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Yup, Dark Souls. Need to buy it back soon. The itch is back.

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14. Cars 2 (The only Pixar movie that I have never seen, and never want to see)

13. Ratatouille

12. Bug's Life

11. Cars

10. Toy Story 2

9. Monsters U

8. Brave

7. Toy Story 3

6. Toy Story

5. Finding Nemo

4. Monsters Inc.

3. Up

2. Wall-E

1. The Incredibles

Needless to say, a lot of these are just based on how much I remember of them (Toy Story 2 is so low that it has left little impression on me, even though I've watched it this year). I'd say that the top 3 are also very close together as my favourite Pixar movies.

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PSN: PepsIsAMyth

Timezone: EST Canada

Launch games: Killzone, NFS & PS+ goodness games.

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@leftie68 said:

Really?! People actually thought they could play PS4 games on the go?

To be fair, Sony did release a commercial in Japan that showed people leaving their house and playing their PS4 games at school or at a restaurant with the Vita.

I assume that Japan has Wifi everywhere though.

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After watching Kill La Kill I just had to photoshop this together:

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We have that type of Smarties here in Canada, but they're called Rockets. They're exactly the same.

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@catsakimbo: It's a different candy completely. Made by Nestle and only sold in the UK and Canada (I think)

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@wjb said:

This season wouldn't exist if Hank did not take a dump in the master bathroom. WHO DOES THAT? Hank Schrader, Super Agent who stinks up your master bathroom in the name of the law!

I thought that exact same thing when it was happening in episode 8. Especially since limpy old Hank would have to go FURTHER to get to that bathroom (unless that's the only bathroom in the house? wouldn't make any sense though...)

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@aegon said:

Sigmund, like this guy said:

@boom_goes_the_dynamite said:

Sigmund from Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time I think is his most unrecognizable role.

He's the red robot at 0:21:

Loading Video...

I dunno, that voice sounds a lot like North's "goofy" Deadpool voice. I think David's is much more unrecognizable.