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I haven't commented on Giant Bomb for ages but felt like I had to say something here. I just read this horrible news/ For having listened to Ryan say "hey everyone it's tuesday"every week for such a long time it feels like I've lost a good friend. RIP Ryan Davis :(

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Anyone got a spare code? Started playing the game yesterday so I just missed it. I can give you my Mr. Destructoid code in return, rather represent Giant Bomb than Destructoid ^^

Just wanted to give a shout out to Rolyatkcinmai for trading me his code, much appreciated!

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Anyone got a spare code? Started playing the game yesterday so I just missed it. I can give you my Mr. Destructoid code in return, rather represent Giant Bomb than Destructoid ^^

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I thought it was :(
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Anyone playing a lot of Dustbowl probably has seen this before. We were planning a final push but then the Heavy broke the dooor xD We were all too busy laughing to care though :D
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I haveL
2x  Strange Crusader's Crossbows
1x Genuine Pip Boy
I want:
Strange Medi-Gun (+ sweetener if you want the pip boy)
Genuine Planeswalker Helm 
I don't check the boards a lot tbh, so if you wanna trade add me on Steam :)

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I need to go over case notes most of the time so there's no time for driving.

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Nuts and Bolts was one of the best games I could ever buy for 5 bucks. Watch/read Brad's review and get hyped for it!

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Got my Kinect today. Did the demo for biggest loser and was surprised how well the tracking was! EA Active is on the way so that gives me some time to try demo's. Will give an update in a month or so to see if it's worth it. For now it seems like it's a fun way to work out and get in shape but not really for core gaming. But I guess everybody already realized that back in 2010! :P

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" I've been using the Your Shape game for about a week, and it seems pretty good so far. I'm not sure if the other games do this, but I liked in the setup that the game asks what you're looking for out of exercise; you pick things like losing weight, building muscles, gaining definition on what you have, or doing cardio work.

Again, I don't know how much difference the choices make, but I picked mostly cardio and the exercises so far seem to be focused mostly on faster, light movements, and repetition.
The tracking seems to be better than the Kinect Adventures, and motion sports games, but I'm not sure how much that says.
I would also say that you'll really want to have a good amount of room. I have about 6 1/2 feet, and find that some of the exercises that require moving far forward or far back can be tricky to get the game/system to recognize.
That said, the game doesn't stop and chastise you; the worst that happens is you get a score at the end of each exercise saying what percent you completed.

I should also say that prior to getting the game, most of my exercise was going up and down a flight of stairs a few times a day, so if you're already sort of active, I'm not sure how much of a ramp up this is/would be.
I'm pretty active already (hikes with my dog/cycling) so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Just want that extra boost together with my diet. Can you give an update about a month later? I'm curious if Your Shape can keep things interesting once the 'Wow' factor is gone, although you already said that Kinect Sports is more fun. I do feel like EA Active makes no effort of selling EA Active 2 as a game. It's just a pure workout tool and I like that honesty.


I bought Kinect at launch and I am generally pleased with it. I bought EASports Active 2 along with the Fitness Evolved. Even though Active 2 had serious tracking issues with many of the exercises (mainly the ones on the floor), I got a good workout from it.  Your Shape didn't seem to have an actual "program" for me to do.  Seemed like I could pick and choose my own workout, but not a thought out porgram that Active has. 


Is there a way to skip these floor exercises and make a workout schedule that don't require ground work at all? I can see myself getting VERY frustrated if it doesn't pick up all my movements! :P

Might get Your Shape and EA Active 2 together if my budget allows it, so afraid the Kinect will be gathering dust like my Wii did :(