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If you're just here to find a Tumblr address at which you can bug me with anonymous questions, you can do so here. Or in the event that you're looking for my Japanese-English translation work, they're compiled at my translation blog here and my YouTube page over here. If you'd like to request my assistance on translation work, feel free to shoot me a message either on here or via the contact info on my site and I'll try to make something happen!

Regardless, video games and I have gotten along pretty swimmingly ever since I got a Sega Genesis from my parents at the age of six. It's been a bit of a love affair ever since then, resulting in a large, healthy collection that transcends more or less every genre and major console from the Famicom onwards. My tastes vary wildly and have resulted in me enjoying some pretty weird and controversial games over the years, but nevertheless, I try to give every game I end up playing a fair shake, regardless of initial interest. Sometimes the results pleasantly surprise me and sometimes they make me die quite a bit on the inside, but such is the nature of the hobby.

Some fun little anecdotes and opinions so you have a better idea of what sort of games strike my fancy:

  • I like Majora's Mask more than Ocarina of Time. Both are great games, but, in my opinion, Majora's Mask far and away has the better storyline and characterization. The world also just feels a lot more compact and cohesive; there isn't a whole lot of dead space when you're exploring Termina.
  • Guilty Gear is my definitive 2D fighter, even if I'll only ever be competent with good old Ky Kisuke and Sol Badguy.
  • Persona 4 is the pinnacle of the JRPG genre for me. Just such a well-executed and moving game, even if the opening segments move slowly. Most of Atlus' Shin Megami Tensei games from Nocturne onwards, however, have a lot of respect from me. They're a Japanese developer capable of making storylines just as adult and provocative as anything the Western studios can churn out. Devil Survivor, by the way, is a good game in my book.
  • My video game heritage has always been a pretty healthy mixture of console and PC gaming, with handhelds becoming a more consistent part within recent years. To this day, I make sure to keep up with the PC side of things as best as I can; it's not nearly as doomed as people would like to proclaim it is.
  • I've been a Tetris addict from high school and love a lot of its variations, from vanilla Game Boy to the suicidal Grand Master series. Fairly high-ranked player on Tetris Friends and consistently able to achieve high scores that are within the 99th percentile.
  • If I need to chill out and not accomplish anything after a long day, I'll still crack open my copy of the original Katamari Damacy on the PS2 and go crazy with that for a while.