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I can't tell you how it compares to the old version since the New 3DS XL is my first 3DS. I will say that the 3D tracking works really well. I am constantly juggling it about and it keeps the image about 90% sharp when moving and spot on when still. I can't fathom how people played anything without it.

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I have a New 3DS XL with Pokemon Alpha-Sapphire and A Link Between Worlds. Both are awesome and addicting. Strong recommendation.

A PS4 might be good if you're eager to play Bloodborne. Both consoles are looking light as we head into Spring and the Summer doldrums. You might want to hold off until the fall for a new console. At least, until after E3 to see what's shipping the latter half of the year.

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Mostly surfing the net. I'm on my Ipad right now, in fact. I also use it to watch some videos, others I set up for my AppleTV through my Ipad such as playing premium Giant Bomb videos. And, my favorite use is for reading comic books and manga. I never liked reading digital comics on my PC for two reasons. One, the screen shape is different than that of your average book page. Monitor screens are horizontal while books are vertical. I also have a problem playing classic arcade games on my PC for the same reason. Two, I enjoy reading in bed and, well, my PC is a desktop so means I have to sit up when I'd rather be relaxing with a book.

I have collected a number of free games featured on Appsforfree, but except for Hearthstone, I've never really spent much time playing games on my Ipad. The lack of standard controls is one problem, but it's mostly because if I am going to spend some time playing a video game, I'd rather play on a console or my PC. If I am out, I have a 3DS for my gaming needs. And, yet I still find myself downloading all the games I barely, if ever actually play. It's like a mobile version of my Steam backlog. I've got problems.

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I bought a New 3DS and I'm loving it. Playing Pokemon Alpha-Sapphire, Bravely Default, Fire Emblem, Fantasy Life and A Link Between Worlds. Not sure if I want to get the Persona dungeon crawler. I do love Persona, but I'm not sure about the Etrian Odyssey game play. No regrets on Nintendo handhelds. I buy them late in the life cycle when their library is stocked full of goodness.

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I recently picked up a 3DS. Between that and my Steam backlog, I don't need any new games until sometime this summer. Still, I gotta admit I thought there would be more this year. This id probsbly because AAA games are really, really expensive to make these days. Sometimes it seems that games are either indie or blockbusters. Publishers need to bring back the mid-tier game to fill in these lulls.

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I'm a bit disappointed but none too surprised. This is only the first of many games forthcoming which will be pushed to 2016.

Standard protocol is to add 6 months to whatever release date/quarter the company announces.

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The Elder Scroll Oblivion - I like it more than Skyrim's...more epic.

Jet Set Radio Future - I still listen to this amazing soundtrack. It will get you going in the morning.

Persona 3 FES - It just rocks. P4 is good, too but I spent so much time with P3 that its OST was just burned into my brain.

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Most of my past purchases have been PC versions of console games (damn you Steam sales).

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Borderlands 2

Valkyria Chronicles


Fallout 3

Burnout Paradise

Geometry Wars Retro Evolved

Mass Effect

Mass Effect 2

Saints Row 2

Saints Row 3

Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Outcast

System Shock 2

Age of Empires 2

And this doesn't count all those arcade classics I've bought through the years.

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Meh, was hoping Sony would finally get around to adding DLNA on the PS4 like they had on the PS3 so I could box up my past generation console. It doesn't work as smoothly on the XboxOne and that console's menus are a puzzle to manage.

What happened to the rumored Spotify, too?

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I played Atelier Annie back on the DS. It was cute if not a bit too simple.