This is why people don't cosplay as Jack Frost.

Having just (finally!) wrapped up Digital Devil Saga 2 this evening, I originally intended to use this space to discuss my thoughts on that SMT sub-series. That blog may or may not still be coming depending on how motivated I'm feeling and how doped up on triptophan I get come Thanksgiving. That being said, I wanted to pass on this... most fashionable screenshot I just took while playing through Soul Hackers, a somewhat obscure SMT spinoff game for the Saturn and PS1. I could provide further context as to what's going on below, but that'd probably detract from the mystique. I'm also very tired and generally incapable of forming super-coherent thoughts at the moment. And so I give you....

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A lady in a Jack Frost suit. A very, very bulbous Jack Frost suit. I don't recall the guy being that big even when he was still using his old design.
She still says "hee ho," by the way, in case you were curious.