Pepsiman's Future Coverage List

This is mostly a list that I'm maintaining for my own purposes, detailing mostly Japanese-only games that I plan on covering in some capacity in the future. The actual coverage itself could be anything from a section in a larger blog post to a full-out review to anything else between, including interpretive dance routines. What the actual content will entail is entirely tentative up to the moment I actually write/dance it. None of the games on this list are also absolutely guaranteed to receive coverage, although some of them are at least significantly likely to garner it. We'll just play it by ear.

List items

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Posted by gonzab

Looking forward on hearing your opinions in at least half of these games. Ni No Kuni, Valkyria Chronicles 3 and Pokémon + Nobunaga no Yabou are great choices.

Posted by Pepsiman

@gonzab: Obviously no guarantee on when the coverage for any of those games will actually happen, but it's nice to know that there will at least be an audience for it.