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Sega Hard Girls aka Hi☆sCoool SEGA

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I like the CAGcast and Gamers with Jobs podcasts for video games.

For non-gaming podcasts, I am addicted to Good Job, Brain. It's a trivia podcast with a fun group of co-hosts who test each other (and the audience) with topics of trivia. It's great to play a long with the podcast and none of it is so ridiculously obscure that you feel you never had a chance (unlike some of the BBC quiz show podcasts).

Laser Time is good for general geek/retro conversations. I'm more of an 80's kid and as a group they're more into the 90's, but they often look at cartoons, movies, and TV from earlier decades. I tend to agree or disagree with their opinions about 50% of the time. The conversation is good though and often humorous.

Finally, there is Far Far Away, a Star Wars podcast that is the most unabashedly fan-wank this side of Harry Potter boy-love fanfic. The way the hosts talk about every detail of every element of Star Wars with such passion and imagination is wondrous. I am amazed that anyone could as deep into anything as they do.

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@gaspower: @daveyo520: @bigjeffrey: Thank you for the recommendation. Since all of you mentioned the same show, I'll be certain to check it out this weekend.

On a side note, after watching about 560 One Piece episodes and reading 675 chapters of the manga, I believe the only filler arc I'd recommend is the G8 arc. The Apis Arc and Ice Hunter Arc are watchable but not all that memorable. The Ocean Dream Arc rates slightly higher since it features Robin, my favorite character. There are a couple of one-shot and two-shot fillers worth checking out, though. I really like the Boss Luffy episodes which star the crew in Edo (Shogun era) Japan. When I was reading the manga, I felt the G8 arc was missing as it more aptly wraps up Skypia storyline.

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I haven't watched anything in about 6 months as I've turned my focus to manga.

What's the funniest show of the past season? This season?

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I was hoping for DLNA and the ability to import your own wallpapers. Oh well, maybe next time around.

Does the USB Music Player mean you can plug your Iphone/Ipod into the system to play playlists? Or does it have to all be on a USB stick in a "PS4" folder?

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Pointlessly sensationalistic as there doesn't seem to be a plot line which explains why the main character is so full of hatred. Whenever one of these real life tragedies occurs, we ask "why did this happen" and "what drove the assailant to commit these atrocities?" The game makes had a chance to explore that, but it seems they preferred to focus on the shockingly detailed violence.

It's not for me, but I can't fault the game maker for creating it or for anyone else who wants to play it. Me, I'll be over here playing my pointlessly gratuitous games featuring scantily clad heroines. Violence and sex are topics of controversy, the latter more so these days. I don't subscribe to the ideology that playing violent video games, even graphically cruel games can turn game players into violent people. Nor am I willing to blame a "culture of violence" for the horrific actions of homicidal criminals. The seeds of this malevolence are rooted far deeper than exposure to some movies and games. If this game explored what pushed the main character to go on a vicious rampage, then it might interest me more.

On a side note, that is one magical jacket the MC has in the trailer. Lots of pockets or just one giant pocket on the left side?

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I guess my question is why do they always seem to be the same social viewpoints that are inserted into game reviews? In game reviews that contain a social viewpoint, the stance is usually the same liberal/progressive line time and time again. A little variety would be nice, but then again, for anyone who doesn't accept that viewpoint, they might not need validation of their own taste in gaming. Don't get me wrong, elements within the conservative side of social views and politics would probably see Bayonetta 2's sexuality just as repulsive as Polygon. Like FOX News, it's all agenda based reporting. The two outlets share the same approach to journalism.

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Caveman days. I don't think there are enough games set in pre-history. Fightin' man-eating birds, sabertooth tigers and giant cave bears or running from the same.

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According to the internets, these are a few things that I like which others view negatively:

  1. Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball - People can often excuse the gratuitousness of the fighting game because it has decent, if not also mashy game play. DOAXBV has none of that and all the exaggerated bikini-clad jiggle we've come to expect. Screw the naysayers, I want my digital fantasies to be unabashedly unrealistic and unapologetically provocative.
  2. Godzilla (1998) - I really cannot understand the level of vitriol directed at this movie. Godzilla has always been about giant monsters smashing the hell out of cities and sometimes other monsters. This film had that and Hank Azaria as a bonus. Godzilla shows up, he knocks down some buildings, he goes back out to sea. End story until he returns in a sequel.
  3. AKB48 - Japanese pop group, completely manufactured. While it is true that an element of their fan base can be troublesome, I like the upbeat tempo of the music. I don't speak Japanese, but from the subs I've seen on YouTube, the lyrics are about doing your best, not giving up or love and such. That's 90% of all western pop, too but you don't get girl group harmonies in western pop these days.
  4. Disney tween shows. - I don't actually have any defense of this one. Well, I will say I don't watch Jesse. That show is utter crap. As for the rest, they serve as background chatter to whatever else I am doing at the time such as gaming or reading. Familiar nonsense that requires nearly zero attention to follow.
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@penguindust: I did start watching The X-Files, but I can't bring myself into it. Also - fuck MOTW. :D I despise series that are like that, including Fringe, where the story that matters picks pace so slow that I don't think it's worth sticking through. Sure, it's about the adventure, but I don't want too much filler in my cup of tea.

Well, if you are not completely opposed to monsters then I might suggest the British version of Being Human. It's about a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire sharing an apartment in the UK. It's not really a monster of the week, but more of a serial about these three trying to deal with their situation while living among normal human beings. The first three seasons were excellent.