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Very sad news as Joystiq is still my go to video game news site. Kotaku hasn't been readable in years (sorry Patrick) and Polygon is too far up its own ass for me to care. Honestly, Giant Bomb isn't a great place for just run-of-the-mill news. I don't know where I'll go for that stuff. Well, there are a ton of podcasts out there which just read and review the week's news so that's an option.

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Persona 5 has me excited but after that, I don't know. Yes, Bloodborne and Witcher 3 look pretty damn good, but what I truly want is another Bethesda game. Can we please get an announcement and release date for Fallout 4 this year?

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I've been meaning to get into this show, but I've heard there are tie-ins to other Marvel things. So what are they and are they necessary to enjoy the show?

The series begins following the 1st Avengers movie. I think it's kind of important to have seen that movie, since much of the season arc deals with what happened to one of the characters. Over the course of the 1st season, the Thor (2) The Dark World and Captain America (2): The Winter Soldier movies were released and the series explores the aftermath of those films. I don't think it's critical to have seen those two movies, but it might pique your curiosity.

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I too enjoyed the first season of Agents of SHIELD. It's true the first half of the first season was a bit hit or miss and only when Bill Paxton showed up did it start to get really interesting. I haven't seen any of Season 2 yet, but plan on taking a look soon. I have some early episodes DVR'd and Hulu for the most recent. I'm not really sure how I feel about the Agent Carter mini-series, so far. I've seen the first three episodes and while one and two were good, three was a bit boring. I am hoping four will pick up the pace again.

As far as the current crop of comic book TV dramas go, I like Arrow and Constantine best, followed by Agents and Gotham with Flash trailing the pack. I like what Gotham is trying to do even if it is often a bit hit and miss. The show is improving just as Agents did during season one. Flash is, well.. whiny. The Flash, as a character always felt a bit more irreverent than most of the other DC core heroes. This one is too mopey. There is a scene in Pixar's The Incredibles where Dash discovers he can run on water and he is joyous. That's what I want from a speedster. Anyway, Constantine is probably done after the shows already filmed air as I doubt NBC will be ordering any more. Too bad as John Constantine is the most multifaceted of any of the heroes currently airing.

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There aren't too many mods out for it, so I'll try it on the PS4 this summer. Might be a decent distraction before Fallout 4 comes out.

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Anyone notice that they don't show a single person wearing the thing from the front? A few shots from the side and the rest are the backs of people's heads. Makes me wonder if they believe your average person will think they look silly wearing the oversized googles on their face.

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Looks like someone turned any one of MTV's reality shows into a anime dating game. If there's hair pulling cat fights, I'm in. Frankly, there aren't enough slutty characters in games today. There, I said it and I stand by it. Slutty girls need representation, too. And, penicillin.

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For many years it was Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, but for a couple of years I was so taken by Dragon Age Origins that it took the top spot away from KOTOR. However, my love of all things Star Wars and the deficiencies of DAO dropped it down to the number 3 spot on my list. Why not number 2? Skyrim. I am still playing Skyrim today and have logged the most hours of any non-mmo game inside it. It will never be number 1, though because the main story is so disposable.

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I suggest the obvious...

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I'm wondering how long now until Sony drops the PS4 price. Do they even have to?