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Having Twitter clients that let you mute people & hashtags is awesome this time of year.

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@jeust: Bayonetta 2's release will be the day I buy a Wii U. Straight up.

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I'm headed out to UFGT again this year, considering it's the last one and all. Just like last time, I plan to get eliminated early from all the games I entered and spend the rest of the weekend trying to win raffles.

I'm getting one of those X-Tanks, darn it.

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This Smackdown episode is pretty good. Every segment/match is ending with The Shield coming out and kicking someone's ass.

They even interrupted Santino & Emma vs. Fandango & Layla Part XV before it began, so that solidifies them as faces for life probably.

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@krullban said:

Eva Marie took a massive bump on main event. Hope shes okay.

I thought this gif was edited, but nope. It definitely happened as depicted.

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I know the Undertaker Guy gets a lot of "best picture of the night" props, but this is my personal favorite.

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I don't watch late night shows consistently any more, but I always did prefer Letterman's brand of humor over his contemporaries. It would be pretty sweet if Craig Ferguson takes over the show.

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When is Drew McIntyre gonna get pushed again so they can bring back my favorite intro ever? Let's just let him win the Battle Royal on Sunday.

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@zombiepie: I appreciate it!

(wait, what did you call me..?)

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I cannot, for my wallets sake, get DoA5U. I have to buy all the DLC for games that I get, and DoA5U has an outrageously expensive DLC catalog. It's seriously almost $200 at this point. I already bought all of the character customization packs for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown on both 360 and PS3, and I only play Vanessa!

I played DoA5 for a bit, and it didn't do anything to change my opinion on the series. It's still the single best game in the genre for getting into fighting games (mostly 3D but a lot transfers to 2D too). It teaches you all of the basics of spacing, ring control, balancing offence and defense, and so forth in a low impact setting. However, if you already have a grasp on thus concepts, there's not much in DoA for you (besides cheesecake if that's your thing). It's still fun to play, but not to be taken real seriously.

That being said, I'm terrified that they are going to add Vanessa, because if they do, I'll have to get it just so I can play as Vanessa in a game people area actually still playing. I'm still super sad about how fast Final Showdown died.

When I started I was completely ignoring the DLC, then I saw other people with cool costumes online...and bought all of the costumes for Rachel. I'm done though since I'm not gonna play anyone else.

Final Showdown is still my 3D game of choice though. It might be more difficult but I generally do better in that game, maybe because I don't psyche myself out thinking about Holds. But I'd be pretty conflicted if they put Vanessa in DOA5U too.