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Absolutely. I am an old guy. I saw Star Wars in the theaters when I was a child back in 1977. I am part of that generation for which Star Wars is a seminal point in our lives. There had truly been nothing like it before and we eagerly consumed every element of it for decades afterwards. I do believe that for a lot of us that centers around trying to recapture that sense of awe we felt when we first saw the movie. The 1970's was a weird time. There was a widespread disillusionment following the defeat in Vietnam. On top of that, distrust of the establishment after the political corruption of Watergate. An attitude of self indulgence was forming across the landscape which would peak in the 80's. Amidst that insecurity, Star Wars premiered. It transported us to a comfortable place where good and bad were clear and on some level it was a source of hope. The Star Wars universe was full of peril, but heroes still existed and good could triumph over evil. That made a quite an impression on me when I was young. I have never stopped loving Star Wars and even after the dreadful prequels, I still love it. Yesterday's second teaser trailer has me more excited than ever for new Star Wars. That old guy at the end, that's my Han Solo and I too am home again.

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Geometry Wars comes to mind. The first game was inside Project Gotham Racing.

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Of course, why would I change? I'll switch when free Windows 10 drops. Otherwise, I see absolutely no reason to upgrade.

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The thing is John Connor was never as interesting or engaging a hero as Sarah Connor. The last two movies proved that. This is an attempt to restart the franchise with Sarah taking center stage again. I would not be surprised if by film end, John has been removed entirely from the scenario and Sarah is now leader of the human resistance. Rather than a clean re-boot, it looks like they are trying to retcon the mythology we knew. All that stuff you through you liked never happened, including Dan's favorite movie of all time.

I don't expect much from this entry in the franchise, but it could still be okay if they just embrace how off-the-wall this has become and they have multiple versions of every character running around at the same time.

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I am six episodes in, and this show is amazing. It's even better than the first season of Arrow which had been the best live-action superhero show to date. Even now, I am excited for season two and distressed that it may be a year before we see it. Next up is the Jessica Jones series, then a Luke Cage and Iron Fist each get a show. I guess they could wedge another DD season in there somewhere but with the movie tie-ins having to be coordinated, I doubt we'll see it by year's end. Too bad, because this is unlike anything else in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Guardians of the Galaxy made gleefully giddy, Daredevil (so far) has left me mesmerized by its energy and brutality.

Oh, how I'd love for someone to take a crack at a proper Punisher series set in New York.

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I'm pretty sure Tinder was involved.

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I've been playing this one for a while now.

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Tony Hawk sponsored by 5-Hour Energy confirmed.

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My fat boy eventually yellow ringed after 7 years of use. I picked up the previous slim to replace it and have been very satisfied. It won't play my old PS2 discs, but many of them are available via digital download these days. The best reasons to have a slim are it's super quiet when compared to the launch PS3 or current PS4, and it's the best media player I've ever owned. Streams from my P.C. like no other I've seen.