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This is one of those times where I really wish game outlets would properly archive the original, untranslated responses for interviews with Japanese creators. I get why it's not a common practice since reporters who aren't bilingual would have to probably pay for a third party to transcribe the original Japanese, but it would solve a hell of a lot of semantic headaches that arise when you only have the final translation to work with. Someone like me would be able to look at that source text and tell you in five seconds just what sort of nuance was implied in the original response that a translation might not entirely convey.

As it is, whoever was the translator for the Gaming Bolt interview seems to have played it pretty straight and literal sounding, which can provide clues as to what was probably said in Japanese. If that's the case, I'd agree with the consensus that it sounds like Swery is merely referring to the fact that he at least worked on a sequel at some point in the past, but isn't necessarily doing so right at this moment. Was it cancelled? Was work halted? It may not necessarily be the former if he's able to mention it so casually because that would likely break publisher agreements of some sort if, say, Marvellous, the Japanese publisher of the first game, owns the IP to the series in general. But on the other hand, even if he himself owns that IP somehow, the fact that he can mention that work on a sequel so nonchalantly may indicate that he just didn't get that much done. It's hard to say; my words are just as much conjecture as everyone else's, but that's probably the most solid theory to go on. He's pretty outspoken on Twitter though; maybe if somebody were to ping him, he'd be willing to clarify if anybody is that curious.

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@toowalrus: You'll have to wait for the subtitles I probably won't put out for that trailer to find out!

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It's super late and you all probably already figured out what's most important, but if anybody wants subtitles, I whipped some up because, hell, I already did the first trailer and might as well be consistent.

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@pekoe212: Take it with a grain of salt since I don't feel like verifying it myself, but apparently according to 4chan there's an extra wrinkle added to that bit in that Dojima is apparently in the hospital by the 21st in the game, so you can't even chat with him at all. What that means if anything, who knows, but it might be something to bear in mind for any other weird clips the stream might have like that one.

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I want a translation for event 4, everyone seems surprised by that one. So frustrating not knowing Japanese, I'm studying it but I've barely gotten into verbs...

Pepsiman translated event 4 here. Doesn't seem like a scene that occurred in the game itself.

Ah, I wasn't aware we had a thread going here, too. I'm on limited bandwidth trying to download other stuff as this is all going on, so I'm probably not gonna check on the stream all that often. Feel free to keep pinging me on here or GAF if there's any other weird stuff that people want translated or whatever. I'll be up for like another 12 hours or so, so hopefully there's something else fun for me to work on. :D!

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A sequel to the PSP RPG Conception, it continues the theme of the hero having to find a mate and raise a family to help him conquer the game's dungeons.

Way to keep up bad stereotypes game.

I'm gonna go to bat for this series and say that if this second game is at all like the first, it's actually a very tongue-in-cheek experience that actively goes out of its way to lambast people who take the premise seriously. Here's what I wrote on GAF because I ain't typing up another long post again like it today:

I've only played the first game in Japanese, but my experiences with that were positive enough that I'm definitely very willing to give the second game a shot, especially now that I'll actually be able to play it on the hardware that I have. If the second game is at all like the first, you've got a game whose marketing is going to end up playing the premise with an extremely straight face as a ruse to attract its targeted otaku audience when in fact its writing is going to be comedically aggressive to those very people soon after the game begins. What I mean by that is that in the first game, the first 20 minutes more or less open "as you'd expect;" you're introduced to the game's world and the whole pregnancy thing and the game acts as though you're supposed to take what it's giving you at face value.

Then after that initial veneer is lifted and the game suspects it's got its audience hook, line, and sinker, everybody starts to imply that you the player are a lecherous wolf for playing this game where you thought you'd get to inherently take advantage of all these submissive anime girls willy nilly. It's an amazing bait-and-switch and the game doesn't let up from there.

The children you make with the girls aren't actual children per se, but kind of spirits that the two of you help summon into the world, and the process is left intentionally vague, but is made very clear that there's no actual sex involved to comedic effect. Basically the plot becomes a satire that deconstructs sexualization trends in Japanese media and it's all very hilariously well-written and self-aware. If I'm not mistaken, the same staff that wrote the Dangan Ronpa games had a hand in at least the original Conception and it really shows; I was laughing as I was playing it quite often and I'm normally not the type of person to really enjoy much Japanese comedy.

The actual gameplay was a bit hit or miss. The party building mechanic where you're making these child-looking spirits who join your party is pretty interesting because variables like the "mother" and the status of your ongoing relationship with them influence their stats, which in turn influences what sorts of classes they can take on and what sort of combat roles they're best at. The battle system is similarly interesting on paper since it's turn based, but still involves some positional stuff like you might expect with an SRPG. But I recall the grinding process being pretty slow; even if you turn on autobattle, it's amazing how slow fights with even low level grunts can get. When you level up, sometimes if your level is high enough, you'll just automatically KO the enemy on the dungeon map and gain the XP without having to fight, but even that's a dice roll that isn't always guaranteed to happen. But for a company that usually doesn't do much in the way of RPGs, I thought it was a pretty solid beginning and the writing was certainly much better than what I'm accustomed to seeing in Japanese games, although that's par for the course with Spike Chunsoft in general.

So I'll probably pick up the second game since I had a pretty good time with the first overall. The combat and RPG stuff looks like it's a lot of the same stuff with some improvements; if the grinding aspect isn't as prominent as the first game, I'll basically be as content as I can be. I'm just curious to see if the self-aware writing remains intact with this second game, as I thought the satire was ultimately what made the game so fun to go through. That and I feel like Spike Chunsoft's writing deserves to get good exposure outside its home country, so I'd like to do my part to ensure more and more of their games get localized from here on out, even if I don't actually need the English myself.

If Atlus is at all going to market this game like it's typically been handled in Japan, then, I expect they'll market it with a very straight face and play up the otaku bits despite the core game being actively against what they as an audience have done to Japanese creativity in the last few decades. It's genuinely delightful stuff to see that satire unfold and get more and more elaborate in the first game and I can only hope the second game continues that tradition.

Also, since I doubt anybody else will be able to answer that earlier question about continuity, yes, this game is supposed to be a standalone product. It's kind of a shame since I think the writing is so good in the first game in Japanese that it would justify a translation of some sort, but I definitely get that translating a lengthy PSP RPG in 2012 might not have been the best thing for corporate bottom lines. I'm actually contemplating starting up a team to hack one in myself, but we'll see if I ever get around to it.

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For the record, people interested in this sort of stuff will probably find to be well worth their while. They used to specialize in older consoles, but now they cover pretty much everything as long as they can find material of some sort to post and that almost certainly includes the games being floated in this thread and then some. You'll have to look elsewhere if you want leaked prototype builds to play, but as a screenshot and video repository, they're pretty hard to beat. Just don't mind the English grammar in spots. I think it's run by an Italian native?

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I wish I could be a part of the zeitgeist for once and hopefully we'll have another console cycle in the future so I might have the chance then, but I'm content with my current setup as it is now. I've got a lot of games from the past couple of years to catch up on and if the last generation is any indicator, some of the best games for the PS3 and 360 still might have yet to come out in these twilight years. It's honestly become my favorite period in console generations where some quiet juggernauts come out of the woodwork and show that old hardware still has the potential to pay host to some brilliant experiences. And I still actually regularly play my PS2 to catch up on lost classics and other overlooked gems, so I'm sure my existing hardware from this generation will have similarly long legs in the years to come.

Really, at this point, I've got so much on my plate anyway across consoles and PC that I don't think I'll be feeling the hurt from not having a PS4 or One for a while yet. I should be getting Yakuza 5 in the mail soon, for instance, which I'm hugely looking forward to finally playing since Sega has all but completely confirmed a localized edition is never coming overseas. I'm also considering preorder the Bakumatsu-era sequel Ishin, which, while also being multiplatform as a PS3 game and a PS4 launch game in Japan, is looking to be a really thematically neat send-off for that series on the current generation of consoles. Those two games alone will probably keep me thoroughly occupied and make me forget another generation has started and things probably only get murkier from there once I include my Steam backlog. The start of a generation is probably the best and last opportunity to really catch up on the "current" generation of games while they're still relevant and in the public consciousness and I fully intend to take advantage of that and then some.

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I think there are ways around it? If i'm reading correctly. The loophole will probably closed soon enough I assume since it's a lot cheaper for EU to buy from US store.

Actually, this exploit has existed for years for their PC digital downloads, including games that rely on Steam activation, so I think there's actually a decent chance it might stay in place for PSN stuff too. Sony has some incentive to let it slide on their end; while it's still operating through Amazon as an intermediary, you're not forced to buy PSN cards from import sites that mark up their prices by 10-50% the listed value of the card as has been the case up until now, meaning that more money from "imported" PSN purchases stays in the hands of Sony and developers/publishers, rather than going to people making a quick buck off of a serial code, even if Amazon takes a cut from each purchase. On the consumer end of things, they get to save money by not having to pay for those mark ups, therefore enabling them to hypothetically purchase that much more content online. Given that the system as it currently is seemingly doesn't otherwise allow for region locking by design unless you buy PSN stuff through Sony directly, I imagine that they have a lot more incentive to turn a blind eye to this than to actually clamp it down.

Very much so hoping they roll this out for Amazon Japan soon. I know they already offer PC game downloads as well, so it would be nice to see this extended to PSN since Japan is warming up to game downloads since the 3DS' release. It would be extremely nice to be able to pick up some rarer Japan-only PS1 classics and a handful of PS3 games that way rather than spending half my budget on just paying a reseller $50 for walking down the street and picking up a card.

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Master race Scroll Lock. If I don't give it a purpose in life, who will!?