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The alternate costume looks like workout clothing to me. I don't find it offensive since it looks like something someone athletic would wear when training. Maybe I am insensitive, but it seems some folks are stretching to find fault with this one.

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I am playing Marvel Heroes 2015 now and like it a lot. It's a Diablo game, but it's scratches that MMO itch enough for me. I played with the one free character you get to start up to level 18 then dropped $10 to get another. Considering I've put 27 hours in so far, I think that's a more than fair trade. They are giving away a lot of free stuff and introducing new items right now because of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and other goings-on in the Marvel U.

If you want something a bit more traditional, I really enjoyed Star Wars the Old Republic when I played it. It's free but with restrictions. I had a good time with the F2P version for a week or so before spending $40 for a three month subscription. The restrictions don't bother you too early, but once you actually want to start playing seriously, they can be real annoying. I spent a lot of time playing that game for a while.

WoW seems to have re-ignited some interest around these parts with Dan probably closing up his 30 day trial of the game on server Aerie Peak. I can't say I'm not tempted myself to peek inside that hellhole once again. I looked up my old main character and saw I hadn't logged in since 2008. Searching through my emails for the old login data, I also saw that at some point Blizzard was investigating the sale of my account. Looks like someone hacked it and decided to sell it. I kind of want to see if I can recover it but at the same time, I really don't ever expect to be as committed to WoW as I was six years ago.

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Reach is the real answer but of the ones listed I voted "2". Yes, even with the lunacy of the giant space plant, it was better than the others I believe. Well, let's say I had the most fun with that iteration of the game series. I haven't played "4" yet, so I'll be looking forward to it when I pick up an XBO next year (shortly before "5" drops). Combat Evolved was good, but I can't get over the monotony that was the library. Even after all these years it still bugs me.

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Guardians of the Galaxy [4.5 out of 5]

It was a whole lot of fun and reminded me of the way I felt when I first saw Star Wars in the theaters all those decades ago. There haven't been too many space movies with that same sense of joy since. Wall-E and Galaxy Quest are really the only two that come to mind. I'll eagerly pick up the blu-ray when it drops this Christmas.

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White PS4 coming my way next month, so...

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I'm getting a PS4 next month; Destiny bundle. The white Sunset Overdrive bundled XBO looks really sweet, but I can't bring myself to buying it when I'll have just bought a PS4 and the Steam holiday sales are just around the corner. If it's still available in 2015, which is when I plan to get an XBO, I'll take the plunge. The only thing I am interested in right now from Microsoft is Halo anyway, so I'll probably hold off until there is a Halo 5 bundle.

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Dragon Age Inquisition for me. Because I started out with pencil-and-paper RPGs, I will always chose the game which allows me to create my own character rather than having me play a pre-made one. Character customization means a lot to me. Additionally, while I do believe Witcher 3 will be very good, I have no attachment to Geralt.

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I have to wonder if he felt trapped by his own image or his "schtick".

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@wemibelec90: I liked the last song quite a bit. They're "the number 1 fighting girls". How can I not love that?

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@isomeri said:

Yeah needing to own car seems to be a cultural thing in the United States, which as an outsider is hard to understand. You both get to work somehow, right? ...

As an American myself, isomeri brings up a good point. How do the two of you get to and from work without cars? I've had a car since I was 17, so I can't fathom living without one. Growing up, my school was 5 miles away, the mall was 14 miles away, the movie theater 12 miles, the park was 7, etc...if you wanted to go anywhere on your own, you needed a car. And in the 20+ years since then, not much has changed there. The town is more built up and populated, but there is barely a bus system and sidewalks are still few and far between. This is how life is in small town America. (and our internet is bad, too!)

But, back to my original question, if the two of you have found a way to get to and from work each day then why not use that means to go on a date? If you're getting a ride from someone (Mom, perhaps) and you're embarrassed, then do what we did back in junior high. Have them drop you off early then meet the girl there later. When the date is over, have her leave first, then call for your own pick-up afterward.