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I think a comedy shooter set in the Second World War could find an audience whereas I don't believe many are looking for another "storm Normandy Beach". LucasArt's Armed and Dangerous isn't exactly a WWII shooter but it had the feel of something like one but with Monty Python humor. Another option would be a tactical RPG with shooter elements such as Valkyria Chronicles. I am still burned out on conventional military shooters regardless of time period. Something different is always welcome. Hell, there was a PS2 game called Ring of Red which had giant mechs is WWII. Take something like Titan Fall and tweek it and you might have a new hit. Ultimately, its gotta be different than what we had for the better part of the last decade.

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I still don't understand how Facebook plans to utilize this technology. I mean, your grandmother uses Facebook. Do they really expect the grandmas of the world to strap one of these to their heads? Your average non/Facebook casual gamer is very self conscious about looking the fool while playing. They're not going to buy one of these (especially not at $300) if it makes them look stupid.

Still, I don't think it's bad that Facebook bought Oculus, just confusing.

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Do other players count as "content"?

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So many from my youth still impress me.

Gotta love the Swinetrek most, though.

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Fart. Just let one go and dare them to ignore you.

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I've been reading Nisekoi and adore it so far. I am about 50 chapters into it but took a break to read Magico. Anyway, I was just wondering what folks thought of the Nisekoi anime. I rarely watch shows until they are over, so I haven't had the chance to check it out yet. Since "the book was better" critique often applies, I was curious to hear if I should expect much.

Also, what's funny this season?

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Wow, I haven't thought about Screened in two years. Seems like ages ago that it was a daily ritual to drop in and see what was going on in the world of TV and film. I had a lot of great conversations in the forums and I miss the red carpet fashion reports a member of the community did. Still, I've been to AV a few times over the last couple of years, but not so for Screened. Somethings are better memories.

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One movie, one spot on a list. If you wish to group movies then create a different list for trilogies and franchises.

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If you're willing to let someone else's tongue in your mouth, a fork or spoon can't be all that bad.

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@ilikepopcans said:

My number 1 was third here.

I'll live.

Mine, too. I had two in the top 5 so I'm okay with that. Actually I am surprised I watched enough 2013 shows in 2013 to fill out a ballot. Normally, I am always a year or so behind because I wait until a show is over before I start it.