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I wasn't going to see it anyway. I didn't like Pineapple Express. I like the two actors, just not together. Anyway, I don't like the idea that Sony and the theater groups gave in to terrorism. Cyber terrorism is still terrorism. This whole thing sets a bad precident for future creative works which could be viewed as controversial by some.

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I resurrected an old one I had from a couple of years ago. There wasn't much room on the Gunter avatar I had, so I switched back to Pen-Pen.

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I don't see much of a difference between a hacker leaking this information and a source within Sony doing the same. None of this serves the public interest but it is interesting to the general public which is why it is getting so much coverage. It's juicy gossip and people have loved that kind of stuff going back to the trade columns of the 1930's and 40's. In a sense, this is a movie studio airing its dirty laundry in public, which seems to be in culturally acceptable these days, at least on a personal level. Ninety percent of this gossip will be forgotten in six months anyway, so apart from being momentarily embarrassing, I don't find any of the stories to be a big deal.

The more concerning aspect of all of this is how seemingly easy Sony Pictures was hacked. Between this, the naked celeb photos and the NSA spying on everyone everywhere, personal privacy is dead.

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Gray. It's approprite for most professional settings like black, but doesn't leave you looking like that moody guy who listens to the Cure and talks about how everything sucks.

Gray is noncommittal...neutral.

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After reading the list, all I could think about was the Simpson's episode where Bart & Lisa were in an Itchy & Scratchy focus group.

@jay_ray said:

How about a futuristic sci-fi setting with dinosaurs? Jetpacks, lasers, and cyborg dinos.

I like this answer but as long as it is realistic with believable characters and choices that truly impact the story.

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I think the whole trading card thing is a waste of time to begin with. If I can't get ALL the cards by playing my games, then I'm not going to barter, trade or buy any others. It's all too much work for little to no return. This auction seems to continue that worthless exercise.

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Alicia Melchiott from Valkyria Chronicles comes to mind. She's not a badass but a kind but resolute young woman called to duty when her homeland is invaded.

I also really like Bianca from Dragon Quest V. What I find interesting about her is that she's a mother (well, becomes one over the course of the game). You don't find that characteristic in too many video game heroines. In a sense, this could apply to Nera or Debora, but Bianca's the one I liked the most. She had spunk.

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I can't even get the game to run. I was encountering the crash-after-intro issue that then turned into crash at character creation screen. I tried several of the workarounds but with no success. The game is just broken for me and it leaves me disgruntled by the current climate and quality of games being sold.

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A proper Dragon Quest single player RPG with all the familiar trappings and game play. I do not want an MMO or co-op game. I want something with an epic story, entertainingly chatty characters, mildly offensive humor and enough options to keep me interested for 40 to 60 hours. They really haven't made a proper DQ game since 8 and that came out 2004. Time to get back to basics.

Knights of the Old Republic III

This for the same reasons above. I enjoyed the Old Republic but because it was an MMO it lacked a focused story and I found it too easy to get distracted by common MMO features. KOTOR 1 is still my favorite game of all time, so I would like nothing more than a straight-up single-player RPG sequel (three-quel?) to the original.

Finally, I would love a third Dark Cloud game. The mix of dungeon crawl, town building and action-combat set this one apart from the usual (see DQ) JRPG's of the PS2 era. There was a movement on (*shrug*) Facebook to get a Dark Cloud 3 made and there is a report that Akihito Hino of Level5 has stated there will be Dark Cloud 3 in 2015. I don't have much faith in any of these "possibilities", but I do want to believe.

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  1. PS4
  2. XBO
  3. PS3

I have a PC, too that I game on a lot but I did not count it since it is not "hooked up" to my TV. I also did not count any portables/tablets for the same reason.