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A year from now they'll be making Kinect games.

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They need to do another "Box Office Bomb" podcast. That show should be biweekly at least. Maybe add a sit-down video like the old Screened days.

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Isn't DC Universe Online out on the PS4, now? I played the PS3 version and it was okay. Best of all, it's free.

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I could be wrong, but I think "Hikari"/"Simple and Clean" was for Kingdom Hearts. According to Wikipedia, Utada Hikaru's album came out a week before the game's release, and she produced the song for the game.

I've always assumed "Wishing for an Eternal Sky" was written for the underrated PS2 gem SkyGunner. I can't say for sure since I can't find any documentation on the song online.

One I'm sure has is the complete soundtrack for Rhapsody A Musical Adventure, the PS1 game which is basically a Broadway style musical in a fantasy RPG. It comes in Japanese or English. The DS version didn't include the English soundtrack, which is sad because it is laughably bad in the best way possible.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot that No One Lives Forever has a sparsely lyrical opening.

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They haven't done one is about a month but First For Gamers with John Davison and Garnett Lee (both formerly of EGM/1Up, John also formerly of Gamespot, Garnett formerly of Shacknews) is a podcast/video cast on YouTube. It's very similar to Bombin' in the AM.

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He looks good. He has a different design from the MC's of P3 and P4, as stated by others above, a more mature look. I am interested to see if this means the characters will be older than in the previous two games. In all honestly, my very first reaction was "dude, get a haircut", but then I remembered that Japanese girls are still into that metro-look. If games can have "puff-puff" girls, then they should have those delicate guys to appeal to other demographics.

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I'll have a new console in 8 days, so it's going to be PS4 for me. I am kind of curious to see if it comes to XBO, too though. Catherine and Persona 4 Arena came to the 360, so...

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PS4? Sweet. Hopefully the localization won't take too long.