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Animal shelters are your best bet if you're patient. Also, check the classified ads of your local paper. People are always looking to give away or sell cheap unexpected puppies and kittens.

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I started up MCC/Halo Combat Evolved on Normal and I quickly grew bored with how easy it was. I am not very good but there was little challenge from the average enemy. I dialed it up to Heroic and it's a lot more fun. There were a few areas which were difficult and required several attempts to progress, but so far most of those are manageable. I really don't like those huge guys you can only hit in the back.

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Yesterday, I figured out how to turn off the controller without turning off the console. I've had my PS4 since September. There are no embarrassing questions with this generation of consoles.

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Need to put that hat in the Konami store.

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Netflix still works on PS4, but not on PS3. I can't connect to PSN either. All day, so far. I haven't tried getting in to XBL today. Hackers again? Humbug.

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Is it time for the airing of grievances? Feats of strength? Happy Christmas, folks.

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No, they're your parents, not your buds. Maybe I'm old fashioned but it feels wrong to me.

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Double feature of Star Wars and Avengers 2.

This from the house of Disney. More Hulk is always good in my book and very interested to see what Abrams brings to the SW universe.

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I don't think they're going to have to deal with cobbling together four different games and having them run on a new and entirely different platform than what they were written for, so I'm going to have faith they'll get it right.

Also, I come primarily for the Halo campaign. Multiplayer is an afterthought in my book. So, yes I will take the plunge early on.

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I, too figured Destiny or Dragon Age to take the top spot, but since I can't get DA:I to run without crashing on my PC and Destiny was decidedly less immersive than advertised, a dark horse and a console port of a game from 2012 are currently tied for my GOTY.