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I loved the way Rockstar did GTA IV, so I can't wait for this game to come out

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Not as flooring maybe as past trailers, but damn if it didn't set the scene well. Graphics look great, and seems like it may be an interesting story too. Yay for So-Cal!

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EDIT: Did not see that it is for charity. That is actually pretty awesome then.

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Not loving the next high-def look of the game. Granted, that was almost definitely a pre-rendered trailer. But I'm still really excited for this game as long as it is developed by Sucker Punch.

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Why is this a Kinect specific feature? Can't I do this with the standard microphone they gave me when I bought the console?

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We are in an age where there are previews for previews. I fuckin' hate what this industry is becoming.

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Ubisoft should be careful not to go overkill with this franchise. 3 games in 3 years is a lot.

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When Jeff hosts, we lose Jeff as a side asset where he can make a lot of fun quips and jokes that hosts usually don't feel all that comfortable with making. Because of this, and Ryan's natural ability, I think Ryan is a better host.

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...I love Nolan North, that's all I have to say