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The last thing in 2014 I played was Skyrim. This morning, the first game I played was again more Skyrim. Until Fallout 4 drops, it will likely continue to be my favorite game to dabble around in.

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This is so very sad. She was so young. She was among a short list of exceptional voice artists of the 90's. Her work will live on...currently about 2am on TeenNick's "90's are All That" block programming.

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I linked an article here in these GB forums you'd written when you were still at G4 and you dropped in to answer my questions and give your viewpoint. It was unexpected and I can still recall my surprise. Classy. Best wishes to you in your next endeavor.

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While there are few beverages more completely satisfying on a cold day than a steaming hot cup of cocoa, it's not an everyday drink. Coffee on the other hand is something I have five or six days a week. Hot chocolate is a treat, coffee is a staple of life.

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If you're a fraud then so am I. I'm about your age and I've never owned a Nintendo console either. I think most of it is because I came into gaming before Nintendo was a big deal. When I started out there was the 2600, Intellivision and Coleco. After the crash, I transmigrated over to early computer gaming (I, too had an Atari ST). When I got back into console gaming, I preferred what Sega had and so I focused on their titles. I've played Nintendo consoles at the homes of friends and I have owned a number of Nintendo portables (want a New 3DS in 2015), so it's not as if I am ignorant to all things Nintendo. I do not have much of the adoration for the Nintendo franchises that people who grew up gaming on the NES, SNES, 64, etc...share. This isn't to say that Nintendo doesn't make worthwhile games, just few that get me excited. I don't think it's important that to be a gamer you must have experienced all that the hobby markets.

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Animal shelters are your best bet if you're patient. Also, check the classified ads of your local paper. People are always looking to give away or sell cheap unexpected puppies and kittens.

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I started up MCC/Halo Combat Evolved on Normal and I quickly grew bored with how easy it was. I am not very good but there was little challenge from the average enemy. I dialed it up to Heroic and it's a lot more fun. There were a few areas which were difficult and required several attempts to progress, but so far most of those are manageable. I really don't like those huge guys you can only hit in the back.

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Yesterday, I figured out how to turn off the controller without turning off the console. I've had my PS4 since September. There are no embarrassing questions with this generation of consoles.

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Need to put that hat in the Konami store.

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Netflix still works on PS4, but not on PS3. I can't connect to PSN either. All day, so far. I haven't tried getting in to XBL today. Hackers again? Humbug.