Bastion
  3. Broforce
  4. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
  5. Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes
  6. Metro: Last Light
  7. Sleeping Dogs
  8. Transistor
  9. Just Cause 2
  10. Balder's Gate II
  11. The Wolf Among Us
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I had a 60 gig launch PS3. It was loud. Not as loud as my launch 360, but still loud. My PS3 died so I replaced it with a PS3 Slim (the type where the disc still slides into the front) and it's been comparatively quiet. Sometimes I don't even realize it's on.

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Infinite Undiscovery

Space Bunnies Must Die

The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom

Leather Goddesses of Phobos

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The Elder Scrolls, no contest. I missed Daggerfall, but I've logged hundreds of hours through Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim.

Runners up in no order are SMT: Persona, Halo, and Dragon Quest.

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RPG - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. I've played it numerous times since it came out and I still love the characters and the game play. It would be number-one on my wishlist for a next-gen/HD update.

JRPG - Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride (DS version). The story is grand and also personal, but what I really love is the dialogue. Practically everyone has something funny to say.

Now, I've probably logged more hours in Skyrim than either of these, but the Skyrim I love is not the Skyrim Bethesda solely made. It is the one refined by so many talented creative-types out there who love the game and make cool stuff for it.

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Passenger 57, Under Siege, Air Force One, The Rock, Con-Air, Cliffhanger, Executive Decision, etc...

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@blackichigo said:

Americans can't hate something they don't give a damn about.

Well said.

The truth of the matter is soccer is very popular in the United States as a school-age participation sport. However it seems that most kids who grow up playing soccer abandon it as they grow older. It's not something they continue to watch on TV after they stop playing. Instead, American football, basketball, baseball, NASCAR and to a lesser extent, hockey and golf are what people watch and attend in person. And, as it's been said before, the slow and low scoring nature of the sport just bores people who grew up with fast action games. How can 22 people spend 90+ minutes on the field and end the game with a 0-0 tie? Yes, golf is also slow but it's primarily watched by older people who play the game as well. Baseball can also be boring to watch on TV and the season is very long (162 games), which is why it has fallen as "America's Pastime". High energy games with bone crushing tackles are what excite people. American football is also crafty in how it markets its product. There are only 16 games to a season which is paltry compared to MLB baseball's 162, NHL hockey's 82 and NBA basketball's 72. In a sense, because there are so few NFL games, fans savor each outcome more. For the record, MLS (Major League Soccer) has 19 teams playing 34 games in a season. I doubt many Americans even knew that. I didn't before writing this.

Professional soccer is like Olympic curling. Something Americans pay attention to for 2 weeks every 4 years...and then for only as long as the US team is contesting.

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I only have one "friend" who I've never actually played with. I don't play much online as I tend to only play on weekends and then in odd increments. I don't currently have a microphone anyway.

But, if you want to see what I am playing or not-playing still, then you and anyone else can add me, too.

I'll add you, too because it's fun to see what others are into.