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Only played Mario Kart 64 extensively and Wario was usually my guy.

I used to play Super Mario Kart with a kid up the street in middle school and I always hated that he never let me play as Koopa Troopa.

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Gut reaction:

Tie Fighter

Secret of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

Metal Gear Solid (MGS2 is probably my favorite in the series, but I have to give MGS the edge overall for introducing me to the series)

Can't believe there isn't an RPG on this list...

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@Rappelsiini: Hmm, I'd forgotten all about the tarot card. I thought for sure it was going to lead up to something. Maybe I missed it as well.

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@digitalsea87:  'Insane'
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Considering that anyone and everyone can die during the final mission, I'm really interested to see how Bioware plans to include party members from Mass Effect 2.  Just because it's possible to have the perfect ending where everyone survived, there's no guarantee that everyone who played and beat the game got, or even wanted, that ending (I personally have a perfect ending and an ending with 2 dead team mates just to see what happens).  How does Bioware account for the dozens of survivor variations?  The easiest thing to do would be to retcon the ending in some way and definitively say that certain people survived.
I personally don't want another long game of recruitment, but I imagine there's going to have to be some of that in ME3.  Like others have already said, part of the game will probably have Shepard recruiting an army to fight the Reapers, but I hope that's not the main thrust of the game; that plot would be too similar to the plot of Dragon Age Origins in my opinion.

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What a weird idea.  Haven't played The Sims since the second game.  May have to give this a try.

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Looks interesting, I still have to get around to play Flower though :(

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It did say a $20 gift card, you're right, it's applied to your Amazon account directly.  I haven't seen one show up on mine yet, but I think it can take up to 10 business days if I remember from my experience with the Heavy Rain pre-order bonus.

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I pre-ordered RDR and ended up receiving two Golden Guns codes because of it (one in the box and one e-mailed to me from Amazon).
I assume they both work and since I only need one I thought I'd throw the other one up on the boards for anyone who's interested.
This is for the PS3 version of RDR in the US:  5YHB-ZL3E-DZBE-X65E

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Argh, shouldn't have come in here.  Now I'm forced to remember the horror that was Superman 64.  I rented it from Blockbuster when it came out.
Awful, simply awful.

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