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Also, apologies for the double post, but since I'm not sure if user pings properly work if you edit them in, I'll just ahead and ping @marino while I'm here. I figure the raid is an ubiquitous enough concept within the site's culture that people interested in taking the plunge will find this post to be super educational. I certainly endorse it as a former resident!

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Seeing this post warms my heart. I used to live near Osaka until June last year, so lots of trips to the A-Too and Game Tanteidan were in order for me as well. It's really nice to see a post on used game culture in Japan go beyond "Super Potato is awesome!" because while Super Potato can be awesome depending on which location you visit, the dingier shops that are more out of the way and just so happen to carry rare games in good condition are easily my favorite. A lot of mom and pop game shops in Japan are very homely places, if such a word can be used to describe them. Oftentimes I'll go to them just as kind of a museum trip for game history, especially when I'm out near Akihabara. As much as I otherwise kind of detest what moe culture has done to that area in recent years, as you noticed, it still has some damn fine game shops that carry really rare stuff if you know where to look.

I'm also seriously impressed how learned you are about shopping for used games in Japan, especially given you don't speak the language. Places like Book Off are easily among the first I'll visit for a certain spectrum of games because their prices aren't always beholden to those of the surrounding game shops for better and for worse, but I don't see them show up often in posts like this given that most non-speakers wouldn't be interested in visiting book stores to purchase books that they can't read and also because there's no real precedence back in the west to assume a book store would also deal in games. So kudos for this post! Definitely a great read all around and makes me that much more excited to move back to Japan soon-ish.

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not even for bad idle thumbs references? :[

I understood what you were going for, buddy. I love puppies, too, but I love not loving Nick Breckon even more. :(

Edit: Just so we're clear for everybody else, Nick Breckon is one of the hosts of Idle Thumbs. Chris Remo probably gets all the love as the quasi-front-and-center host and resident musical man extraordinaire, but only Nick Breckon gets vulgarities thrown at him out of love.

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I want to buy it on PC myself since Dark Souls turned out fine on that once Durante and some other people worked their magic on it, but I'm still skeptical 2 will turn out okay on that platform from the get-go since Namco-published ports are pretty notorious in general for being not particularly ideal as PC games, even if they typically function okay at a basic level. I have the PS3 version preordered at the moment, but I'm keeping my ears to the ground about how the PC version is turning out because I'd totally love to be proven wrong and just go with that for my first go at the game. Most likely will still end up getting the PS3 version, but will be paying close attention to how the PC fares during and after launch and then maybe double dip from there.

@lukeweizer That's the word going around, but Namco has had a pretty dodgy history of translators working with From Software developers specifically, so I'd still potentially take that remark with a grain of salt. If the Japanese source for those remarks existed, it'd be easy enough for a speaker like me to corroborate or dispel it, but since I believe that tidbit originally came from a western outlet, no such source exists at least publicly. For reasons I stated above, I remain skeptical, even if From itself is otherwise solid as a development house.

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Because let's show people how to hack this Wii U and shh don't tell anybody about it you 40 Thousand people, and here's Smash Bros, I guess. They'll get arrested, and at least CBSi, its whatever.

You don't even need to permanently mod your Wii to run this program. You literally just dump it onto an SD card and even a vanilla system with Brawl inside it can boot it no problem, leaving no trace once you turn the system off. It's a very clean and elegant process. The mod itself has been a very prominent in the Smash Bros. community for years at this point and like a lot of fan projects, Nintendo has actually left it alone the entire time. As long as they don't anything dumb like try to add characters from the new game or ones outside the existing roster of the first three games, Nintendo has no real reason to go after them. It's a prominent fixture at pretty major tournaments, too, so if they were gonna snuff it out, that time has passed. I really doubt they would care if anybody in the media actually streamed it.

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今夜 「龍が如く5」のプリクラミニゲームで主人公に派手な写真を撮らせたばかりのあたしはこんなスレッドをたまたま発見しちゃうなんて・・・何とすごい偶然だわ。全然ペラペラじゃない日本語で書かれた投稿が多いのが結構怖いけど。


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The Atari Jaguar has all of your current gen ergonomic and button placement needs taken care of and then some. Duke ain't got shit on this work of art.

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Doesn't it work with all games?

No, but I'm happy to announce that it works with WWE All Stars, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand and Gal*Gun.

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The good part starts at level 100.

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@rorie When can I buy a hoodie?

A hoodie of this isn't in the offing immediately. Still want to make a design for the zipper hoodie. Maybe it'll be the Luchadeer, maybe it'll be the simple GB logo. We'll see!

As somebody who's owned a Luchadeer hoodie for five years at this point, I would personally appreciate it if I had the chance to buy a replacement. The one I was sent for being a launch day moderator has held up great, but it's seen better days now and I'd love to replace it with a more pristine version just to keep the dream alive.