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So sad that I can't make Combo Breaker. UFGT X was so much fun! I'm definitely going to Combo Breaker 2016.

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For the past few weeks, Team Ninja's Twitter has been less about promoting the game and more about telling people about the multitude of glitches and how to avoid them. I lost all my save data when upgrading on the 360 version, which is cool.

But this patch seems to fix a lot of the major issues.

Fixed a bug that would hang the game when playing Tutorial #40.9 in French, Italian, German, or Spanish. Also fixed the bug that would corrupt save data after clearing Tutorial #40.8.

Added the ability to unlock all costumes (excluding those for Raidou & Honoka), all Story Mode timeline chapters, all movies (excluding those for Raidou & Honoka), all system voice options, music and the OMG setting for breast motion.
[HOW TO UNLOCK] Select Help & Options in the Main Menu. Then press LB+RB+LT+RT when the Help & Options submenu is displayed. There will be a sound, and the game will save the items above in their unlocked state.
NOTE FOR CORE FIGHTERS USERS: The following features are not unlocked: Story Mode timeline chapters, movies, and background music.
Greatly reduced the frequency of crashes when searching for opponents in Ranked Matches, Lobby Matches, and Throwdowns.-
Fixed a bug that prevented the game from working with arcade sticks.-
In order to prevent resetting save data on Xbox 360 when starting the game without all mandatory catalogs, we have locked the Xbox Games Store menu item. The mandatory catalogs are needed in order to update the Xbox 360 version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate to Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. Please see this page for details.

Not sure if the random frame skipping on the Xbox One version has been fixed, or the awful online connections, but this is a good step. Pretty interesting how they basically give you a cheat code to unlock everything you'd want to unlock to make up for save data loss.

Also interesting how they "fixed" the issue with the Xbox 360 save wipe. So you have to download the required patch outside of the game instead of inside of it, because the latter was wiping saves.

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I've bought this game twice now (vanilla & Ultimate on 360) and I'll buy it again on PS4. Kinda sucks that my costumes won't carry over, but I don't buy them that much anyway. I only play Rachel & Kokoro so I bought their costumes and ignored the rest.

I do appreciate that each character has a good amount unlockable costumes though. I can't recall any fighting game off the top of my head that actually gives you brand new, unlockable, non-paid costumes like DOA does. In fact it's one of the few games that gives you unlockable content that's NOT just Achievements/Trophies these days, and that's cool.

Just realized I only talked about costumes in this post. This game is also very fun and easy to pick up, and that's why I've bought it twice. :P

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@vierastalo said:

I dunno what to think about this happening now:

After seeing so many people canceling their subscription, I bought two more. Sorry everyone (I am actually not sorry)

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I don't know if this is the place for it, but I would really like to see a game like TowerFall represented. I had hours upon hours of fun with that game this year with friends and things would get really heated and enjoyable. I don't know if you can define it as a fighting game but I would love to see it in a tournament somewhere!

Evo typically has a space for indie games. In fact, Towerfall was at that space at last year's event!

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If I can go, I'd enter Tekken 7 and Mortal Kombat X for sure.

Apparently Tekken 7 cabs will support controllers, so you can bring your own. That's crazy awesome.

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Nidhogg should definitely be an EVO Stage game next year.

Hell yes. I will push this every day.

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I think I share the same distaste for Tolkien and fantasy stuff as Dan. This makes me really want to try Shadow of Mordor if even he wasn't bothered by that stuff.

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These games absolutely had a huge effect on my musical tastes, since I was playing them as a teenager. They got me into a classic rock phase, an indie rock phase, a metal phase, etc. And they introduced me to some of my current favorite bands like That Handsome Devil.

Really, I ended up liking the Bonus Tracks in early GH/RB games more than the main setlist. Great, underrated gems in there.

Weirdly enough, Rock Band Blitz ended up being my favorite in the series because I got too lazy to bring out all the instruments. I do miss the Face-Off competitive modes though.

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Is there like, a Razzie for writing instead of movies? I will nominate this piece.