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How is aiming now?  That's what I want to know.  I heard they made it more refined.  Is the option on automatically or do I need to turn it on?  Does it effect all variations of the game or just online multiplayer?  I enjoyed Killzone 2 but I had problems with the aiming, so I hope it's better.  I'll get the patch later today, anyway just see for myself.

EDIT: I like and play both KZ2 & H3 still.

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I picked it up and am a bit into it.  I like it but I've got some worries.  What I really loved about the Sims 2 was all the custom content the Sim community created.  I'm referring to content not available on the official Sims 2 site, but rather the many many fan created sites on the web.  New clothing, items, game modifications and tools increased my interest in the basic game ten-fold and kept me playing through 5 additional expansions (I got involved with WOW at that point and, well...)  So, it's rough playing the Sims 3 now.  They've [EA] added a lot of stuff but also, so much of the game feels like going back to basics.  The styles are so limited and bland by comparison to what the Sims community turned out during the course of Sims 2.  I know there is stuff on the Sims 3 store, but I don't want to get attached to that micro-transaction business model that EA is pushing in this release.  I was hoping the Sims community would have more flexibility in this game since, I believe, it's the after market that keeps this franchise so fertile long after initial release has past.  But, there isn't an external clothing creator like in the last one or a way to import your own images and patterns as far as I've seen so far.  That means that using high quality tools like Photoshop CS to simulate depth and texture on objects will have to wait until someone cracks the game open like an egg and builds a tool that EA provided in the Sims 2.  In short, I don't think I'm really going to enjoy the Sims 3 for at least a year.  For me, the game's fun is less about interaction and more about style, creativity and expression.  That is on hold until I have more options other than EA's scant and dull offerings.

EDIT: I can report that the website, The Sims is developing a custom creator tool that will allow exporting and importing of game objects. The Sims Workshop hasn't yet be released, but when it is, it will be free and allow anyone to upload their creations to the site of their choice.

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@TheKidNixon said:
" @Diamond said:
" I think it's especially silly because it's not even accepted Biblical 'canon'.  Are you sure this isn't viral marketing? "
That actually was my first thought. I'd bet good money EA paid these people; where else would they have fucking heard about Dante's Inferno? Or even care? The Inferno isn't considered biblical canon by even the rightest of wings, and it isn't like this is the first time "hell" in any of it myriad of forms has been represented in gaming. So  yeah, this seems really bizarre to me. But hey, at least their signs didn't have pictures of aborted fetuses on them, right? "
Turns out EA did pay good money to these people.  The whole thing was fake.  EA admitted it as reported by Joystiq. This was just bad marketing I believe.  If people can't tell if you are or aren't selling a product then the sale is lost.  This game is long past the point where shady viral marketing will increase public awareness.   People who are talking about the scene are focusing on the staged protest with only passing mention of the game's title.  This advertising SNAFU did little to create buzz for Dante's Inferno in my opinion. 
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For me personally, lack of information on the North American release of Dragon Quest IX (I know it's coming to Japan soon), Beyond Good & Evil 2, Interstellar Marines, the Secret World, and no gameplay shown from Final Fantasy XIII Versus. 

For friends of mine, it's got to be no price cut for the PS3.  I guess I am just confused by Sony's pricing in general, because I think they are also making a mistake by setting the retail price for the PSP GO too high.  I can envision picking one up if they were around $200, but at $250 that is just too much in my mind. 

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I agree with most of the points you listed above.  I certainly believe that Nintendo has charted a strong aspect of the direction of video games for years to come.  Their innovative controls and personalized Miis are elements that we will see in gaming for quite some time.  Also, Nintendo's pursuit of a wider audience than just the "core" has opened up new revenue streams to developers and manufacturers.   In doing so, Nintendo has increased acceptance of video gaming as a not-just-for-dorks hobby.  I believe these advancements will positively influence all levels of gaming, despite the lamentations of doomsayers.  For all practical purposes, Nintendo has won this generation's race.  But, for all the points you listed above, it doesn't end there for the competition.  Nintendo's success has forced Microsoft and Sony to make advancements that they might have been reluctant to do.  Also, it has forced them to envision better technologies and apply them to a wider demographic.  The same thing happened last generation thanks to Microsoft's successful implementation of Xbox Live.  No one is going to say that Microsoft invented online console play, but their success prompted Sony and even Nintendo to adopt some form of online contectivity. And, now Nintendo's success has urged thier competition to adapt in ways they might not have predicted.  I think we are heading into a remarkable time for interative entertainment.  I've been fortunate enough to see the history of video gaming unfold before my eyes.  I cut my teeth on arcade machines in 1977 on the boardwalks of the Jersey shore, and have been following  gaming's development since.  Never before have I been filled with this much wonder and awe at what the possibilities are for the future.  Don't listen to the cynics, this is a fantastic time to be a gamer. 

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The only conversations I've heard are from over at the ListenUp podcast.  Garnett Lee, host, has played both and he liked it a lot because it is more challenging than other similar titles.  It's more involved than InFamous or Crackdown.  Now, Garnett talks a lot of shit.  That's part of his charm (I think), but I doubt he's too far off on the complexity of gameplay (not game control) Prototype may offer.  The game comes out soon, so we'll see.

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In addition to the above mentioned Scribblenauts, I've been following a few other titles not getting much hype...

  • Quantum is Tecmo's forth coming action game which looks like a combination of Gears of War and Ninja Giaden.  There is a new trailer out now and some gameplay.  It has me intrigued.  The title could go completely generic rip off or it could turn out to be something more.  I don't know yet, but I'm curious to see how it progresses.
  • The Agency is the glitzy spy MMO which promises to move quickly and avoid all the waiting for group commonly associated with some MMOs.  Check out the three part walkthrough at Gamertrailers.  The game is looking very good and could work very well on the console.
  • Magna Carta 2 is a great looking JRPG which kind of reminds me of Star Ocean.  This one is coming to the 360.
  • Arcania is an action RPG set in a standard medieval setting, but if you enjoyed the Elder Scrolls, this looks like it might please you, too. 
  • Aliens vs Predator is a FPS game that is pretty much what you'd expect from the title.  But it is shaping up pretty well. 
  • Nostalgia is a DS JRPG set at the turn of the 20th Century with action and exploration as a focus.  Check out the "Man-God's" press pitch on Gametrailers.
  • Warhammer 40K: Space Marines.  This trailer came out a few days before E3 started and it's still worth mentioning.

I'm not sure any or all of these games will be good when they finally hit store shelves.  Who can say that really?  But, they are higher on my radar now and I'll be following their development closer than I might have had I not been impressed by their showing at this year's E3.
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@The_A_Drain said:
" @pornstorestiffi: (nobody fly off the handle, this is just how I see it) I reckon it's because most of the people who never owned a PC around the time it was released have no idea what it even is, and those who do own a console and played Deus Ex 2 are cautious.Whereas the impression I get from a lot of te Deus Ex fans is that they dislike some of te design decisions being made, so aren't particularly looking forward to it. My guess is it's going to be like Fallout 3, whether it's a good game of it's own merits or not it irrelevant, it's going to sell because a huge number of people have heard the name, but never played it, and dont want to play an old game.I'm looking forward to it though, hoping it will be really good. "
The new Thief will probably experience the same mix of apathy and apprehension.   I completely agree that some people will buy the game [Deus Ex 3] because of everything they heard about the earlier games.  But, that's not necessarily a bad thing.  Bioshock was trumpeted as the "spiritual successor" to the PC classic System Shock 2.  I don't know how many people were motivated to buy the game because of that, but I do believe that the game got a lot of press coverage because of System Shock 2's strong reputation.  I think Dragon Age: Origins is undergoing the same phenomenon since most written impressions seem to refer back to Baulder's Gate.  But, if the final product is strong, I don't care how people come to know the game, just as long as they buy it, play it, and have fun with it.
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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is my game of the show.  There are many other games I really liked [Crackdown 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Assassin's Creed 2] but nothing compared in my mind to the surprise and delight I had for the demo of Uncharted 2.  I will amend that Crackdown 2's trailer did make me do a happy dance when I first saw it, however I can't get too excited over that game since none of us have any solid idea of when it's coming out.
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Gran Turismo.  It's a racing game.  Okay, you can fiddle with the minutia and it controls well, but at its heart it is still just a racer.  And does anyone really want to race a Ford Focus?  I've stated before that sim racers are not my cup of tea, so that goes into some of my choice, but neither Forza or Need for Speed garner such hype as the Gran Turismo series.