One-Hit Wonders: One Game Per Series That's Completely Worth Playing

Like movies and books, successful games that were once an original IP have a knack for getting sequels and spawning entire series in their wake. What this list seeks to do is simple: Take a series of games and boil them down to one entry that I personally believe is the best/most worthwhile to play. For the most part, this list will consider games from series that have at least three or more entries and can also be enjoyed in isolation without playing the rest of games, since otherwise you probably have a serious time commitment on your hand. Exceptions will naturally be made, but by and large, that's the predominant criteria when choosing who gets on the list.

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Posted by OriginalGman

Dunno if I'd agree with you about Advance Wars, since every game in the series has been great and Days of Ruin might just be my favorite. I can understand liking the original formula, but I wouldn't call it a one-hit wonder in that case.
And yeah, Soul Calibur II is by far the best. Mostly because it has the first and only iteration of Talim that I like to play.

Posted by Pepsiman
@OriginalGman: I don't necessarily mean one-hit wonder in quite the sense that the rest of the games are bad, since that's definitely not the case with Advance Wars. It's just if I have to pick one out of the entire series to introduce to a complete newbie, which one I'm going to show them that also blew me away the most as a fan and by that criteria, AW2 is it for me personally. The other games are still really good, although Days of Ruin honestly ruined my self-esteem.
Posted by OriginalGman
@Pepsiman:  Heh, how did it do that, by being too hard? The story may have been a little too "this shit is getting REAL" but it still hit me hard when you-know-who dies.
Posted by Pepsiman
@OriginalGman: Yeah, it was the difficulty level. I should probably go back and actually attempt to finish it since it was the first game I actually bought for my DS. (I was only four years behind the times in getting one!)
Posted by OriginalGman

I feel ya, there were definitely a few missions that I got stuck on for awhile. The last couple of levels are pretty interesting, so I'd recommend soldiering through to the end. Dual Strike was enough to make me an early adopter of the DS, although it wasn't until The World Ends With You that I figured out why the DS was so awesome.

Posted by mutha3
@Pepsiman said:
" @OriginalGman:  Days of Ruin honestly ruined my self-esteem. "
Let me guess:
Chapter 21, airplane dude?
Or the one with the chinese chick VS fake M-bison?
Days of Ruin was dope, man. When looking at it in general, its one of the easier AW games, but if you had to pick a handful of hardest maps in the entire franchise- at least half that list would be DoR.