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I look forward to reading an endless number of comments concerning the smells of the convention hall.  Who wants to bet the term "B.O." is mentioned on every website reporting from the floor?

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Nolan Bushnell's Atari because they taught me to love video games first.

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Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention, but I think that Bioshock 2 and Mass Effect 2 have both received more consistent coverage than COD:MW2.  And, either way, it's not like we haven't experienced this before or do you forget the endless barrage of information and debate surrounding every Halo release?  COD4 did very well and COD5 continued that trend despite being from the "lesser" of the two development teams, so obviously a lot of people are going to be excited about COD:MW2.  Just wait, by year's end you be sick of the God of War 3 coverage, too.

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In the states we have the American National Party, which is possibly linked to the BNP.   But, just how little influence it has on the social malcontents in society is questionable since the ANP appears to have been rejected by the usually white supremacist leaders and their websites.  Maybe because the party appears to have foreign roots.  Wouldn't that be ironic?

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Honestly, both a bit illegible.  The bottom on is easier to read but the font makes it look like "Suicvat"

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"Meh" trailer except for one thing.  Ever since AVP for the PC came out in '99, the sound of the motion detector beeping scares the willies out of me. Hearing that again has reawakened that old paranoia. 

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New trailer out...mmm, space marines vs land sharks...WTF?!  And is that a Robocop ED-209?


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The Carpenters.  When I was younger, I hated them because their sound was so opposite of the rock-n-roll I was into, but as I've grown older, I've come to enjoy the peaceful soulfulness of their style.
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JonathanMoore said:
I'm personally not embarrassed about anything I listen to anymore.. you know, cause after High School no one cares anymore ... [more]
Truth, outside of your small circle of friends (who'll find reason to raze you on anything) no one judges you as "cool" based on your taste in music after high school.  Most of the people you encounter will likely have different tastes than you, so discarding those unimportant distinctions is a part of expanding your horizons.  It's still fun to kid your pals if they own an Ashley Tisdale album, but no one is going to chose whether or not to associate with them solely on that criteria.

Not that I am admitting to owning an Ashley Tisdale album...
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Linkyshinks said:
I need to see some larger pics, I cannot make out anything above.
The larger pics are here in PDF format.