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We must prepare for the return of the kaiju and the Third Impact.

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Patrick's gone, so they should rename it.

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I've been hanging out there a lot recently since I got back into reading American comics. For the past year and a half or so, I was reading a lot of manga, but talk of the new Secret Wars and Convergence stirred the old bug in me. I used to post a lot at Anime Vice when I was watching a lot of anime. It was mostly gone when I got back into manga. Going to Comic Vine just seems like a natural progression. One of the things the two sites shared is a Battles forum. I have zero interest in that type of exchange. It's bar room chatter taken to a ridiculous extreme, but I don't begrudge others who are into it. For the most, it says confined to its own boards. The other thing the two sites have in common is a disturbingly fanatical DBZ following. I'll never understand why its so important to recognize which character can blow up larger parts of the universe.

The level of discourse is much lower at CV than it is here at GB, but that's probably because the majority of its active members are younger in age. I suspect most are in high school, while most GB members are in college and beyond. There's nothing wrong with that, its just that I don't go to CV expecting detailed explorations of the comic medium, rather banter over which comic movie will rule/suck and "who's hotter".

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I listen to Spotify at work. It's great for background noise to drown out the crushing silence of the office. Because of this, I've had more exposure to bands I never would have bothered to seek out. The only CDs I buy these days are J-pop not normally carried by any streaming service. I haven't tried Apple Music yet, though so who's to say?

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I'm on Win7. I'll upgrade to 10 for free.

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I still very regularly play Skyrim. In fact, I hope to get a new mod-build up and running this weekend. It's long been my goal to assemble and install the perfect (for me) game of Skyrim.

After that, I still really enjoy playing Geometry Wars 2.

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@edgaras1103: On your recommendation, I read the first issue of Gamaran. It was pretty good. It reminded me of History's Strongest Disciple and Kenshin. Also, the main character looks like a young Gintoki of Gintama, which is cool. I'll add it to my reading list.

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I've had the most fun playing around in Skyrim. I've played all of the others, but Skyrim hooked me the strongest.

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There are a couple of F2P MMOs; Tera had good combat, but boring quests and a lifeless, unnecessarily spread out world, Forsaken World had bad combat and nothing but fetch quests, however the group quests were fun, and DC Universe Online didn't feel at all like you were playing through a comic adventure. Marvel Heroes 2015 is a Diablo clone, but at least it is a fun comic adventure. I wish the DC game was more like the Marvel F2P

As for games I paid for, I got really bored with SMT Digital Devil Saga. I loved the Persona games, but this one lacked the Persona charm to keep it moving through the rough parts. I like Dragon Quest games, so I am okay with grindy stuff, but DDS was unable to hold my attention.

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They'll never commit to building a console that directly competes with the Xbox and Playstation, so I think they should double down on what they're best at, the portable. I think it should be a system that fuctions both as a handheld and as a console. Perhaps there is a cradle that connects to your TV and also relays the controler input. The games would work on both the handheld and through the console cradle. Addition storage space could be on the cradle, too. As for the dual screens and 3D, they could probably drop both in favor of one large high-quality touch screen, but backwards compatibility has been a thing for the DS systems, so maybe not. I just don't think game designers are doing anything really neat with the feature anymore.