I believe you know why I'm here


So, here I am, finally a part of the Giant Bomb Community. No need to stand, i'm flattered but, it's not necessary – I’ve made a forum for that. So...

Anyway, as you may or may not have noticed, I am in fact, a girl.

Meaning of course, amongst other things that I am genetically predisposed to suffer a less than slight incapacity to appreciate the general awesomeness of all things mechanical, technical and generally giant robot orientated - because let’s face it, with evolution as my witness, pursuits in video and computer games really haven’t been women's greatest ambition....

Accordingly, one concession I feel compelled to make clear for both my gender in general, and to the (startlingly low probability) that there are any other girls out there reading this video game community blog - is simply this;

I think it’s important for women to be involved in this industry, not for any silly feminist reason, but because we need to get to work at breeding a super master race of intelligent video game children (being future proofed sci-fi babies raised on a healthy diet of TNG, Mass Effect and Frank Herbert novels) that of course, cannot be created without the aid of game loving ladies such as my good self.  

But of course, girls are a strikingly under-represented part of the Gaming community in general , so perhaps one day one of us will make the ranks of being a member of the giant bomb team... I could serve coffee, run errands and slowly build up my reputation in true Michael J. Fox circa 'The Secret of My Success' fashion until one day the next Quick Look will be starring a lovely bit of female accompaniment.

Anyway, that’s it for now. For now that is. I hear there’s some nonsense regarding Infinity Ward and the coming of the four horsemen that requires my immediate opinionated narrative...  

Until then,

Live long and prosper