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Silent Hill.

Now it's just a franchise that I used to know.

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It's been a year now, and I haven't noticed any more Chopin around. I have been pretty much out of video games for the whole year, though.

Any notable favorites of classical music usage from the past year for anyone?

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Guys, you should really disregard this comment. I'm pretty much a feminist.

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@pope said:

@australia said:

Hi Eric,

I am part of a venture capital firm and I am greatly interested in turning this list into a viral app. If you could please email me and we can talk business.

The future looks bright, friend.

Hi Australia,

Thanks for your interest. I've been looking to get some much-needed funding in here, so I'm glad you finally showed. I'll email you my relevant bank account info shortly.


Hi Eric,

Don't listen to those spider co-habitating neighbors of the Antarctic. Come here, to us, to lovely Iceland! You need search no further. We put both the 'fun' and 'ding' in funding! There are economically prosperous time ahead. Just this morning, one of our largest ships caught FIVE fish, and it should take us no more than three months (given that Finnur the Troll, our one true deity, doesn't abandon us) to convert those into actual, digitized currency. You read that right! We are down with the internet.

Why go to the bottom (almost) of the world when you can join us at the top (almost) of the world!


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@jeff said:

I anxiously await the rest of this list.

Girl, tell me all about your anx.

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Only came in here to say good luck, have Bjork.

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If he's there for a week, a walk up Fuji would take up a lot of time, if done properly. I went to catch the sunrise, which meant I took a bus from Tokyo at around 6 pm, arrived at the mountain at around 9 pm and reached the top at around 3 or 4 am, which is way to fast, by the way. The two hours I waited for the sun to rise at 6 am. were horrible because of the altitude sickness. I would recommend you bring cash, because since I didn't have any, I had to walk down the entire mountain in loose gravel, fighting sunstroke, and was lucky enough to have a random, passing taxi driver pick me up and get me to a bus station. I got back to Tokyo at around noon and slept until the next morning. So, the trip took me a little over a day, which I could spend since I was there for a few weeks. Granted, with better preparation than mine, Jeff could make it quite quick and comfortable for himself, but it's still quite a lot of time out of a week.

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I like the really excited, exploding "DESU!" In the bubble by her shoulder.