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G4 is planning another commercial free broadcast of each of the big three press conferences live.  After the horrible job they did the first year they broadcast the conferences live, they switched to commercial free.  Last years show were very good, although some internet critics got pissed because of the far-away camera angel used during the FFXIII reveal at the Microsoft conference, but they were asked by Microsoft or SquareEnix to use that angle.  They aired the full trailer later anyway.  If this year is anything like last year's show, there will be a ton of commercials before the conferences and right after, but none during the shows.

So, (A) since my internet connection is not the fastest, (B) my TV is much larger than my computer screen and (C) I can watch it in my underwear in bed, I'll be watching the shows on G4 in June.  The other publisher conferences I'll catch over the internet, but I don't need to see the EA or Activision one's live.

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TwoOneFive said:
sony and microsoft should just say fuck it and let nintendo do their thing.
Because everyone knows that competition is a bad thing.
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DanceDanceKennypants said:
I thought that was the funniest shit ever when I wrote it.I had two beers when I came in from ... [more]
Upsetting teenagers and/or depressing teenagers is like shooting fish in a barrel.
being apathetic and jaded is cool

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It would be interesting if the hero of Shadow of the Colossus killed this creature's mom. 

The footage looks amazing to me.  The detail of animation in the facial expression of the creature is fantastic.  It seems to me to be modeled off a kitten.  If that kitty-bird dies at the end of the game, I know I'm going to be ballin' for an hour.

This can't get finished soon enough.

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Eelcire said:
Will I be forced to repurchase a game just to be able to play it on a newer system?
Yes, that is exactly what the publishers want.  That's how the Virtual Console or XBL's Xbox Originals work.  I have a copy of Halo CE, but I can still pay for a new one off XBL.  If there were no discs, then with each new incarnation I would need to rebuy the game in order for it to play on my new system.  And chances are, I'd have to wait for Microsoft to recode the game to run on my new system, too.
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Does anyone like many of the episodes since Chef left the series?  Obviously, even if Isaac Hayes didn't, the character wouldn't be around now anyway since he passed away last year.  But, I pretty much stopped watching the show with any regularity after that.  I tune in from time to time still but I don't know if the show is just in that period of "ho-hum" because they've been around for so long or if it's something else.  A lot of people say the same thing about the Simpsons, although I think this past season was better than any of the previous 6 or 7 years overall, so in my opinion it is possible to refocus after many years of creating new episodes.  I don't know if South Park has or not, but I'm interested in seeing if they have.

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I was chained to a rock and had my liver consumed by eagles every morning. 

But then Kevin Sorbo came along and everyone had fresh juicy apples by day's end.  

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Satellite because there is no cable on my street.  Three blocks away there is but not here and after a dozen calls to Comcast and them refusing to do anything about it for years now, I don't see cable as an option anytime soon.  I'd like cable internet service but if they won't even extend their service 3 blocks to include all the families in my area, then I've got to find other options until they do.  The way the cable companies regionalize and therefore cut out competition in communities makes me sick, but that's how things work in the US right now.

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Captain_Fookup said:
Over 9000 friends I has.

Over 9000 ?!?!

I'm not sure, I really have no idea how to check anyway.

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Sony Online gets their own area separate from Sony proper, and Altus is sandwiched between Sony and Nintendo.  I'm betting that means no Persona on Xboxes. 

I see that 1UP/UGO has two booths, G4 a set for their TV coverage, and but I can't find where GB will be sitting.

What the hell is "Pro vs GI Joe" and why did they get a booth?  Any why would Marc Ecco need a booth?  No one bought Getting Up to being with.