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I mess around on the Xbone one every once in a while and wouldnt mind being part of the clan there if its made: GT DrtyMnky

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It seems I was booted from the clan after a long absense. Any chance i could get a reinvite: IGN DrtyMnky

I'm currently working on unlocking the kubrow and a rhino chassis

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I think I grabbed the last spot, or atleast I hit the join button and am now pending as DrtyMnky. I am running this game everyday and run both the pvp seasons and pve events fairly often.

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I would like to join y'alls alliance, and I can buy a slot when needed. My ign is DrtyMnky.

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They're all on r/Destinythegame too

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Finished the story over the weekend and am running through on master ATM with my crusader. Toss me a friend add and I'll add most y'all as well.


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In Game: DrtyMnky

Main: Taskmaster?

Timezone: CST (UTC -6)

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I have recently finished getting both Hulk and Captain America up to 60 so I am currently wrecking shop as Squirrel Girl, and once I get her to 60 I'll be switching over to Deadpool or Iron Man.

Also, @kishinfoulux there is a way to test out your Heros before buying, but you would need to download the Test Client from the Marvel Heroes website. Once its installed and booted up the store in the test client has most if not all heros for sale at 1 G and you are provided with 5k Gs to purchase heroes with.

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If yall are still up and running I would like to be added to the GB Supergroup. You can find me at the following names, usually between 5p-10p CST M-F and Wake-Sleep on Weekends.

Steam: DrtyMnky

Xbox: DrtyMnky

Marvel Heroes: DrtyMnky

.......I think I just summoned myself somewhere.

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Would like to get an invite when someone has a chance.

Character Name: Perdida