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I'm pretty sure Tinder was involved.

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I've been playing this one for a while now.

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Tony Hawk sponsored by 5-Hour Energy confirmed.

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My fat boy eventually yellow ringed after 7 years of use. I picked up the previous slim to replace it and have been very satisfied. It won't play my old PS2 discs, but many of them are available via digital download these days. The best reasons to have a slim are it's super quiet when compared to the launch PS3 or current PS4, and it's the best media player I've ever owned. Streams from my P.C. like no other I've seen.

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I am surprised that no one has mentioned H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine". During the second half of the book, the traveller goes so far into the future that there are no humans left. The Kubrick-Spielberg flick, A.I. ends the same way.

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Generally, I prefer games where I create my own hero and impart what I want them to be during the character creation and by the choices I make throughout the game, so a single protagonist versus a different one which each tale doesn't make that big a difference to me. In these cases, the story and game play hold more value to me than the hero him or herself. Even then, though, I am one of those people who needs to like the hero I am playing. That's partially why I prefer to create my own. I don't feel I need to identify with the character per say, but I do want an attachment to them.

Now obviously, character focused games like Arkham and Uncharted need their Batmen and Drakes just as James Bond movies need a James Bond even when a different actor plays him. A developer could make a Robin game or a Elena game, but while those might be entertaining, they wouldn't be Arkham or Uncharted. The franchises have been built around these icons, and have benefited from that focus. That is not to say that swapping out heroes with each iteration cannot provide the same level of attachment. I believe it's much harder, but not impossible.

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@edgekasey: Thanks, since this is the start of the new season, I hope to catch up on the old one. Maybe I'll stick around since I already get Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. I dislike dubbed anime, though so I prefer what Crunchy offers.

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While 2007 and 2011 were certainly great, my vote goes to 2009 for Dragon Age Origins, Borderlands and Uncharted 2.

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I found out today that two of my favorite mangas are getting anime. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo starts this month and One-punch Man hopefully by year's end. Also, the original Digimon are back for a third round of Adventures. And best of all, more Gintama.

EDIT: Watched the first episode of Shokugeki no Souma ("Food Wars") this morning. Looks good, but of course, it really begins with episode 2.

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Really hard for me to get into the Anime Vice and Comic Vine communities. Seems all the "Communities" really wanted to do was make fanboy threads about "x character vs x character". I would constantly try and start discussions or reply and no one talks; its just "SUPERMAN VS GOHAN"...screw that noise,

I used to frequent AnimeVice and I've been over at Comic Vine a lot lately, but you are certainly right about the excessive amount of "Battles" and "RP" threads. I used to block them or compile my favorites section to just General, Previews, and Off-Topic. I could never figure out the irrational mash-ups people argue over, but it seems to garner traffic and that's helps with the advertising, so I can't fault it. I wish there was a better place to just talk about the mediums (anime & comics) without the "Titans vs Avengers" stuff, but it is what it is.