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My money is on dinosaurs. I think they're due for a comeback.

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I have been waiting patiently for this version. Avoided the PC version because I knew I'd want to experience it fully on the Ipad. I'll be downloading it tonight.

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I found it fun for a while but the story is boring as hell and there are not enough interesting characters around to get you past that. The combat is top notch but the loot system left much to be desired. I broke down practically everything I found and crafted my own armor and weapons because it was always 3 to 4 times better than anything found in the field. The world felt empty, too. Not enough populace running about. Still if you can get it on the cheap, it's as good a way to pass a few afternoons as any.

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I chose anime. The incredulous is more acceptable when it's 2D. Wrestling is too realistic for my tastes.

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This is kind of funny.

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I think a comedy shooter set in the Second World War could find an audience whereas I don't believe many are looking for another "storm Normandy Beach". LucasArt's Armed and Dangerous isn't exactly a WWII shooter but it had the feel of something like one but with Monty Python humor. Another option would be a tactical RPG with shooter elements such as Valkyria Chronicles. I am still burned out on conventional military shooters regardless of time period. Something different is always welcome. Hell, there was a PS2 game called Ring of Red which had giant mechs is WWII. Take something like Titan Fall and tweek it and you might have a new hit. Ultimately, its gotta be different than what we had for the better part of the last decade.

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I still don't understand how Facebook plans to utilize this technology. I mean, your grandmother uses Facebook. Do they really expect the grandmas of the world to strap one of these to their heads? Your average non/Facebook casual gamer is very self conscious about looking the fool while playing. They're not going to buy one of these (especially not at $300) if it makes them look stupid.

Still, I don't think it's bad that Facebook bought Oculus, just confusing.

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Do other players count as "content"?

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So many from my youth still impress me.

Gotta love the Swinetrek most, though.

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Fart. Just let one go and dare them to ignore you.