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These games absolutely had a huge effect on my musical tastes, since I was playing them as a teenager. They got me into a classic rock phase, an indie rock phase, a metal phase, etc. And they introduced me to some of my current favorite bands like That Handsome Devil.

Really, I ended up liking the Bonus Tracks in early GH/RB games more than the main setlist. Great, underrated gems in there.

Weirdly enough, Rock Band Blitz ended up being my favorite in the series because I got too lazy to bring out all the instruments. I do miss the Face-Off competitive modes though.

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Is there like, a Razzie for writing instead of movies? I will nominate this piece.

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Well, I guess it makes sense. Apple does edit nudity out of movies and music videos they sell on iTunes too. Good thing this ruling is consistent with the other content they sell, and not a ridiculous double standard.

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That would have been a radical PR stunt if this were 1993.

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I'm mad because I can't afford all three consoles and a PC. Therefore they should make all games for the console I chose.

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I'm not too far in, but it's basically what I expected. A solid action game that needs some polish.

It feels weird to ask for it, but there isn't enough fanservice. The Avatar series is legendary and LOK is one of the best shows airing, yet this game weirdly feels disconnected from its source material. I'm not expecting a quality story on par with the show (it IS a budget game), but just some more nods that the fanbase will get. The only "ohh, I get it!" thing so far for me has been the secret-ish cabbage collectibles.

This game will definitely get better on New Game+. The level-and-a-half with no bending was awful and now that I have two styles, I'm getting anxious without the rest. I know there's some potential for badass combos when swapping between styles but I can't do them to their full potential yet. I'm already craving the replay with everything unlocked and a sequel where you just have all 4 styles by default.

The only minibosses I've fought so far are giant robots, and they suck. I can't tell what is meant to damage them quickly and the fight drags on too long.

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I wonder just how toned down the Nemesis system is on last-gen versions of Shadow of Mordor. I'd like to try the game but haven't upgraded consoles yet. It sounds fascinating and definitely should be used for Bully 2.

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At some point in this season, I went from siding with Kenny on most things to realizing that he wasn't worth saving. I actually just got annoyed when he kept getting angrier and crazier in this episode, he went from being a likable-yet-flawed person to a complete asshole.

Awesome voice acting though.