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I have memories of a game called Z-Wolf but I can't remember if those memories were positive or negative, it was something like a polygonal Desert Strike.

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Interesting stuff!

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I've been coming to the site for a few years now and the amount of content I consume has definitely decreased lately. Take the WiiU quicklooks; I just cannot bring myself to watch them. I suspect that maybe because of the games themselves - I have no interest in yet another Mario game, for example, while Bayonetta 2 would probably hold my interest. I don't watch the I Love Mondays videos anymore because I have to pay such close attention in order to disseminate any useful information about upcoming features that it's not an enjoyable experience. I've seen a lot of posts suggesting new blood to make things more interesting around here. I'm not sure about that but it might help Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, Brad, Patrick, Drew and Dave find more time to make content that they actually enjoy! As Jeff has said in the past, something like an endurance run has to come about naturally, if not, we'd end up with an ER that feels forced and the people playing become bored, in turn making the audience feel bored. Perhaps this is happening in quick looks too - to make regular and current content the guys have to play games they have little interest in and this is then transferred on to me. I recently watched the Skyrim Preshow videos in which a sleepy Dave and Ryan played the precursor Elder Scrolls games. The show was beginning to drag for me until Kessler began to speak. He seemed so very happy to be there and was genuinely passionate about the game! I know he gets a lot of shit from people and maybe he deserves some of that, I can't say, but his enthusiasm kept the show going. The point is that this is the sort of energetic passion that I feel has been missing from a lot of the recent content. I still love the site and have no real interest in getting my information from anywhere else. I come here because of the people and the personalities that make giant bomb unique.

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I ordered 2 shirts a while ago and when they arrived one of them turned out to be the wrong shirt. I've had no luck getting in touch with anyone.

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I once had a copy of Tekken Tag Tournament that spontaneously shattered. I can't remember if I was angry at the time though.

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I've never particularly enjoyed going into any of the Game stores near me. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with a large, public-facing company selling video games, but I never felt that Game was very respectful of their customers, especially regarding prices. I tend to buy online now, or from supermarkets, which can be over £5 cheaper than Game for new releases. Still, let's hope they get those favourable credit terms and prevent any further job losses.