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So, instead of just watching everything OnDemand, through my cable box, they think I want to go through my fragile, soon-to-be-RROD'ed Xbox 360 to do this?

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I like to shoot things in a first person perspective. And I also would like a game that would help justify spending $350 on a new video card. Rage will be one of those games for me. Buy.

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I am looking for a new gaming mouse, but I am odd in that I have horrible finger dexterity on my left hand. So, for most FPS games, I can really only ever use the F, G, E, R, Space and Caps Lock keys. For games like STALKER or Crysis, this really handicaps me. I am wondering if I should get one of those MMO-centric gaming mice that has basically a numeric keypad built in ON the mouse. This would give me all the buttons I would want. Is there any reason NOT to get a mouse for this reason? I am looking primarily at the Razer Naga or CM Storm Inferno.

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Anyone else find it funny that, during the E3 Day Zero podcast, Brad and Patrick were the most vocal detractors of the Vita, primarily because it's just another handheld, gaming-first device? Yet, DURING that very podcast, they were both giddy with delight over updating the software on their 3DS....another handheld, gaming-first device? Just seemed a bit weird to me.

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No Paul Barnett? But then who will give Best of E3 to some casual iPad game!?

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Yes, we get it. It's a lot of work. There are still hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of others who would love to do in your place. 

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And the E3 related website crashes begin! What is this, 2004? I cannot believe companies cannot do simple live streaming video right.

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Apparently nobody read about the part where I said I ENJOY listening to them talk about nothing in particular. It's just that this particular week, the first 25 minutes bored the hell out of me.

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I am usually NEVER the type to complain when the Bombcast veers a little off topic. I actually enjoy when they talk about something like the best burrito places in Petaluma, or expired Grandma's cookies. But this weeks Bombcast was a bit ridiculous in how it almost seemed like, for the first 25 minutes of the show, they were trying to talk about anything BUT games. Vinny being sick. Brad's beard. Patrick Klepek's Bay to Breakers experience that nobody outside of San Francisco gives a crap about. Outside of a brief exchange regarding Fallout: New Vegas, the entire first 25 minutes of the show sounded like people just filling time. I don't want to come off as some disgruntled asshole, but for the first time in the history of the Giant Bombcast, I actually turned it off. I turned off the Giant Bombcast. These things are usually pushing 2 and a half hours, and I almost always sit through the entire thing in one sitting (I play games while listening, or just lay in bed). Brad seemed to be chomping at the bit to talk about L.A. Noire, and I think a lot of the listeners wanted to hear his thoughts as well. Again, I am in no way a hater, but I just wanted to make my opinion heard about this weeks Bombcast. I have enjoyed every single episode immensely.

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Anyone know of some good local eats? Yelp tells me I should go to Little Star Pizza, and I know for sure In-N-Out will be a stop as well.