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I say get Bayonetta or even the God of War Collection if you haven't already played them. Both games are great!

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Can I pick choice (E.  The Crimean War)? Because I've learned so many good swears in Italian, I want to learn them in Russian now.  Wait, am I missing the point?

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So while watching a re-run of "American Pickers" on the History channel I couldn't help but notice that Ryan bears an striking resemblance to one of the stars Frank Fritz. Tell me I'm not the only one who's noticed this...




* And yes I did notice the obvious difference in hairlines*
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So I might be completely wrong, but it seems to me that each major country (and associated races) have speech and in some cases cultural similarities to modern nations. Fereldan / Free Marches = Britain, Antiva = Italy, Orlais = France, Elves = Druidic Irish, Dwarves = America. So who would be the Qunari equivalent?

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For me, one of my favorite parts of the game was the very end. Shooting a portal on the moon!! Crazy! Only Valve would have the balls to make that the climactic end and the creativity to pull it off successfully.

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If we're not animals can I be a Palm Tree? Or maybe an inert gas??? 

Xenon or Krypton preferably...

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Dragon Age 2 (Awesome, I don't care what anyone says :P)
AC Brotherhood (I think of it as "Learn Italian Swears for Dummies" cont)
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Every good nerd/geek needs this)

On the Horizon:
Mortal Kombat (PS3 version, who could compare to the God of War?)
Portal 2 (Game of Year....mark my words)