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I wish I could give it a '0' 0

Wow. This game came out on a "next gen" console (yes, and old next gen, but next gen non the less). I haven't played a game that has enraged me so bad JUST BY PLAYING IT! The character models, the music, the writing (dialog), the EVERYTHING. It was so generic, boring, stupid, and just plain ugly. The A.I. My goodness. Have you ever felt bad because you were beating the computer "too bad" on a regular difficulty setting? For instance I pressed the wrong button, and it went to the computer player ...

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Why have you forsaken me!?! 0

Golden Axe. All I have to do is say that name, and for most of my older reader(s) we remember dropping quarter after quarter into the arcade machine just to beat the game. So, with this title carrying the name "Golden Axe" you would think it would be a sure win... Right? -sigh- Nope... The only reason this game get's the half star rating (instead of none... Wait.. Is that possible..?) is because your dragon that you ride on is not only helpful, but fits the 'play' characteristic of the old one's...

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What a surprise. 0

Okay, I admit it. I went into this one with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. It surprised the !@#$ out of me. The storyline is amazing, the FPS (Frames per Second) is smooth, and crisp (most of the time) and the game mechanic are amazing. I've not played any of the other Far Cry's, but this one makes me want to go to the store, and pick it up. The only reason this title is lacking the entire "5" stars is because it's online (VS, and Co-op) really "isn't there.." I mean it is "there", but only ...

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Let me start off by saying; as soon as I heard about this game I wanted to buy it. Thank God I didn't. This game requires a lot of strategy and is not easily one of those games you can just pick up, and play. This is not really a bad thing until you throw a little more dirt into the mix. The controls are spot on, and the powers are amazing if not a little creepy. I just had a hard time figuring out the storyline (besides being framed for the murder of the one you are to protect.) and how your ch...

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You must own this game 0

I think the title speaks for itself. I would have loved to give this game the full five stars, but unfortunately there are some glitches that makes that impossible. Just because there are glitches doesn't mean this game is bad. It is not. At times you will get stuck between rocks, and 'spaz' out as you try to jump (and jump) to sweet freedom just to realize your stuck and there is nothing really you can do about it. Gearbox was pretty prepared for this though as you can go to your menu and go to...

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Tripping total balls! 0

Let's go ahead and get this out of the way.. Looking for a realistic snow boarding game? This is NOT for you! Looking for a fun game, that has a lot of flashy colors and makes you feel like you ordered that pizza with the 'special' mushrooms. Well, you may be heading in the right direction. This game had me laughing at complete nonsense while enjoying the game play, and following along with a hard to follow story line. This game is not without it's glitches (it has quite a bit) but the game play...

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modnation goes to preschool 0

Take a good game.. I dunno.. MODNATION RACERS. Take the art style of that game, take it to preschool. Rape out any racing aspects as well as any game play that was worth a damn and there you have it. Disney Universe. The game tries to be a 3d side scroller mixed with rotten eggs? I dunno. Maybe I'm going a little hard on this game, but there is just no real story line to be had in this game. You go around trying to save your other 'friends' (which are just characters that look like yours in diff...

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Great game, but story will piss you off 0

I think I may have broken my controller during this HORRIBLE story mode. What happened SC? The last decent story had been on part two, and now here you are just throwing a bunch of bullshit together, and calling it a 'Story'? okay let's go into detail why the story sucks. You start off as this 'guy' that I've personally never seen before. During the story this guy switches moves at least three times; so the ability to learn his moves are completely out the window. (The guy; is the one on the fro...

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A great time killer! 0

Well, what do you want to know about this game that isn't already common sense..? The gameplay is great, and if you have no idea how to play it even comes with a 'training' feature. The presentation is good (basically what you'd expect on a ping pong game) but would be great if they had a personalization feature. That is really the only thing that makes this game NOT get a total of five stars. I bought this game for five bucks, and trust me; I'm getting my money's worth. I wouldn't suggest spend...

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sickingly easy. 1

After reading such horrible reviews about this game i spent $2.00 of my hard earned money to play it. I got it home and took a deep breathe before inserting it into the console. Since this title has been out for a little while I was suprised after the game booted that there was no update. Since i admittedly hated this game before i even played it i laughed and thought what a horrible experiance this was about to be. Now we start the REAL review.I'll open with saying I'm being very kind by giving...

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Silent Hill's big brother 0

Okay, so maybe this game has nothing to do with Silent Hill by  Konami but this game comes with all the bells and whistles that make this game an instant classic.  The only (and I do mean only) complaint I have about this game is the lip sync is off pretty bad.  The story will grab you in your "no-no" place and force you to continue to play.  The cut scenes are horrifying in a weird and twisted way that makes you wonder what's going to happen next, and the controls are very responsive and the en...

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Great game if given the time. 0

Let me start off by saying this is a must have for any collection.  I highly recommended this title not for it's story line (which is lacking incredibly), but for it's gameplay.  When the game first came out I rented it three time and could not get into it.  I love first person shooters, but this game didn't grab me like that at first.  Nor did it the second or third time.  The other day I was in Walmart and seen it on sale.  All add-ons included for 29.99.  I though about it for a long time and...

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Wonderful! 0

This game is "Bad to the Bone" and for once I don't mean that in a bad way.  I keep hearing everyone stomp a mud hole into this game because it reminds people too much of another game.  Well, as long as everything works, and the game its self is good than that's all that matters.  That is what happens on Dante's Inferno.  The cut scenes are bizarre, but to the point that you cannot turn away, the chatracters are interesting and addictive, and the enemies will make your skin crawl right off your ...

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Hurt me more! 0

Well, looks like we've got another game where you pray for a 1rst grade handicap cap kid to help you over the A.I.  Keep in mind I've only been playing this for a little over an hour and the only thing that is half way decent is the crappy art work in it.  It "TRIES" to work like an army strategy almost, but fails horribly.  You know the kind of instance where you tell your crew to stay where they are and then all of a sudden their running right in front of you.  Other times it works, but very r...

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One of the worst A.I. EVER 0

Okay, I have to say that I am a fan of the Lego games, but let me tell you that this games A.I. is the WORST in lego game history.  For instance there is this one part when you have endless storm troopers coming after you.  While you are trying to build the piece that is needed you keep getting killed.  I know I might sound like a broken record, but the AI is just standing there while they swarm the hell out of you.  This is SO unbelievably frustrating that I felt like taking the disk out of my ...

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