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Yes the Max Payne comparisons are inevitable.  But I like the quick comic stills inserted into the action sequences.  This is just a trailer, but the premise, although highly disturbing, is also intriguing.  I hope they get someone to help them finish this progress.  It seems like such a waster to let a decent idea wither although it may be unavoidable.

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This video was also on G4's Attack of the Show last night.  I found it cute and funny then and I liked it here, again.  I don't understand how anyone could be offended by it.  I can only assume it's a "too cool for school" type thing whereas a person can't enjoy something that's popular simply because it's popular.  Oh well, I liked it.  Rock on, Keyboard Cat!

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This guy...

Skills for Kills, Agent.
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Watch and learn...Chuck ain't all that.

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Something like this...

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I think if you are the type of gamer who only buys a few titles a year and those titles come from a specific franchise, I can see someone not bothering with downloading demos.  If you only play Halo or COD, which have no demos, you'll likely just buy those games and that's the end of it.  Only gamers who seek a wider variety of games will download demos in search of new franchises and gameplay experiences.  I like trying things out and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised.  Some game demos can change my mind on a game, such as Crackdown, Red Faction and InFamous.  Others can turn me against a game, and only grudgingly will I seek further playtime with it, i.e. Burnout Paradise.  Sometimes, and this isn't a great thing for developers, a demo will satisfy my curiosity enough that I'll not pursue that title any further.  I won't have formed negative feelings for the game, but not enough increased desire to seek more of the game.  In those cases, "enough is as good as a feast."

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Saint's Row 2 is really an excellent choice.  Lots of variety and over-the-top fun.  You can just screw around for hours then return to the missions or go clothes shopping.  Its story is paper thin and you'll figure it out pretty early in the game, but it doesn't matter because it serves its purpose of providing a reason to blow shit up and drive like a maniac.  Of course, if you haven't played Crackdown, then that'd be my number 1 suggestion.

I've heard mixed things about Sacred 2.  Some reliable reviews were very high on the game, others much less so, it depends on if you like that style of hack-n-slash dungeon crawl/grind. 

Dragon Quest V for the DS is my recommendation for the handheld.  It's an JRPG with a good story (very epic) and cool characters.  However, this is a DQ game so there is a good amount of "random" encounters is moving from point "A" to point "B".  Where this game get high marks, though is on the standard DQ grind requirement.  There was only 2 occassions during the game where I felt compelled to grind a level or two during the game and that was chiefly because a party member had returned to my control and needed to be about the same level as the others in my group.  This is a standard JRPG with most of the trappings expected in the genre, but it is a great one regardless.

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Okay, I started Persona 4 tonight so I'm hoping my gripes turn out to be petty and nothing that impedes my enjoyment of the rest of the game.  I'm still very early in the game, I guess because Yukiko is still missing from my party.  I'm in the process of exploring the castle currently.  But, I have some problems with the game so far.  If you've seen any of my posts in the past regarding Persona 3, you'll know that I've been a champion of that game for a while now (well, for the first half of FES, at least.)  I loved the characters, the story and the gameplay.  There was a grind to Tartarus, but I enjoyed that fully, as well.  Hell, P3 FES helped me ween off WOW, so I am quite used to grinding.   Anyway, I noticed some differences between the two games and I'm not liking what I've seen so far. 

  1. This is a petty complaint, but here it is, none the less.  When I am in the castle, Chie and Yosuke keep getting trapped behind doorways when I leave rooms.  I've been having to wait for them to catch up otherwise I'll be halfway down a corridor, turn around and see that they are not there.  So, then I go all the way back and see them wedged into the corner because they couldn't maneuver around the frame.  That almost never happened in P3.  I was surprised at how agile Yukari, Junpei and the others were, in fact.  I don't expect this to change in P4, but I'm mentioning it anyway because it bugs me.
  2. Atlus changed the way HP & SP return when you exit a dungeon.  This really irritates me, because it means I can only play until I run out of SP and then I have to go home.  In P3 I'd play for hours honing my characters to their fullest potential, gearing them up, and getting the right combination of Personas from the card system.  I can't do that now because (so far at least) I can't buy anything that returns SP, and there is no way to recharge SP inside the shadow-world.  I heard there was a way to buy SP from a guy named FOX later but it's really expensive.  That is hardly any better.
  3. Treasure chests can explode and hurt you.  This wouldn't be such a big problem if it wasn't for the fact that I can't recharge my SP.  I opened a chest in the castle and it took out a third of my SP.  So, I've been avoiding chests since then.  I can't chance them blowing up and taking out a ton of my SP again, thus sending me home early for the night.
  4. I can't read the damn weather icons.  I know I have until it's foggy, but the icons show clouds, umbrellas (rain) and suns.  Sometimes two on one day.  What does a "foggy" symbol look like?  I must have missed it if it was in the guide.
  5. I think Chie and Yosuke are dumber than Yukari and Junpei.  There is a way around it by taking complete control of their actions in battle, but it's not something I relish doing on a regular basis.  Case in point, there is one shadow that looks like a lawn gnome (I haven't learned all the names yet) and he can call for back up that looks like cacti plants. Instead of concentrating their firepower on the gnome dude, they start attacking the plants and he's calling in more each round.  In P3 the crew seemed to know what was the fastest way to kill the enemy with the least amount of effort.  Maybe I am reading things into their A.I., but they seemed smarter than these two.
Anyway, those are my initial complaints.  I hope somethings get better because the design of the game seems to be purposely limiting my ability to play it.  So far I feel like it's on rails and I have almost no control over how fast or slow things progress.  I could plan ahead in P3, figure out how much time before the next full moon and set a schedule to be able to work the social links as well as level in the dungeons.  I don't feel I have that flexibility so far in P4.

Like I said, I am very early in the game and these are just my findings so far.  Living up to P3 FES in my eyes would be a challenge for any game, so I am not giving up hope that I'll find some sort of groove with this sequel.  On a positive note, the voice acting, graphics and storyline seem very good.  I am enjoying the murder mystery plotline.
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I think I remember that show.  It's kind of fuzzy but I do recall tuning into some syndicated video game show that wasn't "Starcade." 

The video actually wasn't that bad in my opinion, but of course, I was raised on a steady diet of that stuff. Children's TV can screw with your head growing up.