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It's at 1.7 million as of 5am 6/16. I have strong misgivings about this. I believe nostalgia has twisted peoples memories of the originals and can't fathom how they'll make a game that compares with any modern open world game for 2 million. Even if this is just to gauge interest in the franchise after all these years in order to get real money out of publishers, I think it would have served them better to do HD remakes of the originals. I believe there will be a lot of disappointed players when this game is finally available for play.

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You should play both and you should play Persona 3 first if you are playing them on a PS2. I can't tell you if the digital version of P3 has the Vita updates, but the original game system was less fluid than in Persona 4. Altus changed that in the Vita version, I believe. Going back to a more archaic system would probably be difficult. Why play it at all? Because, the story and characters are so good. The plot is epic in scale and the end is both gratifying and touching. Whether or not you chose to play the follow-up, FES ("The Answer") is up to you. It does not involve most of what I loved about the original ("The Journey"), but some say it provides some closure. I found it jarring and a bit tedious. However, for the record, P3 is in my Top-5 games of all time.

After that, play Persona 4. The story is smaller, but the beloved elements are there and the game mechanics are much improved over P3's. The characters are fun, but some are basic updates of the ones in P3. In all fairness, though they're all largely Japanese anime/manga stereotypes, but no one comes to a JRPG looking for Faulkner. A good time is had by all and the ending is enjoyable.

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I might be able to see the Bethesda show live, but all of Monday's confrences will be viewed in archive since I'll be at work until late evening.

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I'm only going to recommend two for right now. One an American comic the other a Japanese manga. I found both to be incredibly entertaining and engaging.

  1. Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja. First five issues collected in "Hawkeye My Life as a Weapon". Basically, its about the character's life when he's not running around with the Avengers. His comic book life, not the thing they tacked into the Age of Ultron movie. It also introduced me to Kate Bishop, a legacy heroine who used his hero-name when he was thought dead. She's spunky and sassy. I should add, I was not a fan of the original Hawkeye character at all. I really didn't know much about him other than he was a poorly costumed Green Arrow ripoff. This comic turned me completely around on him.
  2. One Punch-Man by ONE and Yusuke Murata. It's about a guy who trained really hard and now he's probably the most powerful superhero in the world. It's both an homage and parody of American comic books. I found it hilarious. You can find read it online (PC or using an iOS/Android manga app) or buy issues off of Amazon. It's being made into an anime to air later this year, I believe.

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Certainly not less excited for E3, but I am concerned that there will be fewer of the big "wow" moments left in the conference. Recent E3's have seen fewer "just one more thing" surprises, games that came out of nowhere, but we were still getting the excitement of seeing first looks for games we knew were coming already. I wanna see gameplay and new trailers and all that, but I also want the expo to feel special like a celebration of all things gaming.

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I remember him first as Scaramanga, the man with the golden gun. When I was older, I watched as many of the Hammer films that I could. I thank him for his work.

Incidentally, I read that he did voice work in a couple of the Kingdom Hearts games as well as the Battle for Middle Earth games.

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Coming to 3DS, huh...okay, I'm listening.

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I can honestly say I've never lived anywhere bad. Even when I lived in L.A., the part I was in was nice. Most of the towns I've lived in have been the type where you can periodically leave your door unlocked and not fret about being robbed.

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I thought he had been forced out already when the German government closed all those loopholes which allowed him to get government funding for his crap movies.

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I'm not sure what games I "shouldn't like" , but lately, like Jeff, I've been playing a lot of Marvel Heroes 2015. It's not a bad game, but it is very repetitive. I have better games in my current Steam library which are going unplayed while I devote hours to pushing up various characters with no intention of ever getting involved in its end game or grouping with others. I just enjoy the click-reward cycle updated from my past WOW obsession.