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@korolev: u right. Honoka and Marie Rose should be removed.

Where's Rio?

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I would love to see a feature video where Jeff just plays through all of the DOA 5 story mode.

I actually would watch this as a Premium feature.

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@sessh said:

I have to say that Jeff and Jason are truly the perfect pair for these fighting game QLs.

Also, yes, the DLC is stupid, but honestly who cares? Almost no one will be dumb enough to buy all that shit anyway.

I only play two characters and I bought a handful of costumes for each. That was perfectly reasonable for me.

And for people who don't want to spend any money on DLC, there are actual unlockable costumes. Which is cool considering how few games do unlockable content like that.

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@babychoochoo said:

No pun intended, but I feel like a lot of things about this game are blown waaaaaaay out of proportion. The whole dlc thing isn't perfect, but it isn't the abortion it's made out to be and if you don't want crazy breast physics and skimpy costumes...TURN ALL THAT SHIT OFF. It's genuinely not that big of a deal.

I may be a bit biased though considering I'm a fan of the series so uuuuuuuugh whatever.

I agree.

If people don't want to use the costumes that gross them out, there are plenty that are pretty normal.

Breast physics can be set to off if they're so bothersome.

If you don't want to pay for DLC, you literally don't have to. In fact, there is a fair amount of costumes that you unlock just by playing the game, which isn't even an option in 99% of other modern fighting games.

This is the best DOA yet and people (who obviously don't play the game) keep complaining about the non-gameplay elements.

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On the Xbox 360 version, I lost all my save data because there's a very specific, sorta convoluted way to update the game and keep your save data. Also, they didn't tell you about this until almost a day after the game came out!

I don't really care about the save data I lost since I primarily play online, but I lost my story progress, titles, unlocked costumes, unlocked movies, command & free training progress, and tutorial progress.

EDIT: shoutout to the people complaining about optional costume DLC and swimsuits per usual. You do know you can play the game just find without buying any DLC (in fact, you can get a good chunk of cool costumes easily)? You know you can use the costumes that don't gross you out? Guess not! :P

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re: the conversation on Tekken, Soul Calibur & DOA

The fighting game community is like an aeroplane right now. Capcom players get the front, 3D players must sit near the back near the toilets.

Even though Tekken is huge worldwide (still the biggest selling FG series!), it barely got into EVO 2014, and was added later after the official games announcement. Many major tournaments don't even think about having Tekken/SC/DOA/VF as main tournaments. Which, to be fair is because most of them don't get huge turnouts. If tourney organizers don't wanna lose too much money, it's a safer bet to run another game over say, Virtua Fighter which might get 50 entrants on the best day EVER.

DOA5 has been a great game so far and definitely the most tournament-ready game in the series. But it's not gonna get in EVO and won't be featured in many major tournaments. Part of it is because of low tournament attendance, part of it is the casual non-playing audience complaining that it's boring and how they hate all the boobs. I wish the audience reaction wasn't a huge factor but it does seem to be.

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Oh, this is literally the same gameplay as the Injustice mobile game. Which is fine because that game is awesome.

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We leave our 3DSes charging on our respective bedside nightstands. Sometimes we play Smash instead of having sex.

This sentence is the realest.

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Always a pleasure to read Brad's writing. I can't read it and not hear his voice saying the words.

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That is definitely the moment in The Stick of Truth that immediately comes to mind. That whole game is full of wonderful moments that made me almost vomit.